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July 1, 2015

Wanted to shoot something a little different from my usual shots... And I quite like the results.

Wearing :
SAM MC London Scarf
Exhibit Store Leather Neck Scarf
NinthStore Bralet


Preloved Picks

June 30, 2015

Finally got my lazy butt to work and I've been packing my room(s) and today I'll be selling some of my best preloved and brand new picks!
I also have a bunch of other stuff for sale but I'll leave that for a later post.
Prices are negotiable, I just want a fast and responsible deal - No lowballin, please!


Bottega Veneta Bracelet 
Condition : 9/10
Slightly used, leather is perfect, the silver charm has small scratches, hardly noticeable.
Comes with everything in picture.

UNIF ROUTE mid-rise denim shorts.
Condition : 10/10 
Brand new with tags. LOVE THIS, but I ordered a size 23" waist and it's still too big. Will fit a UK6/24" waist better.
Got it for $88 USD, selling at $90 SGD.

Hermes Twillies in a pair.
Condition : 8/10 
Signs of usage. One of them have a part of the fabric pulled out but it is on the inside, and not noticeable. Picture available if you're interested. Also, the folds are from being tied on my bag handles. 
$350 for both, with boxes as pictured.

Hermes Kelly Dog Extreme Bracelet
Stamped R.
Condition : BRAND NEW, stickers intact. With receipt.  
Got this as a gift from D, unfortunately it's too big and doesn't look good on my wrist which has a ridiculous circumference of 13cm so we've decided to sell it. 
$1100 (Negotiable)

Chanel Slippers (Vintage) Size 36
Condition : 9/5/10
Only the upper side of these slippers have a little bit of signs of wear, the bottoms are completely clean as they've been brought to the cobbler and replaced. Super rare. Selling coz I realised I can't bear to wear them out of the house...!
$350 (non nego)


*Sold items will be removed*

Please contact me at rachelwongz@hotmail.com if you're interested in purchasing any one of the above, or if you spotted something I've worn or used and want to buy it, you may also email me to ask if I'm selling it!


June 26, 2015

I was so, so excited upon hearing that I was getting this campaign...!

CASIO's range of EXILIM selfie cameras are pretty much legendary - So many people rave about it all the time and the prices for it have never dropped (when I search for it online) even though new models keep coming up. I have one of the older models as well and I love using it for selfies on days I don't look as radiant.

CASIO's EXILIM TR-60 11.1 megapixels camera comes in four different shades and I got it in a lovely shade of purple. It's SO sleek, weighing only 167g and measuring only H126 x W64mm, featuring a 3.0 inch LCD touch screen.

Wondering what are the new features of the latest model?
The spankin' new Bluetooth® technology and Selfie Pad on the rotating frame for the EXILIM EX-TR60 are small but powerful chages, enabling it to really be the ultimate ‘selfie’ camera!

I think it's so important for the connection between our cameras and smartphones to be stable so that transferring pictures is a fuss-free and quick experience, and the new Bluetooth® Smart technology in addition to the existing Wi-Fi connectivity makes sure of that.

You can learn how to connect it seamlessly HERE.

Wondering what the Selfie Pad is?
It's a sensor positioned within the camera’s 360-degree LCD rotatable frame so you can single-handedly toggle between various functions such as zoom or the new Selfie Art mode, by moving a finger along the frame, without having to access it through the main menu. 
This means less fiddling with the camera, so you can capture memories quicker and more easily!

Here are the various kinds of pictures I've taken with the camera, and in different modes that I personally like and use the most often :

Hands-free selfie using the very quick self-timer mode that can be easily accessed from a drop down option on the left hand side of the screen...

Traditional Selfie Art mode, +5 whitening and +3 makeup.

#FromWhereI'mSitting shot, no makeup mode.
This camera's lens has an extremely wide angle, which is so great because sometimes an iPhone or a normal camera can't capture all the details you want as it's cropped down.

Macro shot of my latest manicure using their 'nails' mode... Yes, they have such a function and it's pretty sharp, eh?

And an automatic square capture mode, making framing for Instagram so much easier!

None of these pictures are edited in any way, so the colours do differ a bit and you can see spots or scars on my legs.. Everything else you don't see is probably the effect of the camera ;)

Other available functions :
Posing Shot, Triple Shot, Remote Capture, Snapshot (Auto mode / Premium Auto Pro mode ), Make-up Bracketing, Motion Shutter, BEST SHOT, HDR, HDR Art, HS Night Scene, HS Night Scene Portrait, Food, Art Shot (Snapshot), Movie (Full HD, HD, HS240 ), Auto Send. 

The battery life on this camera also really impressed me, I've been using it across a span of about two weeks, almost everyday. And I haven't even charged it yet!

EXILIM EX-TR60 is made in Japan and available in Singapore in four pastel colours (Green, Pink, Violet and Gold). Limited sets will be available at selected CASIO authorised retailers4 such as Best Denki and Harvey Norman from 27 April 2015 onwards, at a Suggested Retail Price of SGD$1,299. 

*Exclusively for my readers*
Redeem a S$100 G-Factory voucher with every purchase of the EX-TR60 from 1st to 31st July! Only applicable for purchases done at EXILIM authorized retailers: HERE 

Collection of vouchers must also be done latest by 7th of August 2015. 

The redemption of the vouchers is to be done at Mojito Redemption Centre, Funan DigitaLife Mall, #04-01. All you gotta do?

 Flash this post and present the proof of purchase of the camera and your IC upon collection of the vouchers. 



Have Courage, Be Kind

June 25, 2015

Heard about something today that really affected me - in a bad way - and writing always makes me feel better, so here I am.

Everything written is my personal opinion and I am in no way challenging anyone or anything, and I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
I just have all these questions.. And even more sincerely, I'm hoping for a more accepting Singapore. 

Woke up to news trending on social media that a boy named Aloysius, a 16 year old student here in Singapore, committed suicide two days ago in his home.
He was obviously depressed, judging from his IG/Twitter postings... You can easily find them online.

If you're wondering why he was bullied, it was because he 'different'. 
What made him 'different'? 
He was gay.

Shortly after reading all the heartbreaking stories and reports on his death, I saw another article on Facebook about what our PM Lee said about same sex marriage in Singapore. That our society is a conservative one, and thus, we are not ready.

I will admit that I was a little angry after reading it, so I felt the need to write my thoughts down and share the article. Here is what I wrote :

*Just feel like ranting a little so skip this post if you're not interested in hearing it. *
There'll always be different views on this, but mine will always be the same :

Some of us are just born different and who is to say what is right or wrong?
If we fight for equality in this country then why are we unable to accept diversity in how some of us are just born to love people of the same sex? Why aren't they entitled to what we are all entitled to?

A few of the most important values I've been taught about life : To be responsible for one's actions and live with a conscience.. Not to hurt anyone and spread kindness and love whenever possible.

None of that sounds like discrimination against people who are simply made different. It is undeniable that the LGBT community has been bullied for years and years - To submission, and secrecy.
Isn't it already 2015? Is it still not time yet to stop the bullying and treat everyone with acceptance and love? When will it finally be the right time...?

I find it so sad. That two of the best humans I know, who have one of the most loving and giving relationships I've ever witnessed for myself, are not able to have each other in marriage just because society says so.


Do you see the connection like I do?

If society is conservative, then why not educate the society? Is there truly no need for our children, from the time they have any sex education, to learn about same sex relationships as well? That some of their classmates, schoolmates or friends are very simply born different?
Maybe only then will people understand and stop the judging, the shaming, the bullying.

Do you really think being gay is a CHOICE?
We're talking science here : Did you know that there are animals out there, like lions, chimpanzees and dolphins that have been spotted engaging in same sex pairings? So are these animals, like us, CHOOSING to be gay? 

You can read a full article HERE on how, and I quote, that no specific 'gay genes' have been found by scientists, but there ARE genes on the X chromosome and chromosome 8 to be found in higher prevalence in men who are gay.

Honestly, I just wish for a better world where all of us can accept each other for whoever we really are. For a world where we can truly celebrate love, in whatever form it comes in.  
For a world where I can see some of my closest friends being able to show affection/love towards each other wherever we may be, without being judged, as much as I am. Not afraid anymore of doing something as simple as holding hands. 

To all the people who keep fighting and fighting against love in our LGBT community : Why are you fighting against something that should be celebrated?
If people from LGBT community don't go around spreading hate on how we are straight, why is it being done the other way round?

I usually don't blog about such issues but I can't help it.
I have quite a few close friends who are gay and they literally are the kindest, most sincere people I know who accept others in every way. Unicorns in this harsh world. I hate that people are judgemental enough for them to feel unable to express affection in public.

On a personal level, I know the feeling of being bullied for things out of your control : I used to have very bad skin in secondary school... I had huge zits and my skin was crazy oily thanks to puberty/genes, and I was laughed at for it.

Do you think it was by choice?
Do you really think Aloysius, like so many others, choose to be gay?

Aloysius had a whole life ahead of him, but the lack of understanding and support have driven him to take what he felt was the only way out. I can only pray that he'll be the last, but I know deep down that there are only going to be more of such tragedies happening, if the rest of us don't step up and accept that all of us are only human, no matter who we love. Stop the bullying.


The Deep x Saboten

June 24, 2015

Went to check out The Deep exhibition at MBS - 

I really don't understand why humans have been spending so much to go check out the moon and everything when there's SO much to discover deep down in the sea. I really respect and admire all the people who have been doing research and providing information to the public about all the beautiful and strange creatures we don't get to see often. 

So many of them produce their own light, or harvest bacteria to produce light, because it's so deep down under.. and they even live in 400 degree temperatures with no problem! 
Because it's so dark and many of them don't have eyes, they all develop other cool features to help them survive.. some of them very surprising and mysterious.

It was so interesting to learn about them and even see real life specimens at the exhibition, something we can't experience everyday. (Although I wish they could preserve them and we could look at them in all their glory, but it's not possible as they'd freeze in our weather) 

Not a paid post AT ALL, I'm just a nerd with an interest in stuff like this (And many other things like human evolution as well as Egyptian mysteries) - Each ticket is only $12 for Singapore Citizens and I think it's really worth a visit! If you have kids, bring them and let them learn about how much there is to learn deep down under!

I really hope that we all can make an effort to prevent any further damage done to our deep seas because there is still so much to learn and many of the species left are endangered by deep sea fishing which kills many of these precious creatures.
I found a petition online against it and it would be great if you could sign it HERE!

Once again, I wanna reiterate that I'm not asked to blog about any of these, this is a actually just a personal post. There are so many causes to fight for these days, but this is one of the lesser known things but nonetheless very important, so I hope I could raise some awareness with my humble blog.


Headed to Saboten at 313 for dinner after, it was my first time and I'll definitely be back!
Left with a happy belly and a smile on my face.

Of course the company is important :
I'm always so thankful for this boy and left missing him whenever we're too busy to meet.
 Never once has he left me feeling like I was alone, and the ways in which we are similar are just... crazy. So much of my life's posted online so I try to keep really special things and very special people to myself, but I can't help the occasional gush... I'm really thankful.

They were so surprised I haven't tried Saboten yet so they insisted we order one twin set and another special set so we'd all have one set....





The salad here is AMAZING, I could have bowls and bowls of it with their sesame dressing. 

Twin set with pork, prawns and potato tonkatsu. 
All of them were fried perfectly, crispy on the outside and moist enough on the inside, not too salty but tasty. I especially liked the one with pork, cheese and asparagus!

Cheesy set with some pork and a prawn as well.

I didn't really like the cheese one coz I found it a bit overwhelming but the boys liked it and I can't believe it but just the three of us managed to finish EVERYTHING! 

The rice, chawanmushi and miso soup are all cooked the way they should be and nothing about the meal was disappointing, except perhaps the place could be cleaned up a bit better.

I've been so busy, packed with tons of things to do for weeks and weeks now... I've been wishing I had time to take a holiday but no way that can happen for now, so all I wanted was more time to just have a day off at the museum and a good slow dinner, so I'm very grateful I got to do just that. God is truly good, all the time.

Till next time!



June 20, 2015

Outfit post on what I wore to check out The Deep exhibition at MBS... 
More on my adventures from that day in an upcomin' post.

First off, deets of the day : 
YoungHungryFree Dreamer Coat, NunBangkok High Neck Ribbed and Netted Top, Topshop Shorts, Chrome Hearts Jewelry, Monki Socks and Shoes and Chanel Boy Bag.

Big love to my boo and photographer of the day, Melvin.


Teochew Traditional Steamboat

June 19, 2015

Looking for some food haunts this weekend?
Happy to say I've got something to introduce you guys to!

I'm a huge lover of steamboat/hotpot and Melvin even asked me if I must have hotpot at least once a week... I love HaiDiLao, Beauty in a Pot and the occasional Jpot (for a Singaporean taste) and these are usual favourites everyone already knows about. 

Hopefully you guys have another steamboat place to always visit now, and theirs is a unique Teochew Traditional Steamboat with yummy and nutritious shark cartilage soup with super fresh ingredients!

Below is super fresh meat that you're supposed to spoon out and cook in the soup... many places have this same dish but many places don't offer 100% prawn and 100% squid like they do here. 

And if you're thinking these are noodles in the picture, you're half right.. these are fish noodles made from 100% fish! So springy and fresh, you'll definitely wanna order one of these when you're there.

The owner kindly sent loads of other cooked dishes to the table as well and all of them were tasty as well!

I LOVED the 'taupok' pictured below and Chev and Daryl loved the century egg in pork as well.

Thanks for a very delicious meal and I'll definitely be back soon with my parents coz I know how much they'll love the fresh food here!

269-271, Outram Road, 169062