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Been meaning to share about my lengthy daily beauty routine here!

It's not that I wanna boast but I do get compliments on my skin pretty often and it makes me so happy to know my hard work pays off... ^^

Why do I call it hard work?
Why, because my daily night-time regime takes abut 20 minutes for just my face and 40 minutes for my hair as well. Is that not hard work?!

YES, it may sound crazy but I feel I have to since I wasn't born a natural beauty blessed with good skin. 
Not at all. I had to battle mild acne and severely oily skin when I was younger. It was such a nightmare, being unable to control the zits that popped out everywhere and I resorted to wearing concealer a lot in school and my must-have was a pack of oil blotters. 

Thankfully, I had help along the way with a few products and oral medication that I got from skin doctors, and learning to deal with my skin type. 
I've been using DRx products since July of 2013.. 
That means it has almost been TWO YEARS!

First off, I control how oily my skin gets with a low dose of roaccutane. Roaccutane is a very strong medication for acne-prone skin and it worked wonders for me. I'm on a very low dosage of a tablet every 10 days and I get blood tests done regularly to ensure my body can take it. 
In my opinion, roaccutane works only for people with acne that is caused by oily skin because it controls the amount of oil your skin produces. Less oil means less clogged pores and less pimples! In my case, I get zits maybe once every few months or whenever I'm stressed/have hormonal changes.

Oral medication is NOT ENOUGH. I also have a full skincare regime by DRx, and I love that my skin still loves the products! Sometimes, our skin can get used to the products we use and end up being not as effective. But not in my case, with DRx. Also, just a note, I do try out other brands - I change up the entire routine for about a week or two to see if it works better for my skin. Sometimes I end up loving just one or maybe two products from another brand and I incorporate it into my regime as well, but less often. Perhaps just once or twice a week. 

These are my must-must haves. 
And yes, I have experienced hair loss which I blogged about HERE as well and I keep it under control with Nanogen. Missing in the picture is their TONER, which I use as a second step of cleansing and exfoliation. I've spoken about it before in a video you can view HERE.

Good news!
DRx has been working on their formulas and have some products comin' up with new packaging and improved formulas. CF is great for reducing whiteheads and blackheads - It softens them stubborn heads and makes removal much easier.

I'm extremely grateful to DRx for all they've done for me these past (almost) two years!

If you don't already know, I get regular botox and filler injections as well to 'maintain' my features and face shape as well and DRx has provided these services to me. I do want to make it clear that the posts I write up for DRx are not paid for, only sponsored.. They never tell me when to post and to remember to take pictures for postings or whatsoever. I do all these reviews on my own accord! I believe I'll always be loyal to DRx even if one day, I'm not sponsored anymore, coz it works so, so well for me.

Oh, how I wish I was born with perfect skin/features but to me, it's a never ending journey there. So I've learnt to be content and stick to whatever works for me.
Sure, surgery is sometimes such a temptation.. knowing I don't have to go 'top up' my fillers/botox every year (usually these injections last a year for me, sometimes less) seems like such a hassle-free, permanent solution. 
But you never know what such permanent surgeries can end up in, so it's best be safe than sorry.

And I know there are haters who keep saying I've had surgery. PLEASE try to find a time span break in which I could have had surgery without being seen swelling for a month or two! You can't. 

I'm not ashamed of my aesthetic procedures, I blog about them and talk about them a lot. If I've had surgery, it'd be the same. 

Now if you want almost 100% safe, down-time free aesthetic procedures done - I strongly recommend DRx. All the doctors are good, I'm sure, but my doctor is Dr Yanni and to me, she's the best!

DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


 ForHer contacted me for a post here on my blog and boy, was I glad!
I've heard about their store some time back but never dared to try their lingerie because I'm usually very safe with my choice of lingerie. Calvin Klein undies are my favourite because they are SO comfortable, but to be honest, they don't provide the best 'support'. Or at least, the ones I've tried so far don't provide the best 'support'.

I've learnt a lot about taking care of our bust area as girls - From my treatments at TBE and experimenting with different kinds of brassieres as well. A good bra should provide great support.

ForHer provides a big variety and for this post, I've chosen a baby blue piece - Laced Push Up Bra.

What I like most about it is that the band is extra thick and has three fastenings instead of the usual two. This means ultimate support and it works great under clothes that are tight-fitting.

Go ahead and cart out with Rachel20 for a 20% off storewide just for my readers!

Shop away :


Played around on Saturday with different shades of vintage paddlepop... in AntiClockwise's sport-inspired skater dress that comes with lovely trimmings and a stretch material that keeps the bumps in without discomfort!

It comes in grey as well but I love this one in black. 
Paired it with pretty white platform pumps and striped socks that went perfectly with the trimmings on the dress.

I've collaborated with AntiClockwise so many times but they never fail to impress me with their quick service and on trend picks!

Quote RCHLWNGX to get 10% OFF ALL ORDERS with minimum 2 items purchased! (Valid till end of April)
*Not valid for sale/special items*

LIKE THEIR Facebook Page:

To Better Skies

I shared a little bit of my thoughts and condolences on a posting on my Instagram but I think he deserves more than that, so here it is.
I'm not gonna act like I'm into politics coz no, I don't understand it and I never tried to as well, but I've truly been very sad upon hearing of the death of our nation's beloved Lee Kuan Yew.

If you didn't know yet, I'm from tiny but mighty Singapore and I'm very proud to be.

No, I haven't been able to witness the change in our country since I was only born in 1993... But I've seen it through photographs and my grandma's stories of how our Singapore once had nothing, no resources, but was just a little kampong. She had lived through the Japanese war as well and told me that life became better because of him... I believe a lot of her generation feel the pain of losing him the most. They lived and fought for the Singapore we have today, together with him.

I've also learnt about my country's growth through social studies back in school along with being told by my parents that we've grown so much thanks to this amazing human being Lee Kuan Yew. Of course, I understand that it is not just his work but the men who helped him as well with his vision as well. And yes, no system is perfect. The cars and houses in Singapore for my generation are crazy expensive and yada yada.. But I think we've made it pretty darn far and there is way more to be thankful for.

I feel ashamed that I haven't been aware enough of how Lee Kuan Yew really built up this place but it's been so heartwarming and interesting to hear about how he led his life. Like his love story with his wife whom I believe was most definitely his kindred spirit (I can't help being a romantic. I always believe people NEED their other halves to truly LIVE), and how he was always all about Singapore, first. "Country, country, country, country first."

Just to be sitting here in the comfort of my small but cozy home with fibre internet on my Macbook Pro and every thing else that I need, I feel so grateful for the Singapore we have today that he had the foresight to built.

Thank you for building our comfortable, clean, and beautiful city.  Thank you for extending your love and devotion for your wife and family to the rest of the nation. 
May you rest very well in peace now, Sir.


Pet Expo Day!

So.. instead of snappin' pix to blog about my adventures here..
We now have a so called 'TV Channel' for that! 

Not my idea - D's idea - He told me people enjoy watching videos much more these days coz it's more convenient and a 'fuller' experience... Plus he's learnt some basic video editing so all of it was done by him. 

We're still super new at it so I'm sorry if they're not up to standard.. A little too shaky and I'm always snapping pictures of things I'm doing so to turn that habit into video-ing, is something I think we both need to get used to. 

This is how we spent our Saturday :

It was one of the most enjoyable days I've had this year. Some good company in the form of our furry kids and friends plus good eats... Perfect.

Hope you guys enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe for more if you like it!



Some updates from how I spent my Friday and Saturday last week...
I've been pretty busy the past few days and Sunday was my momma's birthday so I want to dedicate a special post for her.. hopefully I'll be able to get it up really soon!

Friday night was spent with the boys in town.. Ramen, shoppin', chatting. 

Guns & Roses Embellished Tee // Vintage
Necklaces, Earrings, Ring // Chanel & Chrome Hearts
Hat // YoungHungryFree
CDC Bracelet // Hermes

 I wanna steal C's hat!!! Hehe.


Saturday was waaaaay too gloomy. 
I hated how the day was going, not only was the weather so bad for what we planned to do that day, but other things were also not going my way. 
Thankfully D brought me to get my favourite truffle fries later on in the evening!

I got some questions on where this place is on my IG posting of it but haven't replied/tagged the location because I wanted to include it in my blogpost instead - I have a lot to say about this bowl of truffle fries. Yes, it is that dramatic. HAHA.

This is from Stranger's Reunion.
I think I can safely say it's the BEST truffle fries in Singapore I've tried thus far!
Some places just have truffle fries which are simply fries fried in truffle oil.. But this one has truffle oil in the mayo dip (see it on the left?) it comes with as well, freshly grated truffle, and parmesan. 

I would say the only disappointing thing to me would be that if you wanted more of the dip, you have to pay $3.50 for it. It's not that I'm being stingy, but in my opinion I believe that the dip - fries ratio should be just right in the first place so we don't have to ask for more!

I also love their barramundi here. It doesn't smell fishy and is tasty yet not too salty. I've ordered this a few times already!

And nope, they didn't pay me nor sponsor this short post about their food. I've been a returning customer coz I really like the food as well as ambience there!

If you love truffle fries you should most definitely try theirs ^^

Beret // Stylenanda 
Sunnies and Denims // Bangkok
Leather Jacket // Topshop
Boots // LaModa
Accessories // Chanel & Chrome Hearts

Before I end this post, I just wanna thank everyone for their encouraging comments/emails! 
Although, it does make a Piscean like me a little disappointed when I see people try bringing up things that are unfounded, unnecessary and completely untrue just to pull others down because they don't know how else to react even when they have no proof of whatever they say at all. 

Still, I believe in always looking at the brighter side of things - It warms my heart to know that there are kind people out there who are nice enough to leave messages of support and kindness.
I'm thankful enough I have someone who have not only said but shown that he'll always stand up for me and protect me to the best of his ability... And we are happy enough that we can move on.
Chapter closed. 


A New Start

This post would have had to come up sooner or later but for personal reasons, I feel it should be up sooner than later. 
I have officially left Gushcloud since 5th of January 2015 due to a variety of reasons that I do not wish to state here.
Although a lot things have happened, it would be unfair to say Gushcloud has not given me opportunities that I wanted. For that, I would like to say a final thank you.
Once again, I would like to disassociate myself with this company, and thank everyone who are reading this and have believed in me and supported me thus far.


Working with ENF Look is such a joy and their latest collection is just my style - Monochrome everything!!

Paired this white, cropped knit top from their store with two of my favourite denims, the classic jacket and ripped jeans. I love the fit of this top! I have something similar in black but it's looser and this one fits almost like a glove.

Get your fix of on trend, monochrome pieces at their webstore - I'm pretty sure there's at least one thing you'll like!

Quote RACHELWONG5 upon checkout for 5% off.
Visit for their latest collection!
For latest updates, follow them on Instagram @enflook and like their Facebook page at !


Headed to GRUB a day before my birthday to have dinner with my favourite boys after getting my hair dyed! It's located at Bishan Park and it was actually my first time there so Melvin said we gotta get at least one picture.... I didn't have my big camera with me so it's an Iphone shot! 
I was genuinely surprised by how big the park was because we kinda got lost trying to find the carpark nearest to GRUB and drove a really big round before finding it via Sin Ming. 

I've heard about GRUB a few times but never made the trip to really try it but looking at reviews online kinda made us feel like it would be worth the long drive there. Anyway this post on them is not paid, and not sponsored ^.^

The mentaiko fries were really as good as people say it is, and we enjoyed it so much we asked for more sauce. You have to pay for extra sauce but I think it's worth it coz I'm the type of person who puts way too much sauce on everything and whatever they gave isn't enough for me!

I insisted on ordering this appetizer coz there's truffle in it and there's a similar dish at La Taperia (Mexican) that I really like. 
This is eggs and mushroomed baked with truffle. It's only yummy when it's hot so don't wait to eat this one!

The pork burger here and the fish burger below looked a lot yummier than they really were... Pretty disappointing. It wasn't tasty, and the texture of the bread buns was strange. 

And it gets stranger. 
his creme brûlée actually has BACON in it. 
Yes you read it right. 
Melvin wanted to try it and we all took one bite but only he and D liked it. 
My tastebuds could not comprehend the combination of bacon with a classic dessert like creme brûlée. I guess it's one of those types of food where you either love it or hate it.

GRUB is at 510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 569983
And if you're planning to drive there yourself, it's best to find directions to the carpark itself first!


21 + 1 Vlog // Part Two

A big, big thank you to 50nFifty Productions who did such an amazing job... I can't say thank you enough. The fact they even rented a drone to film the aerial of my treehouse was so impressive! We all had no idea till we saw the video. 

If you have an event you wanna capture on video I really strongly recommend them!

Hope you guys enjoy the video and the blogpost below, and I'll be back soon with non-birthday related posts ^.^


21 + 1 // Part One

I finally got my hands on the pictures from my birthday bash, so here's the post!

Please note I'll also have a full vlog on the entire party uploaded here soon.. So if you're not a fan of words you can watch the video and scroll thru this post for pictures.

Also, as a warning, there will be a whole lot of pictures with a huge smile plastered on my face like this so if you don't like seeing other people happy (like I know so many people always are) then you should most definitely skip this post or click that little 'X' to exit :

And this :

Coz I couldn't help it!! That was how happy I was the entire time, I wish I could look cooler and less smiley but oh well.. Can't help it. What's done is done...


Firstly, I wanna thank my sponsors for making this party so awesome.. I could never, in a million years, plan a party like this. There were so many tiny little details to take care of and I really sink under such pressure, so all of them are literally my life savers.

Note that all their names are clickable, and their contacts and photos will be listed on their pages itself!

The first lifesaver, of course, is the party planners themselves. 
Hilly Events is a one-stop event planner that organises both personal and corporate events. Be it birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or D&D, christmas party, new product launch. 

They took care of everything, the dessert table, the decorations, getting my floral/videographer/balloon sponsors, pulling it all together.. Basically, they were literally my life savers and this party would never have come together the way it did without them!
A big big thank you guys, you're the best I know and if you guys are looking for party planners, really.. look no further. The pictures are proof enough already, no? ^^

And the following sponsors :

CREME MAISON : Just when you thought they were great at just cakes and sweet treats, they surprised everyone at my party and I with their savoury bites that were custom ordered - you can definitely count on them for anything tasty whether it be sweet or savoury. Thank you guys for being so friggin' awesome, everything was not only beautiful but delicious too and I can't think of anyone better to do the job than you guys x

IM PERFECTION SG - These huge alphabets were a great welcome sight to my party outside the main door and you can get them to spell out whatever you want, big and beautiful.

FLORALS BY M - There were beautiful blooms everywhere you look at my party thanks to M! She has a great eye, and I love her tasteful and charming arrangements so much. She was also thoughtful enough to wrap a bouquet up for me that was a surprise and I was only given the bouquet to hold when the birthday song was being sung! So sweet.

GIVE FUN - I loveeeeee balloons! I feel like they're a great alternative to flowers if flowers get too boring.. Balloon bouquets and balloons surrounding my treehouse for the night was a special touch I believe made a whole lot of difference. Thank you guys for the beautiful balloons, I actually took some home as well!
Do remember to quote rchlwngx10 for a discount!

PIXIOO - Samuel captured all these wonderful memories for me to document them here and that is one hell of a priceless gift. Thank you for capturing all these moments for me to look back on and smile!

 50nFifty Productions - Videos are like moving photographs and capturing all the awesome moments on film were definitely priceless and something I'm so, so grateful for. They really went out of their way to make the video look great and I think this is so important in the creative line - Being willing to do so out of love for the craft. Thank you to the entire crew for all your help. I really appreciate it so much! 

Oh and the shadow shot below was Cino's idea and I luvvvit.
If you're wondering, this backdrop was printed by Hilly Events and designed by none other than my D, and you can find him here @plasmapixels x

I loved the video and can't wait to share it with you guys but while it's getting ready, I hope you enjoy the rest of this post! 

And last but not least...
Thank you for making it such a memorable night and honestly, as much as I liked the gifts and appreciated the thought, there's nothing I would have wanted more than your presence. Thank you for being there x 
All the photos are on my Facebook, so go tag yourselves if I missed you out!

The cake cutting was so ridiculously 'paiseh' for me, because there were so many people around and I was just... so... shy... ><

My number 1s

My dearest friends!


Not forgetting DRx, AIR Salon, Browtisan and Glitzyfingers for making sure I'm all primped and prepped for my party!

Thank you for making me such a happy girl ^^

I really feel so blessed, with everything in my life, everyone.. I mean, another year of laughter, love, happiness and health is EVERYTHING to be thankful for, isn't it?
People who say I don't deserve so much love are right, I don't.. It's overwhelming and I hope I love them back enough! Thank you so much :')
Call me selfish but I do wish for the presence, health and happiness of everyone I love so they can be around to celebrate with me, and I with them, every time we have a birthday.
I doubt I'll be throwing a party next year coz I think 21+2 doesn't have such a nice ring to it and honestly growing up and old so quickly is making me kinda dread birthdays already... 

So yes, that's it for my birthday post part one!

Hope you enjoyed this super duper long post, and I'll be back real soon with the video as promised ^^