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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hiatus x Update

Been running around our little sunny island running errands everyday..

Wish I could say I was shopping, but the correct word really is 'sourcing'.

 After running errands for my projects I met up with an old friend for dinner... It was like going back in time, to talk about the things we should have. I'm glad we managed to do it. Thank you.

The food at Sushi Tei was very disappointing. I wish I could un-eat it.

These pictures were taken with my new phone which I'll be blogging about soon! The quality's good, these pictures are with no filter at all. 

And also... to end off this post, this is an official notice that I'll be taking a week's break from now... I really have no time. It is just one week to go. Please understand if I don't reply your email immediately! 
And I will definitely still be posting regularly on my IG @rchlwngxx and other social media platforms as usual.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday Funday // Chloe is 5!

 Woke up early for mass with my family and this Sunday was Palm Sunday! 
This means Easter is in a week's time, and Easter is pretty much the most joyous time in the bible and I'm excited to celebrate that next week with my loved ones :)
Very glad I made the decision to head back to church and so far it has done nothing but good for me and brought me even closer to my family, (as if we weren't already close enough) and much peace in my heart.

Anyway we headed to Din Tai Fung again for lunch cos I was craving for my Xiao Cai again...

Loves of my life, forever and always.

This time we tried the chicken soup and it was very yummy!

Some OOTD shots while waiting for Chloe's birthday cake... we ordered a 6 inch chicken one for her specially this year! Big big 5th birthday!
Top credits on my instagram @rchlwngxx and pants c/o @YOUNGHUNGRYFREE

Her cake...! It says HAPPY BARK DAY! Soooo cute. Anyway if you're wondering it was from a bakery along east coast road and cost $18. It's all natural with no preservatives and baked freshly when ordered!

My little angel...

Love my sister loads although I don't see her as often as I like. Can't wait to share a room with her for 5 days in June! Haha. 

And it's crazy, my dearest baby is 5 already. She's been with me since she was just a tiny puppy at 3 months old and been through the best times and the worst, and she is just amazing in the way she unconditionally loves all of us. Her face still melts my heart the way it did when I saw her in the little cage at Pasir Ris Farmway. 
She has an instagram account now as well at @CHLWNGX which is like my name! Hehe. 
Happy birthday Chloe, I'll love you forever :)

Also, hope you didn't miss out on this awesome piece below by

Happy Tuesday and have a great rest of the week xx
As for me, it's still quite a short but tough road ahead... But I can really smell my freedom already!
Can't wait to see all the people I miss so much.

Monday, April 14, 2014

{AD} Carrislabelle

Back back back with a post for Carrislabelle!
Now one of my long term sponsors, I know I can always count on her for pretty basics I can't live without. 

Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it’s owner named “Carris” and a French word La Belle which means “beautiful or lovely woman” in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope that you will find yours in Carrislabelle.

 This time I kept this Keyhole dress and the special keyhole detail makes this LBD all the more unique. As always, the material is awesome and it fits like a glove. This piece is perfect for a party!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday Adventures : DRx // MBS // LyraMinn

Back at DRx again for a treatment I've been wanting to try for AGESSSSSSSS, but this time to DRx's Medispa. Not the clinic!
This treatment is like a cult facial, Madonna does it too.... And personally I've seen such good results on others, I really wanted to be one of em too! I specially woke up VERY early for this appointment for despite being VERY sleep deprived for the past weeks for the first slot in the morning since I had school in the afternoon. 

It's called the 02 Whitening facial using Topical Hyperbaris Oxygen therapy. In simple terms, it is pretty much an oxygen facial in general. 
Here's my skin pre-treatment without any makeup except for eyebrows drawn...

And the real me, no drawn eyebrows and all.
First step is microdermabrasion to remove all the icky stuff on your skin surface like dead skin cells.

Then this clarifying machine that feels a bit like a metal spoon... 

Finally, the 02 treatment itself. So relaxing I fell asleep... just letting my skin absorb all the goodies.

The results were pretty immediate!!! This is my naked face. And yes, no eyebrows drawn. Somehow people on IG always like to tell me how my brows should look and they said it's nicer natural like this but.... I still prefer em thick. HAHA.
Anyway, it's crazy how much my skin was glowing on its own without any products at all or edits. 
Also, the treatment took only about and hour plus and was totally painless and so relaxing.
Can you just SEE THE GLOW?!?!

So amazing... By the way, DRx doesn't pay me for my posts even if they do sponsor me, and they don't stipulate the amount of blogposts/IGs I do. I always do as many as I can, though, cos their products and treatments are really just so magical! 

DRx Medispa's also super thoughtful with this makeup area for us vain girls to put on makeup after our facial treatments.

So so thankful, and loving my glowy skin way too much.
Of course, to be able to do this treatment you'd have to consult a doctor at DRx clinic first to see if your skin is suitable. They are having a 40% off now so call ASAP and book your appointment. I promise they deliver results and the proof is on my skin itself. I would have never imagined myself being confident enough to post a picture of myself without makeup but thanks to them I don't mind it now!
Also, quote my name to have your first 3 consultation fees waived off and 40% off on this 02 facial as well. 
Normal Price : $288 for this treatment. (Finally I have a price to put on it cos it's different when it comes to skin care products for everyone but for the facial it's the same rate!)

Thank you, DRx! And thank you especially to Jocelyn for recommending this treatment to me, you are an angel and so is little baby in your belly :)


DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


Headed on to school to print and for class... one project down!
Super upset with myself cos I kept walking back and forth from Sunshine Plaza to school cos I kept forgetting things. I forgot my thumbdrive, then I forgot the paper... GRRRR. So annoyed. But anyway it's printed and ready for submission on Tuesday!

Another project required me to be at MBS so I headed down after school.. and had Din Tai Fung for lunch/dinner cos I love chinese food and really am not a big fan of having western food so often.

Ok the food we always order is always damn boring cos it's me, and I like what I like. 
So... yup, same pictures. 
Ordered 2 plates again cos 1's not enough.

Tried crab and pork dumplings, but it was very weird.

Lil crabby friend was cute though haha.

And seriously, I just need Xiao Cai and any fried rice from DTF for any meal. Just too damn yummy. There's magic in their fried rice!!!!

Desserts at Coffee Bean.

Chilled for a little while then felt guilty and went home to do work. This is my life now! Hahaha.
But not before taking OOTDs. I'm wearing a maxi dress by YoungHungryFree, I love the cutting and design so much! Usually I look like a goblin in long dresses cos I'm so short. I think I still look goblin-ish but not so much in this dress. Lol.

Feeling bittersweet about how Friday was the last day of school, I'll miss the place no matter how much I complain about it. And the faces, although things have changed. But then it only means new adventures and I simply can't wait to be free so I can take all the opportunities I don't have to miss now!


Also, a short advertorial for Lyra Minn.
They sent me an OOTD box recently, specially packed for me!

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Here's my outfit!

OOTD Box Giveaway

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coco Ichibanya x Short Update

OMG... I miss this space so much!!!

Honestly I'm so sorry and ashamed that this space has been so dead and filled with non-personal posts... BUT I HAVE TRULY BEEN SUPER BUSY. I pretty much haven't been going out at all other than to school or to run errands for school like buying materials or printing. Even the weekends are filled to the max with family time/a bit of time to relax and then it's work work work. I know I keep explaining and kinda 'complaining' as well everywhere and I am so sorry but this is my life for now...

 I do know I'm going to miss this crazy workload when all of this is over, though. And it's all going to be over in just 2 weeks! Really amazing how quickly this semester flew past and I'm finally going to graduate already. I've sacrificed so much for this certificate so I know the day I receive it, it is going to feel extremely amazing. Amongst these sacrifices are 6 sponsored trips(a recent two to countries I've never been and always wanted to go to!!!), amongst other awesome sponsorships and opportunities... Forget 'extremely amazing', I know it's going to feel beyond extremely amazing. 

Looking forward to new challenges and to fulfill all my plans and dreams, though! 
Especially can't wait for the holiday trips in the next 3 months... :D

Anyway today I managed to get released from class earlier after a critique session so I headed out of the usual school/home routine for a short dinner date at Coco Ichibanya which is at Bugis+!
Side note : I've really been looking so tired...

And on to the food - The food here is not too bad! I wouldn't say it's just edible so yes, still a 'pass'.
I love spicy food, so the super high spicy level 5 curry that I chose was great.

Pork cutlet with cheese Curry Rice.

Grilled pork and Kimchi Curry rice.

Fried Chicken Salad

It's very near my school so I guess I'll be back soon!

By the way... Really disappointed in my work. So much to improve on. Quality above quantity, but I hope I have enough time. 
Off for a power nap before I resume work.

Hope everyone has been having a great week so far! We're halfway through... x