Reebonz : Sell it!

So... I don't know if you guys were already reading my blog early this year but I used to carry this red Birkin a lot, but it has disappeared from my recent photos... 

Because I sold it already! 

Now, if you guys are wondering where I usually buy and sell bags that are as hard to get as a Birkin, wonder no more! Because I found a really awesome online platform, Reebonz, that I wish I knew about already then. It makes it so much easier for me to sell my bags that deserve a better home. Reebonz is truly the answer I have been looking for!

REEBONZ is a trusted brand, a reseller and seller of branded bags and accessories. And since trends are always changing, I guess it's only normal for us girls to wanna buy and sell our bags so we can have new bags without feeling the pinch so much and so our older bags wouldn't be 'rotting away' in the wardrobe!

Introducing the SELL & CONSIGN service, where rehoming your pre-loved luxury items is easy, fast and secure with Reebonz - in just 5 simple steps.

You know why I love it? There is no upfront cost and there is complimentary insurance for all items consigned!
I can have a peace of mind knowing that my pre-loved items will be well-taken care of, and if (touch-wood!) anything happens, there is full replacement value guaranteed with the complimentary insurance promised.
You can sell your pre-loved apparels, accessories, bags, SLGs, shoes, jewellery and watches to Reebonz if you don’t want to see your items waste away anymore. Click HERE to check out the full list of brands they accept.

What’s more? Now you can get a quick estimate and a better idea of the resale values of your designer bags with their LUXURY RESALE PRICE GUIDE.

It is an easy-to-use guide featuring bags from top brands and their market value. Give it a go and explore this new function HERE!
ALSO! When you’re ready to sell, don't miss out on their SELL campaign this month, from now till 31 Oct 2014.
Consign 2 or more items* and get 100 Reebonz store credits worth $100.
Enter “RACHEL” under the Reference Code when submitting your SELL request online. START SELLING NOW!

Happy buying and selling!

* Credits will be deposited into member’s account within 14 business days upon final offer acceptance by both parties to list the items up for sale on No minimum spend required and valid for 30 days! Each member can qualify once.


FauxFayc is the latest craze in town, and their mascara is truly one of a kind.
I was lucky enough to try it and I don't even usually wear mascara since I have extensions on most of the time (Thankq Flutters) but because of my busy schedule, I haven't been able to make time to go retouch my lashes and so I've been living with my natural, not so amazing lashes.

FauxFayc's mascara truly came in handy, helping me achieve the false lashies look without my extensions!

It comes in a beautiful box, and is a set of two mascaras. Natural fibres, and transplanting gel.

There is also a full set of instructions in every box to teach you how to achieve your desired look.
You start off first with your own favourite mascara, as a base. Then... You can keep layering FauxFayc's mascaras till you get what you want!

The two mascara combs are unique, especially the natural fibre one (below) that literally deposits fibres on your lashes.

Check out my results! So impressed.
Before, top. And after, bottom.

The best part of this mascara is not just the length and volume but long wearing effects - I put it on at about 5pm in the evening and only went home around 3am but there was no smudging!

Thankq FauxFayc for giving all girls a chance to have pretty lashes without extensions 
And an exclusive discount code just for you, reading this. 

Available at :

{AD} GutsyGlam

It takes a lot for me to inject some colour in my otherwise completely monotonous wardrobe colour palette.. so when I do get a bright pink skirt in my wardrobe, it really has to be a special occassion!

This one from GutsyGlam is bright, fun and fits me well. Perfect with a cropped top.

They have lotsa other bright and flirty alternatives if pink isn't really your colour.. so go check it out!

Free normal postage for all items, and quote RACHEL10 to take 10% off total bill. Valid till 31st Oct 2014. 

Like their Facebook page for exclusive discounts:

Ramen // White Florals

Headed to a lil ramen shop at Gallery Hotel's first floor some time ago with the boys and was pretty excited to try out the food that had many good reviews online!
I'd say the food's a 7/10, a lil too salty but the taste is pretty authentic. The noodles are soft and the chashu super tender and the perfect mix of fat and lean meat. 

The gyozas were surprisingly good as well!



Go take a walk round the area after dinner - it's pretty nice!

Also headed to one of my favourite Sunday lunch haunts in a pretty floral romper in white c/o OOTD.
Was honestly really happy it fit me the way it did, a tiny lil bit longer than I hoped but much more fitting compared to my other rompers in similar cuttings!

The prints and quality are really lovely in real life too.

Happy shoppin' x

Reflections -

2014 is coming to a close soon and before all the Christmas wishes and new year resolutions are out, I'm going to spend some time now to write about my reflections over the past year...
It's gonna be a long post so brace yourself for it.

I guess that everyone who has been reading my blog would know a big thing happened for me almost a year ago.. and from that time till now, except for one blogpost, I've kept pretty quiet on my side about my private life. Amongst other little reasons, the main one would be that it is not mine and D's intention to have our private lives out there the way it was in the past with my ex. And of course, it hurt a lot when I saw the people closest to me feel down when it happened. I can take it because I chose to go on with this 'job' and knew it was coming, but they didn't and it was unfair. So I made it a point from then on to protect them as much as I could.

The first thing that I wish to say, is this - The thing is... I never meant to be a 'blogger', I never foresaw myself having a voice like this. My numbers are not high compared to the other bloggers in Singapore, but I've managed to support myself through most of Lasalle till now with the money I earn from blogging.
Every job comes with sacrifices, and when you're a blogger - and I know this for a fact - it's really easy to get caught up in this whole lifestyle and many let it get to your head, becoming obsessed with the 'fame' and the lifestyle. The superficial stuff. You feel you have this certain image to portray and I used to be like that, a little, but thankfully I had my family who reminded me often to keep my feet grounded. I snapped out of it, choosing to only go for meet ups or events when it is paid or when I know I'll be with someone I know is real and we are going as friends to make memories.

I was painfully open with my private life in the past and this is something I wish I hadn't done and gotten so caught up with because I see now how it was unhealthy for my relationship and myself then. It might have been my choice to be open about all of it, but not everyone wants their private lives on the web and I should have respected that from the start.
Does it add unnecessary pressure to the relationship? Yes. But does it mean things would be different now if I didn't do so? No. Did it hurt when I found out he cheated way early in the relationship? Yes. But does it mean I regret it all? No.
You learn as you go, and grow as you learn. 
I do believe in true love, and that everyone you meet and fall in and out of love with, makes you the person perfect for the person you are meant for. I still wish him the best.

I'm happier now than I've ever been. I don't need to justify this with proof of how much he loves me or how great our relationship is, but we both know it in our hearts and the people close to us know it too. There is no perfect relationship, and maybe I still don't know I know how to really love someone properly, but now I've learnt that love does mean you literally never give up on someone and it's not all about having fun and making memories, but it is the hard stuff you go through together.
An unhealthy relationship doesn't always just mean there is abuse involved, it could also be a relationship that does not make you better people. You should never control someone you love or be unfaithful in even the smallest way. Your words should always match your actions.

I know that everyone will always have something to say because they are all entitled to their own opinions. Of course there are things I still wish I had done differently. There are many things in my life I wish I had done differently. My exams, every project I gave up halfway on, every time I disappointed my parents. But when all is said and done, I did follow my heart and I chose love over everything I had and I was ready to face the consequences when it happened. It doesn't mean it was easy, and it doesn't mean I think it's right or it's wrong. EVERYBODY makes mistakes. There are so many stories I hear and things I know for a fact are true, things I could use to hurt others the way I was hurt. I'm not being noble or whatever by not doing it, honestly all there is to it is that I don't see a reason for me to spread negativity even if I can't spread positivity. 

There really is no right and wrong in love the way it is in art, and choosing to hate on something as pure as love is actually really sad. This world is already not an easy place to live in. Sure, there are things you may not agree with, but spreading hate is never the right thing to do. 
"This is wrong. This is right." - Who made you a judge? We really never understand a person's story fully, we can only see what they choose to show and we can only try to understand. Like what our pretty damn awesome Pope is fighting for now, stating that the Church was an unhealthy obsession with abortion, gay marriage and contraception.. Criticising the church for putting dogma before love, and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized.
You wanna do something right? Wanna fight for something? Go out and spread love and positivity, go help the poor or the abandoned doggies who have no voice, that's what this world needs the most.

Being blessed to have the fate of having a voice in this huge world is something I am REALLY and constantly thankful for and I've managed to use it to get the word out about causes I care about which means a lot to me.
Sadly, some people use their voices and the power of the internet in the wrong way, spreading unhealthy messages instead of positive ones. Spreading untrue stories they hear that they don't understand or know for a fact may be true. The bottom line is : If you don't dare to say something to someone's face, don't say it behind a screen. Bullying doesn't have to be physical or done face to face, bullying can be done mentally especially online and a lot of young people go through this, I know it for a fact. Because I get emails and messages often enough asking me how I dealt with all the negativity I had thrown at me and although I guess one email reply can't solve all their problems, I do try my best to reply them with the same amount of heart they took to type their (usually) long and heartfelt email to me. Recently, I've been super busy and my emails have been neglected, even work ones.. (I hope to always have this luxury and pray for more energy and time to work out on my side!) But I'll get back to you guys ASAP, ok?
You can't control people and what they say, but you can control the way you react. For now, stand up for yourself. You don't have to fight back but fight for yourself. What is you dream? Realise it or take your first steps towards it. Only your mind and your body can stop you and if you're physically good to go, change your mind. Choose to be happy, choose to fight for your dreams. Always be positive, and one day you'll be successful in chasing your dreams.

I'm no angel, none of us are. We're all just trying to learn everyday and we'll always be learning till the day we die. And everyday is a new chance to be better than today. 


Say it with a Sub..

I don't know if all of you are already following me on Instagram, but I recently graduated and was sooo excited to get my certificate from the school office since I missed my convocation. 
It was a really tough time, getting this diploma.. I would say the toughest time in my entire life. The workload, coupled with my weak body and work outside of school was craaaaazy. 

Anyway, 3 years later and some blood (literally, I bled from accidentally piercing myself with needles while sewing), sweat (literally running around everywhere for my projects) and tears (every time I wanted to give up, which was MANY!) later... I DID IT!
Thankful for all the help I got thru these years, whether we may still be in contact or not, thank you for helping me : I'll always remember it, gratefully x

Speaking of school.. I walked over after that to Subway to get myself my fav tuna sub since I haven't had one in the LONGEST time... Subs were basically our number 1 go-to food choice when we were in school cos it's so convenient and healthy too!

If you love Subway like me, DO CONTINUE TO READ WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY!
Subway is having their BOGO (Buy One Get One) day soon on the 10th of October and they have limited edition bags this time for all of us! 
We can now 'Say it with a Sub" -
If you have something to say to someone but don't know how to say it, just say it with a sub.

 * We need to talk.. * I don't know what I did but I'm sorry anyway * I hope you accept bribes * Can I leave at 4pm today? * This is what an apology tastes like * My other half for my better half

I'd definitely use the "Can I leave at 4pm today?" if I had a boss! Hehe ><
The bags are limited edition, and are done by some of the world’s best artists such Tom Whalen, So Youn Lee, and JP Cuison. So you better get your hands on them as soon as you can.

However, if you want another bag design and do charity at the same time, head over to Subway Singapore’s Facebook page ( for a link to an online charity auction! 
You can bid for any of the signed artwork by these artists from now till 17 October. All proceeds will go to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund (,  a charity which supports The Little Arts Academy’s arts training programmes for children and youth from financially-disadvantaged backgrounds. So what are you waiting for?


DRx : Prepping' for Korea!

Posted a selfie on my instagram the other day right after my RF brightening treatment at DRx Medispa, and other than a comment or two on that pic saying my skin was really glowing, I was so surprised that I had two ladies actually come up to me while I was buying juice and queueing for a cab to say I have amazing skin too!
Felt really good to get compliments with a completely bare face.. I used to be SO insecure about my skin which used to be oily, dull and uneven for most of my teenaged years and it felt like magic, finding Dr Yanni at DRx and having her treat my skin till the way it is now. 
My pores have significantly become smaller with the use of their skincare range that has been customized for me, my dark circles at least 75% better after a few sessions of Revita Eye.. and definitely, the fillers and botox that have promised to enhance my face shape and did. 

Actually, I'd say that the treatments completely changed my face shape and skin texture. Like magic.
I always tell people this : Even if DRx no longer wanted to sponsor me, I'd pay for their products and treatments without complaint, for everything works like it promises to!
*A sponsor means everything I say about them/it comes from my experience alone, there are no 'briefs' for these posts, and no 'deadlines' nor obligations to actually mention them.*
Also got fillers touched up on my nose just the day before the treatment, and as you can see, there is ZERO swelling or bruising and the result is really natural. Dr Yanni makes magic with her hands, doesn't she?

An RF brightening treatment is the perfect choice for you if you have a special event to attend and need that extra glow - I've tried it before and it works wonders, so since I'm going to Korea to film something, I HAD to get one of these sessions done before leaving! 

Also, I blogged about getting DRx tricho treatments done before this, and 5 months later now, I have a fuller head of hair and here's some proof!
I was really so sad about my hairline receding due to bleaching my hair too much and tying it up too tightly and too often... I kept trying to use my hand to cover it in pictures and it really affected me :(
Before on the left, after on the right. Can you see the biiiiig improvement? 

A close up!

Amazing stuff.. I really don't think there's much of a need to explain or to convince you guys to go down to DRx, for the results really speak for themselves.
Thank you Dr Yanni, Mama Pegs, Charlene and Joycelyn for being my aesthetic angels!

Don't forget to quote my name for special discounts!


DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


Exclusif was launched in Singapore in 2014, and aims to quickly acquire a large beauty presence through its unparalleled assortment of prestige beauty products, commitment to excellence in quality and customer service, and to its well trained and dedicated employees. Exclusif features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare, makeup, fragrance, body care, hair care and beauty accessories. Exclusif is committed to providing the ultimate in luxury, authentic and superior quality products, advice and customer care.

Wondering what were my picks amongst the huge variety of items to pick from?


This particular number, 57 Réverie, actually has glitter pigments so it's perfect for special nights where you can dust over your collarbones and shoulders.


A makeup base for nights where I don't use my usual DRx sunblock as a base. It has a pink undertone so it really helps in making your skin glow just that lil bit more.

CK's BE is one of my favourite colognes. I use it sometimes when I'm feeling a lil less girly!

Get all your products on 

{AD} SheSprees

Playing around with shadows in this banded cropped top on a sunny Saturday afternoon was quite some fun, and I paired it with a pair of loose fitted pants for comfort. I believe in balance in an outfit, less on the top should mean covering up the bottom more, or the other way round!

Got this quality top from SHESPREES, a preorder e-store who stocks a large variety of items, mostly Korean inspired. 

And... I also got this fluffy unicorn bedroom slippers from them! So super cute and comfy and my dogs love playing with them while I walk about ><

SHESPREES is set to be Your Ultimate Spree Source

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How do we keep our prices so affordable? We select only the best suppliers that match quality and cost. No cutting corners, no sacrificing quality for lower prices. Shesprees is truly run on passion!


Free Local Shipping Storewide. Free Doorstep Courier for orders above $80.00. Paypal fees fully absorbed
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Shesprees ship all over the world too!


To make things just a little sweeter...
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Happy shoppin'!

Polka Dots

YHF top and shorts
H&M chained necklace
Dior clutch
Boots from the depths of my cupboard


{AD} AntiClockwise

Was looking everywhere for a casual, easy flowy top for brunch over the weekend - and thank God for Anticlockwise, cos they had it in this perfect shade of grey-white!

So flowy and comfy, I could probably have had a buffet brunch.... 

Anticlockwise aims to be that one stop online fashion store where you can find all your fuss-free, casual chic apparels. Count on them to help you nail that chic-but-casual outfit! Stay casually polished, chic & not sloppy with Anticlockwise. 

Missed out some items from their previous launches? ACW has brought back some of their most popular items JUST FOR YOU!

GOOD NEWS! Anticlockwise is now offering FREE SHIPPING for all Malaysia & Brunei customers with orders above S$75! There’s really NO REASON why you are still not shopping!

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