These Boots Were Made For Walking

So, I have these boots in three colours now and.. oh my gosh, do I love them all like crazy.
I featured the black pair in a previous post, and now I have 'em in camel and grey as well!
Paired them with a checkered shirt, CH tank-dress and my Birkin30. 


Jettin' Off..

Jetting off to HongKong and Bangkok real soon - two awesome holiday destinations known for good shopping and good food in less than a week!
Really need a break from everything here, although I'm feeling much better already... I'm so excited to plan my outfits, pack up and just go, but just wanted to draft my posts here and space 'em out over the next few days so this space doesn't get too dead before I'm back. 

Also, I always love going overseas cos it means a thousand more possibilities to take beautiful pictures, whether it be of the places I visit.. or as backdrops for my outfit pictures. Hongkong and Bangkok are cities, so don't send me bikinis and beachwear like you guys did the last time I was on a plane - to Bali - but send me some fun pieces I can dress up in and take good pictures for your ads! 
P.S. I've been digging colours a lil more lately like the latest resort-like floral printed stuff with an edgier cut like the peplum bustier above ;)
Opening just a few slots per trip so do email me soon at to book one now.

Took this big and beautiful ring out yesterday as well - find out where to get it from on my INSTAGRAM! Hope you're following me already, if not, do hit the follow button - And if you're already following me.. I'm so thankful for all the love and support over these 3 years, 2 more thousands to the big 80k! Perhaps, it's slower and not as many as many other bloggers but I'm thankful for every one of you. Thank you for following me and letting me do what I love everyday x


Visited my dearest Belle just yesterday as well for a new set on my fingers and toes and she gave me these beautiful black and gold Unicorn x Foil x Dior nails that I loooooove as usual. 
And if Belle's your manicurist too, do give her a hearty congratulations cos she's expecting her first baby! I'm so happy for her, been telling her to 'make one' (haha) for the past year she's been married!

She also gave me a matching pedicure! 
Man, so much love for the Glitzyfingers team...

Contact Belle for an appointment to get your dream nails :
101 Upper Cross Street, #03-58, People's Park Centre, 058357

Weekend Shenanigans

Some visuals of what I've been up to over the weekend. 


Put on a dress for an event at Salon by Surrender, some shiny new boots.. Enjoyed a pasta dinner and a sushi lunch at Vivocity.. Not forgetting some silly balloon tying on my pigtails at a friend's birthday celebration just to see if they could fly.

I'll be honest and say I still haven't been in the best of moods, but you gotta do what you gotta do even when you don't feel like doing it sometimes.. I'm sure every one of you reading this understands this feeling, from feeling it at one point or another in your life.
Nothing in this world comes easy and a job is always a job no matter how easy or 'glamourous' it seems to be. At the end of the day, I guess the important thing to remember is the fact that only you can choose to be happy and if you have people who love you and support you, you'll make it through. 
And if you really do feel alone, consider us kindred spirits.

Do I sound like I'm talking in riddles?

Till next time.. x

Coca ~ Cola

Wore this Coca Cola sequinned top to the YG FAMILY concert from the always awesome YOUNGHUNGRYFREE who hasn't stopped sending me their awesome stuff for at least two years already! I've been with them since their 'ISYBF' days, if you been an online shopper a long time, you would know what that is.. 

Thank you for sending me pieces that I simply can't live without and that's always edgy and on trend. 
I love you guys x

Sunglass Hut

I always believe everyone should have at least one good pair of sunnies in their collection - The sun is our enemy when it's shining too brightly on our skin and eyes, so why not protect them in style?

Gotta love Sunglass Hut for their wide array of sunnies to pick from and bring home. I now have these essential pairs added into my collection and I simply LOVE all three of them equally. The classic cat eye shape by PRADA, Ray-Ban aviators, and Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Got to try these on at the shop and instantly fell in love with the classic yet trendy cat eye shape.

And since, y'know, I'm always either in black or white.. a pair of blue aviators would add the perfect pop of colour! I have another pair already with a silver frame, these ones in gold match my B to a T.

And since, y'know, I'm always either in black or white.. a pair of blue aviators would add the perfect pop of colour! I have another pair already with a silver frame, these ones in gold match my B to a T.. 
The good thing about my blue Ray-Ban aviators is that its polarized with total UV protection. With the powerful Anti-Glare feature, glare is dampened. This is definitely a really good feature as polarized glare can cause eye fatigue, headaches or even temporary blindness, which can lead to collisions or injuries.  
What’s best is that the vibrant colors allows me to carry the sunglasses in a fashionable way.

And last but definitely not least. Foldable Wayfarers make storing easy without compromising on style.

Get your perfect pair at Sunglass Hut - the salespeople there are ultra friendly and helpful in knowing what suits your face and what's in trend. And their latest campaign along with the Royal Selfie contest is something you don't wanna miss out on!

"Take everything you know about old-fashioned royalty and spin it on its head. September is a time of transition and change. The change in season triggers consumers to go out and refresh their wardrobe. This presents the perfect opportunity for Sunglass Hut to motivate consumers to complete their new September wardrobe with the latest trending sunnies. This September, as royalty sweeps the fashion landscape, Sunglass Hut will present sunnies as a modern reinterpretation of the crown - a symbol of power and influence in this age of creativity. As the only accessory worn on your face, fall’s royal-inspired sunnies add a dose of opulence to any look. It’s a new type of crown for a new type of royal. With the widest selection of trend-right sunnies, every Fashion Forward Female can make her truly royal statement this season"

All you gotta do is to take a royal selfie contest shot on Instagram, and hashtag #MAKEITREIGNSG to stand a chance to win $500 worth of Sunglass Hut products. (Till 21st  Sept) 
Winner will be based on total number of likes. Find out more at   



I hardly pen down personal thoughts anymore but I do make the exception when something bothers me more than usual.. and this is one of the rare times. Afterall, I do know how boring it is to view advertorial after advertorial on blogs that used to be filled with much more than that. If you've been following me, you should know why, I blogged a post about that HERE.

Back to topic, a friend recently got let down by her boyfriend and confided in me because she knew it happened to me as well and I dealt with it seemingly 'emotionlessly' so she wanted to know how I did it and how I didn't get angry with the third party because, in her words, she wanted to "Kill that bitch".

I know it is often easy to blame the third party for the cheating because you simply love your other half too much to blame them for it but I constantly remind people who are in this situation that if your other half loves you and had chosen to be with you, he or she has the 100% choice of cheating or not cheating on you, no matter how great the temptation. No matter how much more good looking the third party is, or if she or he is constantly texting or calling your lover, your other half ALWAYS has the COMPLETE choice of cheating on you or not. 

Even in my case, my friends who saw the screenshots were all over Facebook trying to find out who the girl in the messages were, while I was totally not interested in even knowing her name. Because it doesn't matter. He had the choice to text her or not, he had the choice to touch her or not, and he chose to do what he did. The choice was 100% his. And it's okay. Even if I recognize that my relationship had its gaps and problems, it was never my fault nor the third party's fault. Because it was completely his choice. 

My friend is beautiful, wonderful inside out and doesn't need to worry about suitors for she has plenty. And whatever I can do to take that anger and hurt away from her, I would do. But first, I hope she and everyone else out there who has been hurt in the same way would see that you are not to blame in such a situation and neither is the third party. Recognize you are worth so, so much more than being a person's 99% because you should be a person's 100% and nothing less than that should be okay with you.

It happens, not thinking clearly when it comes to love, for this thing called love makes people do crazy things and you realize there's no winning or losing. But you have to realise this : It is not love if someone hurts you with the intention or knowledge of doing so, and yes, with love it is always a messy situation but with the right amount of communication and selflessness, you can cause as little hurt as possible.
I still believe in fate.. that everyone you meet, you meet for a reason. And everyone you fall in love with, you fall in love with for a reason. But in the end, you will be with who you were always meant to be with. And you'll see what it all had to happen the way it did. 


Almost forgot to mention, I shot for this webstore recently, you can view some of the pictures HERE, and donned one of their pieces, this white fringe vest in Bali as well.

A bit more about them -
SLEVEN aims to always keep our customers in style with comfort, chic and understated apparels. And the ease of contact- customers may contact us via Line, WeChat and SMS at 8700 7104 for any enquiries, is such an awesome idea because nobody likes laggy replies especially when there is that one item you REALLY need to get by a certain date. 

Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount with the promo code (SLEVENxRACHEL10) 
This will be valid for the whole of September! ;) Some dresses are also on sale now at just $20.

Instagram: @shop.sleven

KOSÉ Infinity Pure Advance

I recently embarked on yet another journey to find good skincare products and this time it was with KOSÉ INFINITY Pure Advance : 

This range is meant for girls in their 20's, just like me, to conquer Pore Problems – the 1st sign of aging that appear in our 20's and early 30s. Gentle botanical ingredients delay the effects of time to create bouncy smooth skin. KOSÉ INFINITY Pure Advance rescues skin from pore woes with its hydrating concoction of Rosemary extract, Rose Multiflora Fruit, Shell Ginger Leaf and Gylcerin. Skin is pumped up to stave off dryness and achieve perfect oil-water balance so pores appear less visible.

This is the INFINITY Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask $55: Fast-acting clay mask that removes dead skin cells, blackheads and sebum. With pore-tightening and hydrating properties from peppermint extract, alum and rosemary leaf water.

I love, love, love this product in addition to my usual DRx skincare. It really gives me a clean skin feel and is so easy to use - on wet skin, you just have to massage it in for a minute after cleansing and wash it off 1-2 times a week. So convenient - perfect for impatient people like me!

And this is the INFINITY Pure Advance Trial Kit $58 (Worth $100): A skincare series for women in their twenties and early thirties. Tackle “pore problems” that represent the first signs of aging skin. 
Kit includes: Essence Lotion (Regular Size)160ml 
Oil Cleansing Gel 20g 
Clear Up Wash 25g 
Serum 10g

The essence lotion is a full sized bottle so it's really worth it to get this kit to try out the entire range of products since the retail price alone is more than the trial kit's price.

It is lightweight, smells good and absorbs well into the skin!

Here’s some good news for you!

Simply quote my name at Metro Paragon or Robinsons JEM KOSÉ counters to receive a 3 pc skincare sample kit!

1.INFINITY Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask 8g + INFINITY Pure Advance Clear Up Wash 10g + INFINITY Pure Advance Eye Cream (4pc laminate)

2. Purchase any skincare products by 15 September to enjoy additional 3 pc gift: 2pc ESPRIQUE Nail Color Set + Ariel Lin tumbler.

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Instagram: @kosesg 
Facebook: /kosesingapore

Vanity Trove

If you've never heard of Vanity Trove, you're missing out!

It's basically a 'trove' of beauty finds in sample sizes that you can try to see if a product works for you or not. Such a great idea since usually us girls see so many wonderfully products on the market and we don't know what works for us and what doesn’t and I understand how is it like to not want to invest so much money in products that you are unsure of! 
I've teamed up with the team at VaniyTrove to create a special lil box just for you girls with some of the stuff I've used before and like, and you can get it now at a discounted price too!

A lil note in every box, written by me!

Here are all the products you get in my version of the Vanity Trove box!

There’s so many products here for you guys to choose from! If I had to choose one must get product it'd be the Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Sleeping Mask which I remembered I first bought my first tube in Korea and loved it immediatelyThis product has a flowery fragrance and my skin always feels incredibly pampered and has showed some signs of improvement after using this. Not only does it appear brighter, it also even out my complexion effectively and my skin is great to work with makeup-wise thanks to DRx but this made it even.. smootherAmazingggggg.  

And to complement the sleeping mask is Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening EssenceAn intensive brightening essence in a lightweight formula that contains 30% sustainable tomato extract which aids a lot in skin whitening! The essence is liquid and light weight, almost like water, so it spreads evenly and easily. And the plus point of this product is that it adds more bounce to my skin!

ZA Perfect Fit 2 Way Foundation 
Have always been an avid fan of ZA myself too and I really love the refill concept this foundation hasThis is a cheaper alternative to the high end brands. Not only friendly to your pocket, it is friendly to your skin too! It gives me pretty good coverage and it matches most of the asian skin tone. It is easy to apply with the sponge and it does not look cakey - the powder settles into the skin and gives off a matt finish look!

Ma Cherie Air Feel Haircare // Shampoo and Conditioner (by Shiseido) 
The Ma Cherie line features two main shampoo/conditioner named Moisture (for dry hair) and Air Feel (for oily hair or those seeking volume). The shampoo contains newly innovated champagne honey gelee, a combination of champagne, honey and other moisture ingredients with high penetrating ability to keep your hair shiny and elastic and is suitable for coloured hair as well!   
One can never forget to condition their hair! Ma Cherie Air Feel conditioner is thin and lightweight in terms of texture. My hair is smooth to touch and feels more moisturized after a couple of users. And what I really like is what the scent is made up of:  
•Base note - Musk Sandal wood, Amber and Cedar wood 
•Middle note - Lily bell, MagniliaPinkpionie and lilac 
•Top note - Valencia Orange, Ruby Grape fruit, Mix berry, Pineapple and Rose Peach 

Introducing: My Beauty Diary Vanilla Moisturizing Aroma Mask 
As you all know, My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand and I believe all of you all should be familiar with this brand because it is so popular I think not much introduction is needed!! Being a fan myself, there are a total of 12 different kinds of mask that serves different purposes in the set. This vanilla moisturizing mask is easy to apply and is easily adjustable and gives you the necessary moisture if you need a last minute solution for that extra glow! Really like how cute the packaging is!!

White Formula Super Moist Toner with Hyaluronic Acid 
Voted Number 1 by Taiwan’s leading review platform for cosmetic products – White Formula Super Moist Toner is formulated for normal to dry skin and contains 3 unique types of Hyaluronic Acid which permeates the different skin layers and works synergistically to achieve optimum moisturization and skin firmness. This is another top pick from Taiwan’s President Pharmaceutical Corp, the same company that brought My Beauty Diary! 
This product is made out of gentle ingredients containing no fragrance, no alcohol, no colorant and low irritation, making them suitable for sensitive of skinsUpon applying on my skin, it doesn’t feel a least bit oily and all you need is a small amount and apply from the central T-zone of the face towards the outer edges. 

From bottom left, anticlockwise.
SKIN INC Repair Pycnogenol Serum by SKIN INC  
. This Pycnogenol Serum is 1 out of 9 serums that are used for concocting a My Daily Dose customized serum. It’s a super anti-oxidant 350 times more effective than Vitamin C and 170 times more powerful than Vitamin E. It is combined with EGF, a protein found naturally in skin that increases DNA synthesis and cell growth that moisturises the skin and reduces the signs of ageing skin. It helps solve stressed and sun-damaged skin. 

This serum is ideal for stressed and sun-damaged skin esp in this weather here that’s 24/7 hot and humid, this serum encourages cell growth and moisturises deep within the skin to reduce the signs of ageingYou only need about 3 drops of serum each time so one bottle can really go a very long way. 
You can now take your Skin Identity test here to determine your Daily Dose serum over at: !

Pearl Bay Invasion is a makeup base which contains magic pearl glitter and seven kinds of highly lock water moist ingredients: olive oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, peppermint oil, bamboo extract, argan oil and cactus extract, to keep skin moist and glossy. I love this because it has a smooth texture and easy to use. Skin becomes delicate radiant and bright. Just smooth outward until evenly blended into skin and then you can apply your makeup foundation over.  

 Too Cool For School McGirly Rice Scrub by Too Cool For School 
One should never forget to exfoliate and scrub! A lot of us have neglected the importance of facial scrub and never use it frequently. The McGirly scrub contains more than 10 types of ferments, including fruits and plants, that helps keep the skin to stay healthy. It is fairly thick in texture and it has a grainy emulsion that contains tiny rice particles that gently exfoliate when massaged into your skin 

Collection Primed & Ready Make up Primer 
Primed and Ready Makeup Primer from Collection Cosmetics! This powerful primer acts as a soothing makeup base, minimizes pore problems, smoothes uneven skin and hides unsightly blemishes for the perfect base foundation later on.  A silky formula with a light coverage to minimize pores, smooth uneven skin and hide unsightly blemishes. Perfect in creating the perfect base with a flawless complexion. And it is so affordable!  

Last but not least,

Another one of my favourite product - Vichy Normaderm Night Detox by Vichy 
Looking after your skin at night is as important as well, as it is where your skin gets to rest and recuperate in proper. This product is extremely suitable for blemish-prone skin, it targets the excess sebum production that occurs throughout the night. Tried it for a week and I already see differences on my skin! My pores are now much more controlled and my sebum production overnight is in better control now. Yey to waking up to less oily skin and radiant complexion ^^ The texture is light and non-greasy leaving the skin with a clean fresh sensation. 

Get my Vanity Trove for yourself and enjoy the goodies and the beauty of trying out a product before you buy a full sized one so you can see if it's great for your skin or not! 

So many products all in one box! 
Get my Vanity Trove for yourself and enjoy the goodies and the beauty of trying out a product before you buy a full sized one so you can see if it's great for your skin or not! 

Get it  HERE : 
Purchasing the box is so fuss free. All you got to do is to create a VanityTrove account which can be synced to either your Facebook or Twitter account! 

Only the first 50 customers, you’ll be guaranteed 1 full sized item!  All you need to do is to include my promo code: RACHELWONGVT to get the box for $35 + 1 Free Full Sized Item! (*Fastest fingers first!) 
Hope this box makes your week!