Nivea - Whitening Pore Minimizer

I'm pretty sure that at least 90% of you who are reading this have heard of Nivea, one of the oldest, most reliable skincare brands around.

In fact, Nivea was one of the first few brands of skincare products I started using when I was 13 or 14, which is the age I started taking care of my skin at all!
Nowadays, I'm used to the doctor-prescribed products like the full range I usually use with DRx, but I do believe in the fact that your skin actually gets used to the products you use daily. Thus, I switch around - example -- I use DRx for two weeks and then I use Nivea for the next two.. and switch around. It's good to switch around and I love to try new products that work for my skin cos I believe good skin is the one most important thing girls should have.

Nivea is affordable and 100% gentle, which is so awesome cos some of the other brands that use stronger ingredients may cause skin thinning. Nivea promises no skin thinning ingredients and results in a week.

Fair, clean skin is every girl's dream.. I'm no exception. 

Out of all the products from the whole range, I like the Pore Minimizer Mud Foam for cleansing… It does a great job of making my skin feel ultra clean and fresh! It has a mud texture from volcanic clay, which absorbs the excess oil on my skin and brightens my skin with its pearly white complex.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Extra White Repair Day Serum, which I can actually feel closes my pores. The results are visible.
And the best part is that it comes with SPF22 which is #1 on the importance of skincare. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. The sun is your biggest enemy!

I’ve been using the products in this order for fairer, radiant skin 1. Cleanse: Mud Foam 
2. Repair: Day Serum 
3. Night care, night cream 
4. Weekly: Scrub  
If you would like fairer skin in 7 days, try out Nivea's Whitening Pore Minimizer range and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did ~ 

And check out this cute Nivea pouch that can hold my Mud Foam, Day SerumNight Cream and Scrub as well. 

Nivea Singapore is giving away 10 Nivea hampers worth $120 each & this cute Nivea pouch + 6 months digital subscription of Cosmpolitan Magazine to 10 lucky girls! 

To win, post a selfie on Instagram and include a description of your skin aspiration eg. “I want to have beautiful and radiant skin!” 

Don’t forget to make sure that your Instagram account is public, and include the hashtags: #niveasg #niveaselfie #cosmosg. 

Contest ends 31st August 2014 and winners will be announced on Instagram @Gushcloud_SG. So hurry and share your skin aspirations before the contest ends! 

You can also get this limited edition Nivea Pouch with every $10 purchase of Visage face available in Guardian & Watsons in Sept 2014! 

Nivea Whitening Pore Minimzer range is available in all major pharmacy chains like Guardian and Watsons and supermarkets. Whitening Serum will be available from Aug 2014. 

"Cosmopolitan Singapore aims to provide the Singaporean woman with what she needs to live life as a fun, fearless, fabulous person. More than print and paper, Cosmopolitan is a complete lifestyle experience, engaging readers with topics on fashion, beauty, body, relationships and life." 

{AD} Gladleigh

Gladleigh's a new name here and a new name to me as well, but I'm super glad I got the chance to find this webstore cos they have some pretty awesome quirky fashion and once again, can I just express my love for all things black and white?!

"Gladleigh, also pronounced as Gladly, hopes to make your shopping experience a gleeful one. We are TWO fun-sized earthlings out in this big big world with a common pursuit; all ladies' wardrobe be hollering for our clothes!
We whiz in the direction of the latest fashion trends and strive to sustain our products at affordable prices."

I kept this pair of shorts in a material I wish I had more clothes of. Love how these mesh/tulle shorts make an outfit more girly.

I'm not kidding when I say I left it un-ironed on purpose, cos I prefer the texture of it like this. Crispy.

Also being creepy and enjoying how cute the model looks in all the shots! She makes me wanna get bangs.. But I know that's not a good idea cos I'll regret it the next day - so indecisive about everything hahahah ~

Love the baby blue set on the right.


Quote ‘Rachel15’ for 15% off all items! 
Enjoy free shipping and sign up mailing list for freshest updates & promotions too

Sleepy Thoughts.

“...and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight, as I may say, even for a moment...” 

Sunday Brunch // CMPB

Headed to Dempsey for brunch - It was such a hot sunny day we regretted choosing to sit outside within 15 minutes and moved inside instead. Singapore's sun is truly merciless.. I love my country but if there's a choice to change anything about it... the weather is the one thing I would change!

Oily, sinful goodness. It's got everything you need on one plate!

And honestly, I can't think of even one person who doesn't like spam fries or truffle fries. Yummers.

Not the healthiest choices for sure. No wonder I'm getting so big sideways!
Block 7, Dempsey.

Hope everyone's had a great week?

 Mine was so busy yet productive! I love being busy though, nothing is worse than having nothing to do. Loads of upcoming picture sets will be up in the next few weeks. And I'm way stoked for my Bali trip that I'm so thankful to say have been getting a lot of collaboration email enquiries for! This means beautiful clothes and beautiful Bali in a picture diary post. 
Thankful for being able to do what I love and love what I do, and I gotta mention the recent influx of touching emails from sweet and supportive readers I wouldn't exchange anything for. Thank you for believing in me x

And a random GIF with the MeiTu GIF app I downloaded last night!

It's way too easy to use and I actually like the cutesy filters....

Write soon!


Finally went to try Hai Di Lao since Imperial Treasure's Steamboat restaurant (which I usually go to) had about the same waiting time... We waited SO CRAZILY LONG but I really wanted to try it...

People always talk about how awesome the service/food/experience is and how they keep going back for more so I wanted to see it for myself and boy was I impressed! Could finally understand why so many people love it. The service truly sets them apart from any other restaurant I've been to.

While waiting for a table which is the only downside to your entire experience, you not only get drinks, fruits and popcorn to munch on but you also get to play in this fun room if you are a kid (which I wish I was hahaha)...

And do your nails!

The service is so damn fast, we ordered, went to get our sauces and when we were back our food was already waiting for us. This was round one.
The ingredients are fresh and the soup's super tasty. This is the tomato and mala soup.

When the waitress saw me using my phone, she helped me keep it in this ziplock bag, keeping my phone safe from oil.

Watching this guy dance with our noodles HAHA.

I feel like going back already. TOO GOOD.
Majorly impressed!


A Voice For Animals

Today I'm not going to be blogging about anything fashion, food, or fun related.. but something I feel pretty strongly about. And hopefully whoever is reading this on my humble little blog will be aware of what's going on and it'll make even a bit of a difference..
Before I start though. Wanna say this post is NOT paid, NOT vetted through, and it's based on whatever people have told me and whatever I've read online so far. 

So recently we've been looking around for a Frenchie (French Bulldog) to add to the family. And I headed back to where I got Chloe, a puppy pet shop at Pasir Ris Farmway 2. 
This was 5 years ago so I was about 15 or 16 then? 
I was able to bring her home within a few days of laying my eyes on her at the shop, all they needed was cash and we can bring her and all the necessities she required home - Like food, a cage, a potty.. 
I didn't think much of this then but now I realise what I was contributing to. No regrets, because Chloe must be one of the best things that happened to me, but I wish I didn't grow up and read up and find out where all these adorable puppies REALLY come from. It's disappointing and disgusts me that they are doing this. I don't understand it. 

The entire place didn't look the same anymore as it did when I was there 5 years back and neither did the puppies. Maybe it's my bad memory, but I believe it's just cos I was too much of a kid who just really wanted a puppy, I didn't care about where they come from or whether they were really whatever they stated on the birth certificate.
I was really truly quite horrified by what I saw. The puppies were dirty, the cages they sat in were dirty and they were either too small or rusty. The smell and air was just... bad. 
Some of the puppies I saw were really cute, no doubt about it. But the overall environment and the way they were trying to sell their puppies to me were so super irresponsible. 

They could say things like "You like it, you can bring it home today! Just $1.2k." to me. Much to my horror.
I guess that's how a lot of puppies end up being bought on impulse, without fully understanding the full idea that you are committing yourself to take care of it for the rest of their lives.
Then they end up being given away or abandoned because they aren't cute little puppies anymore and just too much work.

Dogs will grow old just like us, in fact, they grow old much faster. They will fall sick like us, and become not so cute anymore. But they can truly be your best friend and their enthusiasm to hear you at the door or to get belly rubs will never die, they'll love you 100% and even more, even when you least deserve it. Unconditionally and whole heartedly. You are, basically, their entire life. 

My Chloe's a little rascal, who is forever chasing after everyone and nothing at all, barking way too much when it rains and pooping more times than I wish she did a day. But she also amazes me and everyone in the family with how smart she is, knowing how to 'get angry' if we seem to be verbally or physically upset (we like to tease her by pretending to hit each other and she gets REALLY upset, wanting to bark and make you stop) with each other.. and having that so super cute guilty face when she does something naughty. And I will love her until the last day she has here on earth. 

Other pups, unfortunately, are not so lucky.
We are not allowed to take pictures at any of the shops at the farmway, but I managed to sneak this one from inside the car.

How does that look like a happy environment at all... It was injured so his hind legs can't move about and he just sat there, sliding around using this front paws whenever he could.

And I heard there's worse things going on inside. Puppy mills make them give birth repeatedly with no rest (proven to be bad for the dogs, they get old very quickly and won't be healthy anymore), so they produce lots of puppies to pick from, and the good looking ones are lucky enough to go on display while the rest who are not so lucky get squeezed in little cages. It's inhumane, disgusting and very upsetting to know that even my Chloe could have come from a mom who was forced through this repeatedly.

How these places are still allowed to be in business I REALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND. 

And this is why we'll be putting our Frenchie puppy/dog adoption on hold till we can really adopt a suitable one to call 'family', I refuse to be part of this disgusting cycle.

I follow this page on FB called Voices For Animals and they are often updating the page with pics of the dogs up for adoption, information on adopting and volunteer opportunities too.
There's an upcoming adoption drive that I hope I'll be able to drop by.. if you're looking to find a dog to bring home, maybe you can consider this instead!
They just need a chance and I'm sure they can give you the love you shower upon them back in ten folds. 

Once again, I'd like to stress this - This post is NOT paid, NOT vetted through, and it's based on whatever people have told me and whatever I've read online so far. 
Just hoping it will make a difference, even a little is good enough.

Beach Holiday

Some happy news to share... I'm going to be off from sunny here to sunny Bali once again!
So excited to check out this amazing resort that's highly raved about and so damn beautiful judging from the pictures I've seen.

This means... I'll be opening slots for advertorials there. I have 4 more slots to go and if you would like to feature either your swimwear/beachwear/casual dresses, I'd love to bring it there and take beautiful pictures of it!

Also wanna mention some pretty... exciting(to me it is!) news.....
I'm gonna be back to doing shoots again!!!!
 It's been SO SO long!!!
Now I can remove that sentence from my usual email replies that say "I won't be doing shoots for now" anymore.
That's how I started and I'm going back now cos
1. I have time on my hands now and I haven't found anything suitable to do so WHY NOT!
2. I really.. and completely honestly miss it.

I'm doing up a super special rate complete with advertorial fees included so do email me for more details and I look forward to working with you!

Here's just a random picture from an upcoming series on a new post from my newly appointed 'official' photographer hahahaha.
Work is truly not work when it's fun without being any less productive at the same time!

All enquiries to be directed to :

Thank you x

P.S. I'm actually doing up photos for a giveaway I can't wait to hold. It includes a lot of new stuff, good stuff, that I hope you girls will like!
More details really soon!!!

{AD} ShopFiggy

So excited to be sharing about ShopFiggy -
FIGGY features quality fashionable apparels at affordable prices.
Most items are within the $15-$24 price range so there's really no reason not to shop with them!

I personally really like their quirky style that's still very wearable in my opinion cos much of it is in black and white. 
I picked out this polka dot top, a pretty cutesy choice compared to my usual wardrobe staples but I really like it cos it injects the fun without being too over the top. The material is stretchy, comfy and of good quality as well! Nothing not to love!

Black and white is always classic and good for all occasions!

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SingTel : Youth Plan

 Been complaining so much recently on Twitter about my crazy phone bills - and it's really so frustrating to see that I exceed my plan every single month without fail and I thought I should dedicate a blog post to explain my woes. 

I've been paying my own phone bill for quite some time already, and it really burns a hole in my pocket every month when the number I see on the bill always amounts to almost $200 :( 

I remember how when my parents used to pay my phone bill back then and they would get upset whenever this happened, and I can now totally understand and relate to all their naggings. It's really unnecessary extra money that could be better spent on other things. 
The best way to counter this first world problem would most definitely be to pick the correct mobile plan to suit your needs! 
As a young adult (HAHA quite paiseh to call myself youth luh...) and a blogger on top of that, its inevitable that I will definitely need A LOT OF DATA ON MY PLAN!!! I'm 24/7 on my phone because it's pretty much my job and tell me how can one survive with only 2GB ..  

Any amount of extra data GB a month would be so helpful ??!!!! 
I'm sure many of you are always on your phone as well, watching YouTube videos, streaming Spotify, refreshing Instagram or Twitter or Facebook every hour ... 
Here’s a simple comparison table below! 

Take a few seconds to look through the different plans across the 3 different telcos and tell me who’s the obvious winner? 
This is why I super highly recommend SingTel’s Youth data plan. It is perfect for you guys because in all honesty, who cares about talk time now? It not only offers the cheapest subscription fee among all the plans available, SingTel is also giving you 10% off your monthly plan for Lite and Value subscription and the best part: AN ADDITIONAL 1GB!! ~~ 
And not only that ….  

If you sign up online via with this link below: 
Here are the additional perks you will get ... 
1. $50 off all handsets (excl iPhone) on Youth Plan sign ups - you can even trade in your phone online for purchase!!! 
2. EXTRA 2GB additional data!!! Which is a total of 5 GB when you sign up for the Lite Youth Plan and 6 GB for the Value Youth Plan!  

The idea of not having to wait in long lines and being able to shop and sign up for a new line in the comfort of my pjs at home not having to worry about store hours .. You can now do it together w me too !! Signing up for a new phone line and purchasing a new phone online is super fuzz free just like shopping for clothes online.

Some easy steps :
Click on to the link above..

Pick a phone! I'm using the LG G3 currently as my second phone and it's pretty damn awesome... more updates on this soon.

  1. Pick a number OR port in over from your existing StarHub or M1 number if you are not an existing SingTel user like me! 

Only completely new sign-ups will enjoy the additional 2GB, $50 off handset voucher on top of the existing perks. (There will not be any additional 2GB for re-contracting customers and no additional $50 voucher. You'll still get to enjoy the 10% discount off your bill every month and an extra 1GB !)

You will be then lead to this page where all 4 choices of Youth plans will be displayed here for you to choose.

Easy peasy!!!  Only the Lite and Value Youth Plans enjoy the perks, so do select either of these when signing up for a new line/re-contracting. 
You may also sign up for this Youth Plan at any SingTel shop, but do note that there are some special perks only available to those who sign up through my link.  

The list of Value Added Services will be displayed and you can choose to remove/select services which you want/don’t want. I added the “Caller ID” service for myself!

You will then be asked to start a new account to complete your purchase. 

All you need to do is to fill in your necessary details and it will take no longer than 5 mins to complete the application form! Just a heads up, you can sign up for a new line under your name as long as you are above 18 years old. If you are below 18, you require a photo of your parent/guardian guarantor’s IC when you apply online. If you go down to the SingTel shops, your parent/guardian/guarantor just needs to be present!

Upon creating an account, you will be able to view the order summary and you will be able to see the $50 off your handset purchase and FRET NOT, the 2GB data will be reflected on your final bill!

Proceed to check out and make payment and it is as simple as this! Three convenient ways to make payment online - by Cash, Credit Card or Nets and your phone will be delivered right to your door step! 
A couple of points to clear:  
1.  Who is eligible for the Youth Plan? 
a)  All students with valid local student cards 
b)  Full time NS men with service status “NSF” in their 11B identity card and aged 25 years 
and below at the point of sign up, excluding regulars 
Do note that only 1 student card or 11B IC is applicable per youth plan. Any customer with both a valid local student card and an 11B will not be eligible to apply to 2 youth plans under his name. 
2. How will the phone be delivered? 
It will be delivered right to your doorstep so do provide the right address! It should take between 2-4 working days. 
3. How does the phone trade-in work? 
If you have a phone you’d like to trade in, there is an optional segment before check-out to offset your one-time payment. Select which phone you would like to trade in, and present it to the delivery person at point of delivery. 

In the event that you are still not comfortable purchasing a phone or sign up a new line online (Trust me when I say it’s really super convenient) and still wants to qualify for the additional 2GB data and the $50 handset voucher, feel free to drop an email to with your Name, Contact Number and my name- Rachel WongGushcloud will mail over the vouchers to you to be used at a physical store! (:  

Hurry sign up now! You really don't wanna miss out on this awesome deal that will only be available online only for a limited time!!!!