July 23, 2017



"But you can't make people listen. They have to come around in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them."


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OPENING CEREMONY Varsity Jacket available HERE

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MARC JACOBS Camera Bag in various designs available HERE

P.E NATION Flash Gordon Sweatshirt available HERE



Styled by Melvin Yeo
Shot by Vincent Ng
Hair by Joanne Ong
Makeup by me


Thank you for makin' it here


May 27, 2017

It's been so long since I've sat down in front of this screen, on this page, to pour my heart out on this space I call my blog. It's been so long that I almost feel like I don't know how to do it anymore, but I'm going to try.. 

I did a little 'Uncensored'-style interview today, and I was reminded of a lot of people and things that have happened from before because they were asked about, which is understandable because that's the nature of this show in the first place, but I just couldn't help but go back and read my old blog entries tonight. It's kind of a strange feeling, and to be honest, what surprised me the most was how open I used to be on this space (and on all my other social media channels as well)

If you've been following me for awhile, and I do know that some of you have been, because you always let me know (and oh my god am I thankful for you guys), you'd know it's been a bit of a struggle for me to go back to how I was like before. 

Growing older has also made me much more protective over my private life, and I don't mean just my love life, but my entire life in general. This protectiveness probably isn't so much about me, but it's about my family and friends whom I'd much rather not be part of this social media world because the people in the industry can be so ugly and I feel like I'm the only one who signed up for this when I took it on as a job, not them. There's been too many instances where the people close to me have been thrown knives in the form of words and it's not okay with me on any level, even if they tell me that they understand.

Although I kind of already know that the way I absorb, process and react to things is much different now from how it used to be, I didn't realize how much until today.

I've grown to be so comfortable in my own skin that I don't go chasing beauty the way I used to anymore -  I haven't done anything to my face in more than 2 years and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with fillers/Botox for a little enhancement here and there, because when I'm older I'll definitely do some 'maintenance', but the superficial beauty I used to crave and go after have turned into chasing experiences and happiness. The way I see it now, the beauty you cannot touch or see is so much more beautiful.


Roald Dahl was right :

“If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it.

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”


You can trust me on this. I've seen some of the most stylish, good-looking people at the fanciest of places, and even then, it's not beauty I see when I hear the things *cough (people) cough* they talk about and the way they behave. I don't know if you believe in energy like I do but man, some of these people are really as superficial as they seem. That's why you still hardly see me at events although people always tell me to 'Just go and PR so you won't lose out on jobs'. The reason I'd only go if it's paid (or if it's an interesting event/a friend helped plan it) is because I don't want to have that kind of bad vibrations around me.

These days, I'd much rather save money on that cute bag to go on a trip with my parents. Happiness is lunch, wherever, on a Sunday with my family. It is grocery shopping with my bestfriend, or learning something new (like the fact that gorillas can catch human colds and other illnesses *yay fun fact!*), or doing pottery like I did for the very first time today. 

I have so much to work on, and I'm so far from perfect. Like everyone else, I do have my bad days too. But most days, even before I get out of bed, I wake up feeling 'beautiful' because I just feel so fucking blessed. So blessed, it feels like I'm hate-resistant because throwing negativity or hate at me doesn't disturb my peace at all, not anymore.

A lot of credit definitely has to go to my family, especially my parents, who have loved me without conditions every day of my life, and my friends who have also shown me that they're pretty much family too. 

It seems silly when you hear people talk about how it's very easy to be led astray by 'bad company' or 'bad friends' but my bestfriend has shown me that it is so true.. The good in his heart and peace in his soul have taught me more than he thinks it has. I hope reading this will show him just how much. 

My heart is truly almost full but I have to admit I still feel a little lost. Almost, because I feel like something is missing, because although I'm very much thankful for the work that I'm able to do, these days I feel like it's not enough and I'm also afraid that the me now is not the me you'd want to see because I'm happy to accept that I'm kinda weird but I don't know if most people would want to see that.. Would you?

I miss you guys and I want to connect with you again and I want to do it through some form of art because that's what I enjoy the most. Every time I go LIVE on IG, I get to chat with some of you and it still makes me so happy to share so I know this part of me isn't 'dead'. I want to tell you about the book I'm reading, the brow pencil that I consider revolutionary, or how I recommend ketchup in your mashed potato, always.

Today, going LIVE while I got ready, and I was asked about doing up a YouTube channel. I feel like it's a little too late for me to the 'game', and I am so bad at editing videos, so I told everyone that there's nobody to help me with editing videos which is a problem. And just like angels, I had people telling me they'd be willing to help.
I didn't think too much of it but I said "Please email me!" and someone really did end up emailing me her portfolio(which I'm about to excitedly check out right after this post)!

Whether it be videos, photos, or even creating things I can put up for sale.. I just want to know that we've touched in some way and have exchanged some good energy.

I'm on my way, and I hope you will be patient with me and support me, whatever it is that is coming our way :)

And if you have a little spare time, feel free to drop me a message, wherever, to tell me what it is that you'd like to see and what you hope I can create to share.

I've kind of been growing on my own, but now I'd like to grow with all of you again. I guess this is step one for me, opening up once more, and I'm very excited to see what we can come up with, together!

SOS : Beauti Instinct

April 16, 2017

So... It finally happened!
(And if you think this is going in a positive direction, you're wrong)

** ALSO, there will be informative but relatively gross pictures in this post but because the teaching points outweigh that so they're still going up anyway!
Am hoping the bare faced but decent selfie I took today (above) can make up for what you're about to see... **

I've always been warned against trying new products on my face, but I'm so lucky to have lots of products sent to me all the time, I can't help but want to try them all and share with you guys if they're good - More than one skin doctor have told me to always try products on the inside of your arm before you put it on your face just in case you're allergic or it ends up in a break out because it isn't suitable for your skin. 

I was lucky to not have any issues all along but this time, it really happened.. I tried an anti-aging cream that's from a brand I really like (that I'm sure is probably very effective for the right skin type) so when I felt a 'biting' feeling on the sides of my face after a minute or two, I thought "Yay! It's working". 

It was fine for a day or two, but then I noticed that there were so many little bumps on the sides of my face that looked like oil clogs while washing my face because although it wasn't very visible, I could FEEL them!

I took a picture of the sides of my face and to my horror, this is what the left side of my face looked like and continued to look like till I went for a facial two days later (that scab there was me trying to squeeze one of them myself) :

All my friends who saw me were really shocked when they saw my skin looking like this because I take really good care of my skin and this never, ever happens..

So when I visited Beauti Instinct on the day this ^ picture was taken, I just thought in my mind that we HAVE to extract everything. No matter the pain I had to go through, I was willing.

But I was advised instead to come back a week later and do the BI INTENSE ACNE TREATMENT first, to see if extraction was really needed, because usually extraction isn't the first choice. 

I did a LIVE video on Instagram stories on that day so if you joined me for my facial then (and so many of you sweethearts did!), you'd know!

The BI INTENSE ACNE PROGRAM helps to control bacterial & acne in the comedonic and inflammatory phase, just a week later, the right side of my face got better, I was left with only 3 bumps on that side.

You can quote "RW" for the BI INTENSE ACNE PROGRAMME and enjoy a one time treatment @$269.00 (U.P. $1085.00)

However, there still were these many bumps and so Rita decided to do the BI 8 in 1 STATE OF THE ART ACNE TREATMENT + extraction for me!

"This treatment consists of advanced scientific and natural ingredients that exfoliate the outer layer of the skin to unclog pores, release excess sebum and remove bacteria while smoothing the upper dermal layer, decreasing any possible infections to eliminate acne, acne scarring and hyper pigmentation through a triple process for a smoother, clearer and healthier complexion. The treatment's long term benefits removes excessive sebum & decreases sebum production, softens & diminishes comedones & prevents the appearance of new ones, soothes & reduces skin redness, diminishes the formation of new scars, reduces & prevents hyperpigmentation, increases skin elasticity, triggers skin renewal & stimulates cell regeneration."

Here's a video of how that went, with some of the main steps :

And after my not-so-pretty extraction, this was all the gunk from my skin, mostly from the left side of my face :

I know it's probably a turn off to everyone reading this post but I was SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS because I just wanted all that dirt out of my face!

I think no extraction can happen without some pain or redness but it is important that whoever does the extraction for you has the right products to apply after the extraction to ensure your skin heals properly.

This is how my skin has been healing over the past few days, with the help of daily masking :

And this is my skin this morning!

Quote "RW" for the BI 8 IN 1 STATE OF THE ART ACNE PROGRAMME and enjoy a one time treatment @$269.00 (U.P. $816.00)

If you're wondering what products I've been using as aftercare and what I meant by daily masking :
I've literally been using these 2 facial masques every single day! 

The BIONIC OXYGENATING MASQUE delivers an infusion of molecular Oxygen to detoxify and eliminate aging dullness, encourage vital cellular energy and provide essential support for optimal collagen levels and I super love how easy this is to use, plus it's fun because it bubbles on your skin and you can feel it working.

I've featured the CELL REJUVENATING MASQUE on my Instagram HERE so you can see a video of how this is used and the instant results after usage! I love it.

I also have some products to help maintain my skin, and I really love that this BI CLARIFYING SOLUTION + BI CLARIFYING CREAM set is a really easy combo to use!

All products are available in store and will be available online soon! 

I'm really thankful that there was someone to help me when something like this happened to my skin because I usually don't get acne and I was really at a loss of what to do - If you're like me or if you usually already have acne-prone skin, now you know where you can go ;)

Kindly call Beauti Instinct at +65 67339149 for further enquiries or booking for a FREE Consultation! Terms & Conditions apply! // Valid till 30th April 2017//

545 Orchard Road # 03-14 Far East Shopping Centre

P.S. if you're wondering, this is sponsored but not a paid post. I actually usually only do IG postings but decided to do this blogpost up because it was such a huge deal to me!


A different me, every time : ColorMeHappy

April 5, 2017

Makeup is something I love playing with coz I get to create different looks everyday to match the mood that I'm in. 

That's why I was so excited to hear about ColorMeHappy Cosmetics :
Not only do they offer a wide array of lip products (shimmers, contours, repair oils, softening masks, bronzers) for individual purchase, but they are also THE Korean brand that makeup artists love!

The brand prides itself on Korean technology in its lipsticks so that you can prime your lips to perfection. Its lipsticks come in two lines for you to pick from:
Boldlicious HD: Just one swipe and its has maximum color impact (Really high definition)
XPrecision Lips: Just the right level of shine, not too much and not too matte - hides the littlest of imperfections.

 It comes in a multitude of colors (reds, browns, fuschia, nude, pinks) so that there is always a color for every occasion, every mood, every need. Beyond this, ColorMeHappy has a variety of lip perfecting products – shimmers, bronzers, lip night repair oils, contours and softening masks. Everything a girl needs for perfect lips.

Here's a peek at what was in my ColorMeHappy box!

I created 4 different looks with the different lipstick shades in the box :

Here's my best #galboss face using a shade of nude brown that's perfect for all my meetings!
(XPrecision lipstick in Subtle Mocha)

On to something a little sweeter, my best #girlnextdoor look in a shimmery pink shade with just the right amount of shine to complete this look.
(XPrecision lipstick in Pink Ice with Lip shimmer in Red Spice layered on top)

The #geekgirl next door this time, in a summery orange that honestly makes my skin look so much brighter... Why haven't I tried orange lips before?!
(XPrecision lipstick in Coral Magic)

The classic red lip? This shade is so rich and pigmented, it's definitely for #date night!
(Boldlicious HD Lipstick in Deep Choco)

See how easy it is to change up your look with just a different shade of lipstick..?

Exclusively for my readers, use the code – 'RACHELFAN' HERE to get 30% off an unlimited number of purchases from 5 – 12 April only! Don’t miss this! These affordable Korean lip products are definite must-haves in your makeup bag now

St. Ives

February 1, 2017

If you follow me on social media, you'd know I've been travelling a little bit lately, so my skin has been pretty sensitive and dry although I tried my best to stay hydrated on board the plane.
This has resulted in even more oil production which only means.. Clogged pores!

This is why I was glad to come home to new facial scrubs from St. Ives : I tried the Apricot Scrub before bed because I quite like the idea of a mild cleanser in the morning so my skin still has some oil/moisture from the night before and a strong cleanser at night so that all the makeup and dirt that got on my face throughout the day would be cleansed off at night.

I was happy to find it left my skin feeling very clean and smelling amazing too! My pores really did feel smaller and it wasn't harsh like other facial scrubs I've tried that left my skin feeling more sensitive.

I've also tried the Green Tea Scrub that promises to clear blackheads and calms redness. 
Although I personally usually prefer fruit-based products for my skin, coz I REALLY like the smell of fruits, this Green Tea Scrub smells as heavenly as the apricot scrub.  

Have your green tea in the morning and cleanse your face with it too ^.^

The best part about St Ives products whether it be for the face or body is that you know their products are sulfate free, paraben free and 100% natural so it not only won't be too harsh on your skin, but your skin is being fed with natural goodness from the earth as well!

If you're looking for a scrub to add into your skincare regime, take it from me and the fact that St Ives is USA's number 1 srcub : I highly recommend trying either of these out according to what your skin needs. 


Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water

January 15, 2017

I actually think of facial mists, alongside packets of tissue, are essentials in every car : So I'm always open to trying out new facial mists. This time it's a facial mist with something I think of as a skincare regime necessity : Sunblock!

The perfect combination of sunblock in a facial mist by Bio-essence is a completely new product in the market and I think it's perfect for days when you don't have time to put anything on your face before leaving the house.

Along with that is the new Miracle Bio Water Hydra Bounce that comes with collagen which promises to plump up skin and smoothen appearance of fine lines. It also absorbs quickly!

It is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin so if you're afraid to be using a facial mist that will irritate the skin, you don't have to worry.

I love that it comes in the perfect compact size like this, so it can even fit into my bigger bags on days I'm out in the sun for long ~

Available at most pharmacies and supermarkets! 


November 15, 2016

I think it was in that moment when I gathered enough courage to say "I don't know. I just feel like it's right, like I belong here. Next to you." When you paused, I wanted to pinch myself. But then you said 'That's kind of how I feel too." 

There's a difference between a distraction, a game, and something real. I always thought I wasn't ready and it was too hard for me to let someone in, to fall in love : But here we are. 

Now where do we go from here? 


EsteƩ Lauder DW Cushion Stick

October 21, 2016

I recently added a super cute product to my ever-growing collection of makeup and it really does put 
a smile on my face whenever I look at it! 

I've a huge weakness for customized things and I love that I got to pick and play with how my Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick looks...

They have quite a few different designs but I went with the heart shaped sticker set coz it was the cutest one (to me!) 

I also got to try it on at the counter where I had a sales assistant help me with picking the right shade for my skin tone. For reference, I'm using Pure Beige.

You can view the full list of 16 colours HERE

I tried this foundation on the day after I got it because I had a full day planned and I wanted to put it to the test. The texture is a lot lighter than I thought it'd be, which is perfect for me because I don't like having too much product on my face. (In fact, if you've been following my snapchat makeup tutorials, you'd know I only use tinted sunblock as my foundation on the daily) 
Of course, if you want more coverage, you can build it up. 

Also, I love the applicator, all you gotta do is tap, buff and blend it in.
The sponge tip is really good for blending, especially into small corners!

It has a glowy finish which is really nice but because my skin gets oily, I used long stay loose powder to mattify it, and it lasted almost the entire day, which is more than I can say for my usual sunblock : This is because constantly blotting my face through the day. It's hard for any kinda makeup to stay on my face!

For a limited time only, every purchase of a DW Cushion Stick will entitle you to these exclusive stickers. A professional will be present to help with the pasting of stickers on 22 Oct, Estee Lauder counter at Tangs At Tang Plaza, from 2 – 8pm!

(I did mine myself so it's pretty messy, but I saw samples and they look much better than mine...)


Available at all Estee Lauder counters islandwide. 


To be free

October 20, 2016

It seems like I begin every personal post with an apology for disappearing from this space for too long.. I know I should do so much better but in all fairness, I do update my snapchat (rchlwngx) and Instagram everyday so if you don't already follow me there for constant updates, please do ^.^

A lot has happened since the last time I updated, and it's kinda crazy to me how good 2016 has been to be. I am so, so thankful everyday. For all the love, laughter, and opportunities I've gotten this year. Thank you, Universe!

I've been busy with work, making happy memories and being a new aunt.

But it's not to say I haven't had bad days either. I've been getting texts asking me if I'm fine, and I just want to say that despite my crazy captions and updates, I really am!

I know there are people who wonder what goes on in my romantic life, more than anything, because I do post updates on my friends and family often, but I never post anything about anyone in particular...  In fact, most of my friends don't even know who I'm dating because I'm so, so private about it and also really shy about it when they ask lol. I just think it's better this way, keeping it between who matters which would be just us.

I've fallen in love this year, even when I thought I wasn't going to, and I had good times, too, with others who turned out to work better as friends. And nothing much has changed since my last post about this : I'm still not into looking to have a status or label on it, I just want to be happy with this person everyday and not stress over things like this or 'the future'. 

It's funny how I'm being told that at 23, I'm old enough to be looking for someone to settle down with and I should stop looking to date for just love and happiness because everyone on my Facebook feed is getting engaged, married or having babies. I was also 'lectured' by someone after saying 'Who's looking for a husband?' when I was asked why I didn't want to be with someone who was financially stable and who was very willing to be good to me... I don't understand this. 

As a person who knows what she wants and what she doesn't, I don't think anyone should have the right to tell me why and who I should date or say that it's wrong to date someone if they're not marriage material. Yes, someone financially stable may be able to give me a comfortable life, but if he can't be my bestfriend as much as my lover, and we can't laugh together at the littlest things, then I don't want that. 

"There are too many mediocre things in life, love shouldn't be one of them."

This holds true for me, I don't want a mediocre love, I want a 'I can't live without you' kind of love, and I'm good where I am. So please, stop telling me how to live my life. You see it as a mess, I see it as chasing magic. I'm perfect where I am.


SIMPLE Micellar Water

August 2, 2016

Just got back from my trip to Croatia, and I'm so excited to share about these products that accompanied me on my trip there because they made my life so much easier!

Simple Micellar Water cleanses the skin of impurities and makeup and helps unclog pores to allow your skin to breathe better. I've said it before and I'll say it again : I'm always switching around and trying out new skincare or makeup products because you never know what you might find to be good or better than what you're previously using.

The best thing about these Simple products, in my opinion, would be that they are truly 100% scent-free, and free or any harsh chemicals or colours.. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

I brought a pack of their Micellar cleansing wipes on my 13hour + flight there and it truly came in handy because there's no need to rinse after and we all know how inconvenient it is to wash your face in the plane toilet - Plus, it also promises to hydrate your skin up by up to 90% after use!

This was me 100% naked faced - skin cleansed by Micellar cleansing wipes, ready for a facial mask + bedtime while I was on my way there. My skin truly felt so super clean and fresh.

Glad that I had these new additions on top of my usual skincare regime there!

If you want to try something that'll be kind to your skin, yet still cleanses and hydrates effectively, go try these products out. 

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water ($16.90) & Wipes ($15.90) are available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Fairprice, and Redmart.


Taipei with OMNI

July 16, 2016

This post is WAAAY overdue, but I really wanted to talk a little bit about my trip to Taipei.
It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it!

So the main reason I went to Taipei was.. Get this.. To party at Omni.

And then I extended my trip into a holiday with friends, and also a bit of a solo trip in the countryside to just unwind a little.

If you're in Taipei and you want to party, I think the first name that comes to mind is OMNI. The old Luxy is now OMNI and is better than ever. I really love the lights, the dancing pikachu.. and the fact that alcohol is a lot more affordable there than it is here is also a big plus point! 

Of course, the company is so important, and I'm so lucky to have met so many amazing friends there.  They really spoilt us silly with everything crazy as you'd be able to tell from pictures : 

It was such a crazy night I remember stumbling home to the hotel, wishing it wasn't already 4am...

We also went out again on my last night to drink and they brought me to have drunk supper, Taipei style. It was awesome. 

Thank you for the memories x

And these two, gotta be one of my favourite couples ever. Roj and Kid,  if you're reading this, know that I miss you guys so much!!

Also met Serena on this trip! Instagram brings people together ;)

Homebound in a new jacket from one of the dopest stores I've visited in the world...

Writing this post makes me miss everything about Taipei so much. 
If you're headed there, do party at OMNI and try duck blood in your hotpot.