Preloved Picks

Finally got my lazy butt to work and I've been packing my room(s) and today I'll be selling some of my best preloved and brand new picks!
I also have a bunch of other stuff for sale but I'll leave that for a later post.
Prices are negotiable, I just want a fast and responsible deal - No lowballin, please!


Canon EOS 600D Body + 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 
Condition : 5.5/10
The exterior has scratches and the strap is pretty worn out. Lens cap and charger not included. Otherwise, camera is working fine. 
$600 (Very much negotiable)

Hermes Twillies in a pair.
Condition : 8/10 
Signs of usage. One of them have a part of the fabric pulled out but it is on the inside, and not noticeable. Picture available if you're interested. Also, the folds are from being tied on my bag handles. 
$350 for both, with boxes as pictured.

Hermes Kelly Dog Extreme Bracelet
Stamped R.
Condition : BRAND NEW, stickers intact. With receipt.  
Got this as a gift from D, unfortunately it's too big and doesn't look good on my wrist which has a ridiculous circumference of 13cm so we've decided to sell it. 
$1200 (Negotiable if you can get it by this weekend!)

Chanel Boy in old Medium Size.
Colour is olive and suede brown, a great earth toned piece. 
Selling because I don't use it often! Comes with receipt with listed price $5.6k, and full packaging including box and bag.
Condition : 9/10 with minimal signs of wear.

Chanel Slippers (Vintage) Size 36
Condition : 9/5/10
Only the upper side of these slippers have a little bit of signs of wear, the bottoms are completely clean as they've been brought to the cobbler and replaced. Super rare. Selling coz I realised I can't bear to wear them out of the house...!
$350 (non nego)

ZARA Woman Studded Kitten Heels
Condition : BRAND NEW, soles are completely clean. 
Size 37, too big for me. 


Please contact me at if you're interested in purchasing any one of the above, or if you spotted something I've worn or used and want to buy it, you may also email me to ask if I'm selling it!

Kimchi Korean Restaurant

Went down to a new place to eat just the other day and it was such a great experience I couldn't wait to share about it, so I got down to editing the pictures ASAP for this post..!

Kimchi Korean Restaurant has been at Suntec since last year but I had NO IDEA it existed till they invited me down for a food tasting session and boy, do I regret not hearing about them earlier. 

I do like Korean food but I wouldn't say I love it as much as I love my HaiDiLao steamboat or truffle fries (which I have very often, at least once a week) but I really just cannot emphasize anymore on how good the Korean food here was, you gotta try it for yourself! 
I was in Korea twice last year and I don't think even one of meals there were as good as this one. Perhaps it's coz the chef knows what Singaporean tastebuds like, or perhaps it really is just that much better. I don't know, but both D and I agreed that we have to bring our families here to try it and come back soon!

The manager, Mr Park - who is Korean but speaks pretty good English and is super cute with the way he phrases stuff - also told us that the stones on the wall of the restaurant were genuinely from Jeju Island and cost quite a bit to transport here. But it adds a nice feel to the place so I think it's worth it!

Selfie while waiting for the food.. 

Let's start talking about what really matters here, though.. the food!
I love, love, love this dish called Jap Chae. They're like glass noodles that are sorta stir-fried and taste like heaven! If you love savoury, saucy food like I do.. then you'll definitely love this.

This this the usual Korean pancake but with sort of a twist - It is made of potato and cucumber with a salad on top plus there's a generous drizzle of plum sauce that adds a great kick to it. 

Kimchi Soup. SUPER THICK AND TASTY! No kidding, best kimchi soup I've ever tried hands down. Feel so cheated by all the watery ones I've been having so far.. 

Oh and we had a little to drink. Raspberry Cruiser Vodka with Soju and it's ice-blended!
It was a little too strong for me and I kept drinking the kimchi soup so I didn't manage to drink more than a third of this while D only had half since he had to drive us home after and it's always better to be safe when driving. I'm writing a genuine and fair review here so I gotta say this, I'd not suggest our choice of drinks unless you reeeeally like alcohol and can take the strong taste with your meals.

This premium bowl of ''Bibimbap" style rice comes with the best seafood they have to offer and D REEEEALLY loved this dish. He said it's his favourite! Since I'm not so much of a rice kinda person,  I nibbled on just the seafood that was fresh and had really good flavour to them all. I think it's great if you're just dropping by for a quick lunch!

This hotplate dish with Kalbi Beef Slices and Homemade Raspberry Wine Sauce is DABOMBDIGGITY. Ultra tasty and I'm so glad we picked this as the 'main'. Finished every slice.
If you're wondering, they do have really great meats on the menu for BBQ-ing but we were both so tired that day we decided not to opt for that and go for the steak dish instead which is basically the same, just cooked by them instead of by ourselves. (And probably it's yummier too..!)

Hotpot Korean Ginseng Soup with noodles - The broth is extremely tasty without being too herbal (which I dislike) and so I think it'd be a great meal if you want a healthy, no-BBQ option.

Happy me with all the yummy food! Nothing like a good meal, really.

They also have some Korean snacks and items for sale on your way out so you can continue your Korean snackin' even when you're home.

Wanna say a big thank you Haden who has been so understanding and Mr Park for being so welcoming and stuffing us so many types of delicious food!

Go on and experience Kimchi Korean Restaurant for yourself, if you have tastebuds like me, you're gonna love it. 

They're also offering a 15% when you quote my name till the end of May (not in conjunction with other ongoing promos) so YAY!! Don't forget to get your 15% off, ok?

*One last note : Do park at Suntec's Convention Centre carpark itself to save yourself from walking a whole lot if you're lazy like us!*

3 Temasek Boulavard #02-387, Suntec City Convention Tower, Singapore 038983

Bricks & Boats

Updating this space with two outfits we shot over the last two weeks...

Black on black against pure white bricks we found :
I love wearing black and I think everyone who knows me or who read my blog/follow me on Instagram would know this. I think the way to make it look less boring is to pair different textures together. What I did here is pair a pleated top (I can't remember where it's from now, though!) with one of my favourite pairs of Sequinned Shorts from YHF and a simple quited Dior Clutch, along with some of my favourite accessories at the moment.

Hermes CDC Bracelet and Rings from Chrome Hearts, Cartier.

Oh yeah, I'm finally admitting to having fallen in love with brick walls - I've never realised how often I find a brick wall and ask for D or whoever I'm with to help me snap a pic against it till he told me I do it ALL THE TIME! 
Perhaps I'll do a collage of all the brick walls I've borrowed for a backdrop and we can all be amused with my obsession with 'em.. Heh.


It's funny how much I like hanging out at the beach these days because I've never been a fan of 'nature'.. I don't like getting tanned, I don't like being exposed to dirt or insects, and I don't enjoy the idea of even perspiring just a little although I do love flowers and beautiful gardens. 

Learning to love the beach is something new to me and I kind of can't get enough of feeling the sand below my feet and how it feels so exfoliated after just by walking barefoot - my head also always feels a little more clear from breathing in the sea breeze.

Anyway, here's what I wore to take an evening stroll the other day :
LYRAMINN's easy striped, shift dress that comes with pockets and a matching belt. 
I really like the length of this piece and I think it's perfect for a casual, weekend brunch date.

LYRA MINN is an online female boutique based in Singapore since 2012 who prides themselves on giving quick replies and good customer service other than free local postage for all items. They offer affordable pricings from under $20 and wide variety of styles.
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Kinda can't wait to be back at the beach already to unwind! It's been an incredibly busy and tiring week but everyday I've gotten a nice surprise in the form of opportunities. So no complaints being busy, I'm extremely grateful.

I'll be back soon.
Wishing all you kind souls out there all the good vibes the universe has been so generous towards me with and have a great weekend!


I know, I know.

I haven't blogged for sooo long coz I'm been so busy with other things like filming other than my usual shoots (some exciting stuff comin' up yey!) and of course, trying to change my lifestyle for the better in hopes it'll do my body good... This means way more sleep than ever before and so much water I can't help but grumble about the number of times I head to the toilet because I've never been a water drinker all my life.

Today I had my first ultra good meal and it was really delicious I have to blog about it for sure!
Not a sponsored post, D's the sponsor as usual.. Hehe and if you're wondering - it cost him $80 + in total.

Ok, I'll be honest and admit that I totally begged D to bring me to eat HaiDiLao and to CP for banmee and those were two really good meals as well before this one since my discharge...

Anyway, I was really super ultra excited and happy to try out this little cozy Japanese restaurant! 
We chanced upon it at Roxy Square's first floor and decided to give it a try. 
Feels really authentic Japanese when you go in. I don't know if it's just me but when I was in Japan, Tokyo, the places I tried eating at never had good lighting and was always very cozy and old school. This feels like that.

First up! 
Sashimi platter with yellowfin tuna, tuna, and salmon
Super fresh and I love it when my sashimi isn't sliced too thin. Chikuwa Tei does this thickly sliced too which leads me to believe it's authentically cut thicker.

Next up was my favourite dish of the evening. 
This little dish cost $15 by itself and it's well worth the price. 
Foie gras nuggets with asparagus in miso sauce. 
All sorts of melt in your mouth, tasty goodness.

Everything else that arrived after the first two dishes were good as well! 
I liked the Miso Soup especially coz it was salty and usually Miso Soups aren't salty enough for me Singapore like the ones I had in Japan, and of course, the Cod Fish was done very well as well and had the perfect crisp skin and tender flesh combination.

Japanese 'Satay' / Kushiyaki
We ordered Beef wrapped mushrooms, Scallops and Asparagus wrapped in Bacon.
All of them delicious.

I'm not a big tempura fan, so I didn't really like this Prawn Tempura dish that much. 
But D said it was yummy especially with the sauce and seasoning 

I really recommend this place! 

Love finding hidden gems like this so much, Singapore DOES have good food from other cuisines.. You just gotta keep your eyes open. Or just come here and check out what I've found to share with you. (Hehe)

WAHIRO Japense Restaurant
 50 East Coast Road, #01-01 Roxy Square Shopping Centre

Health is Wealth

I've just been discharged from hospital and got home an hour or so ago. Promised D that I would do ONE blog entry and reply FIVE emails and go to bed after so I'm here for my one blog entry.

Was a little apprehensive about blogging about this because I'm not looking for pity or anything like that.. But I do want to highlight the importance of health to everyone reading my blog whether you be young or old.

Well, I'm 22 this year and I admit I abuse my body a lot - No, I don't smoke and neither do I drink (If I do, it's very rarely.. Maybe once a month at most?) but I eat a lot of junk, sleep very late and not enough and I don't exercise as well.

So.. a few nights ago, I had some pain in my stomach and it lasted about three days. I'm prone to blacking out and fainting from pain in my stomach pretty often so I didn't think too much of it but when it got very severe I decided to go to a hospital to check on it.

I live near Changi General Hospital so I went there. This was Friday night at about 1am? 


I waited hours to see the doctor, did a blood test and urine test as well, and got the green light to go home with no concrete diagnosis. I was just told it's probably my chronic constipation and I would be fine the next day. I left at 5 or 6am. While D was driving us home I remember telling him how relieved I felt, because the pain had been going on for awhile already and I was a little worried about it.

This was not to be. 
Monday morning I had pain in my stomach area SO severe that I fainted. D found me on the floor at home and rushed me to Parkway East Hospital. 

Some hours, pain relief injections, stomach jabbing and scans later, the GP on duty told us (my parents had also arrived by then) that the scans showed I had a few cysts and would need to be admitted and put under the care of the in house gynae to see what else was needed to be done.

I started crying pretty badly.

 I was worried about my insurance, if it could cover the costs, because I didn't wanna be a burden to my parents and I knew a surgery and hospital stay concerning such matters would wipe out quite a bit of my savings if insurance did not cover it.
My mom told me not to even worry about money and that my dad and her has got it covered, the most important thing was that I'm fine. Was so touched I cried even more.

Posted the following pic on IG so my clients/friends would know where I've disappeared to just in case.

Waited for what felt like a really long time for the gynae to come see me. 

Much to our relief, she said she studied the scans again and it was not a few but one cyst that's no bigger than 5cm so I would not have to have an operation!

Of course, it's not to say it's nothing and I'll still have to monitor it with the help of my gynae. 
But the fact that it is nothing cancerous, and no operation necessary is already so much to be thankful for.

I was sooooo drugged out on the first day by an extremely strong painkiller to kill my pain that I kept vomiting every single thing I consumed and couldn't open my eyes the rest of the time. 
This went on till past 12midnight.... Felt so bad to my dear friends/family coz I totally conked out and wasn't able to chat with anyone ><

The second day.. I still had some pain and some nausea but I could walk to the toilet myself without the drip and admire these beautiful blooms. Took the chance to take a shot of them and thank everyone for their well wishes on IG!

Meals in the hospital were both exciting and depressing. 
I was unable to consume even water the first day so when I had food in front of me the second day I was so excited. But tasting it was depressing.. So bland and I could hardly eat more than a few mouthfuls before I felt like vomiting again.

Finally felt better at night when there were so many people in my room the nurses got a little annoyed (I'm sorry!) - It's always nice to have people cheer you up and send positive vibes when you feel sick. Thank you to those who visited. You know who you are. I'll remember it forever!

Of course, my parents and sister dropped by whenever they could, after work and all. 
And my dear D? He spent almost all of the time I spent in hospital with me, only going home to get my stuff and take a bath. 24/7 I didn't have to bother the nurses coz he was there all the time and he had not even one complaint. 

So watching him have his glorious Macs meal that smelt like heaven was the only, and a very willing sacrifice I had to make!

I still can't find it in myself to like wholemeal biscuits and appreciate diluted milo, though..

Day 3 I woke up so happy! 
Felt way, way better and even had a quarter of my breakfast porridge. Not too bad! Told the doctor I was sooo ready to go home and she said okay. YES! 
(Yup I look pretty different here coz I'm almost naked faced - I only drew my brows since I'm undergoing laser and pretty much have no brows at all now.. Even my own sparse eyebrow hairs have been laser-ed white now and it is a scary sight hahahaha)

Felt so blessed I got to have a comfy stay in a private room and decided a photo to remember my short stay is definitely a must so...

Really so thankful I have insurance to cover most, if not all of my hospital bills. It isn't cheap.

If you don't have insurance yet, I strongly suggest you buy a good plan to cover you for life. Health is wealth and there's nothing more important than making sure you are healthy, truly. 
Don't ever take it for granted. 
A note of advice.. Where possible, head to any other hospital other than CGH because I've experienced what I feel is extremely poor healthcare and service for myself, and have been told it had happened a lot with other people as well. One friend who went there even went as far as to say he probably would have died if he didn't leave for SGH.

Doctor has ordered lots of rest, water and a close monitor on my little cyst. 
I'll admit I was scared but nah, I'll beat you, you lil cyst! I'll take better care of my body and go for my check ups on time.

Honestly my heart is with my work and I want so much to go out and shoot already but I know I have to be healthy first so yes.. Priority is not on my work for now. Will reply all emails/texts as soon as I can! Please do give me some time, as the meds make me drowsy so I can't help but keep sleeping.

Stay safe, everyone