Go Go Blonde

July 26, 2015

I've waited TWO LONG YEARS FOR THIS, and here I am.

You see, I was blonde/blonde-ish for almost a year just two years ago and honestly, I always felt most like myself when I was blonde. When I say 'myself' I don't mean of a different race lol - I'm extremely proud of being asian, actually. 
I simply mean I just feel more like myself, more alive.

But back then the constant bleaching and lack of care then led to my hair becoming way too weak to continue being blonde, so of course my usual hairstylist at AIR Salon, Arklin, advised against it and told me I would have to wait till my hair grows and is healthy enough to do such colours again.

I've tried to seek solace in different colours as you'd be able to see for yourself if you've been following my blog : Grey, Ash Brown, Purple.. ANYTHING BUT BLACK.

So happy to be able to say now, in 2015, that I'm blonder than ever before, and my hair is still relatively long! 
(Bleaching causes hair breakage FOR SURE, and if your hair is thin, it'll end up breaking a lot so your hair will become a lot shorter than it actually is)

Big thank you to my hair sponsor, AIR Salon, and Vincent who did the colour, cut and treatment for me this time round. I was really worried that it'd come out too yellow, coz I wanted a greyish tint to the blonde. He made sure this didn't happen and also bleached my hair not over a span of two days so that my hair can rest for a night and it wouldn't be damaged as badly. 

Been getting texts and even a call from friends/family saying 'you're back!' and 'please keep the blonde now' - Lol, it really makes me laugh coz I'd ask 'So you mean I haven't been around the past 2 years just coz my hair isn't blonde?!?!' and they'd say something along the lines of : 'It hasn't been completely you.'

If you're looking to try something new, whether it be blonde, grey, ash, or even purple.. I'd say, look no further than AIR.
If you don't think you can pull off such colours, the truth is you'd never know till you try. So why not try something fun while you can?


AIR Salon
2 Handy Road, #03-17/18 The Cathay
6733 2340 


Also, a shout out to Christopher Wanton for my entire outfit save for the shoes by Nike and necklace + bag by Chanel.

Hope you guys has a great weekend and I'll be back soon this comin' week!


MY Olive

July 22, 2015

This is a post for one of my best kept beauty secrets... 
You probably wouldn't have been able to guess it coz it's really not common!

It's olive oil - and no, it's not just for cooking. 

There are so many different uses for it.

Olive Manon Virgin Oil is 100% pure Olive Oil without any additives, fragrance or preservatives.

The oil in this bottle are from the first pressings of olive fruits so it packs the most polyphenols, and is processed via cold pressing on the same day the fruits are harvested.

It's amazing how many uses there are : From cleansing the scalp to moisturising and softening the hair, or even as makeup remover! 
I use it for this purpose whenever my skin is being extra sensitive : Just massage it in all over the face and tissue off then I use my usual facial foam after so there's no oily residue left.

"It can also be used as body massage oil, body oil or moisturiser to protect and repair damaged skin, speed up recovery of wounds, heal cracked heels, prevent sunburns, etc. Olive Oil contains polyphenol (anti-oxidants) that has whitening effect and healing power. It also contains other vitamins such as E and K which is effective and beneficial to skin health. 

Olive Oil contains high quantity of Squalene, which is responsible for the oil’s quick absorption into our skin. Squalene is a natural and vital part of the synthesis of all plant and animal sterols. It helps our cells to absorb the vitamins and minerals from skin care products."

As you can see, I've used almost half of the bottle already.. and I particularly like using it as moisturizer for my legs coz my skin is so dry from the years of shaving. A small amount goes a long way.

You can learn how to use it in its many different ways HERE.

*Note that this post is not paid, I was only given a bottle of this olive oil to try*

Quote RCHLWNGX for 10% off till 10th August 2015.

Shop away HERE!


July 20, 2015

With 20 years of skin expertise, Uriage Dermatological Laboratories develop products in collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists from all over the world. The products are subject to clinical testing which support each of their claims.

All skincare products are formulated according to a strict charter which adheres to pharmaceutical standards. The formulas are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and with a minimum concentration of preservatives to better respect your sensitive skin.

Uriage has combined Uriage Thermal Water with numerous highly innovative active ingredients from biotechnological research. These patented active ingredients are included in many ranges such as the ones I'm introducing today!
That's why I always feel like their products are not just normal beauty products, but products with some pharmaceutical benefits as well.

For existing users, you would notice that the Uriage Bariesun SPF50+ Claire Cream and the big bottle of Uriage Thermal Water (300ml) is in brand new packaging, so don't worry if you're dropping by to get new supplies and they look unfamiliar coz they're the right ones :

Uriage provides a full range of hypoallergenic products formulated with a unique active ingredient, Uriage Thermal Water and thus they respond to the needs of all skin types, regardless of age, including the most sensitive.

I was sent both types of sunscreen creams to try, both tinted and non-tinted.

I tried both but I definitely prefer the tinted one as the non-tinted one, pictured above on the right, has a pretty runny texture. You need to take your time to spread it properly and if you put too much it gets very, very sticky. Also I noticed my makeup couldn't sit as well on it, so I guess this would be best for makeup-free days when I need lots of protection, or any other body part that doesn't need a tinted colour!

The tinted one on the other hand, to me, has texture that is much easier to handle and it definitely does even out the skin tone! Just requires some loose powder on top of it to make it less sticky. The fact it has SPF 50+ is very much believable as well because I can actually feel like my skin is protected - It literally feels like another layer of skin on my face after I apply it.

Personally, I would definitely use this if I were heading to the beach or somewhere very sunny, perhaps not so much on normal days because it feels a little too thick for our humid Singapore and my skin gets clogged up easily with any texture that's too heavy, which is why I don't foundation. This could be a really good substitute for foundation on days at the beach, when I need my skin colour evened out and still well-protected.
(You can see from the picture below that the consistency is very thick, and it smells like old school sunblock which kinda tells my senses/me that I'm well protected!)

Next up, Uriage's thermal water spray. 

I've recently tried out another brand's water spray (review a few months back) and I sincerely feel that both brands are very good so it isn't easy for me to be writing this post. 

I'm not an expert and I find it hard to describe the difference but there definitely is :
The content of the sprays are very different, so what stands out to me about Uriage's is that theirs, is isotonic, and has similar mineral concentration (11 g/l) with our natural skin which means skin cells will not be affected by its application.  Hence, there is no bursting or shrinking of cells which hinder our skin absorption of skincare products.

Here is a little graph I drew to explain how our skin cells reacts with different types of water :

Like all other sprays, it is also convenient.. No patting or wiping is required. I personally love having them in the car especially, it's such a convenient way to cool down on hot days. Just a few sprays and you're feeling so much cooler, much better than blasting an air conditioner which will instead dry out your skin.

"Uriage products respond to the needs of all skin types, regardless of age, including the most sensitive."

For the month of July, Uriage Thermal Water Twin Pack 300ml is only $29.90, whereas the rest of the products are on 20% discount!

Uriage products are available in selected 21st Century Beauty Spa stores, BHG, Guardian, John little, Metro, OG, Robinsons and Watsons. 



July 17, 2015













"Always stay in the light"

17 07 15



July 16, 2015

There's literally nothing worse than waiting for a taxi in Singapore's hot and humid weather... Honestly, waiting for a taxi for anything more than 10-15 minutes makes me a V E R Y grumpy Rachel.

I still don't have my license and I've been told I shouldn't drive till I'm older.. So I rely a lot on taxis and my friends or family to drive me around whenever I need to go anywhere. 

I'm curious about whether most of you have heard about GrabCar by now, but if you haven't, I'm glad I'm the one introducing it to all of you because I have a very special discount for all you first time users!

GrabCar is a new service offering on the GrabTaxi mobile app!
I've always used the app for taxis but it was my first time using the GrabCar function this time -
GrabCar is basically an on demand chauffeured service that offers you all the perks of car ownership but without the stress and hassle. 

The app is very easy to use :
Simply input your pick up location and destination, select either 'GrabCar Economy' or 'GrabCar Premium' depending on the occasion and you're good to go.
They even have GrabCars with 6 or 13 seaters for days you have your entire crew with you!
You can also see how many drivers are nearby and how much the ride will cost you exactly, the price is fixed!

You can even input notes, like I always do for any delivery or pick up : I'll ask them to call me upon arrival so I can wait in comfort!
(Keep your eye out for my special -$15 quote..... Saw it?)

My lovely driver was very kind, mapping out the route after asking me if I had any preferred route (which I said no to) and even asked if the air conditioner temperature was okay!

Enjoyed my ride in comfort and got there real quick!

GrabCar is super convenient, safe, quick and reliable. Best of all, it's on-demand! Like having your personal driver, at a good price. 

From July 12th to August 10, all first time users of the GrabCar feature on the GrabTaxi mobile app will enjoy $15 off their GrabCar ride, simply use the promo code :


Enjoy your GrabCar ride or find out more HERE!



July 14, 2015

Did you know? In Singapore, only 4 out of 10 women use a feminine wash.

This, to me, is a worrying figure.
I don't know about you, but since I was 17 or 18, I've always known the importance of using feminine wash, incorporating it as part of my daily shower regime.  Using water or shower gel is not good enough (or good at all) as the pH of the V is naturally acidic, hence a dedicated wash is required to take care of a female’s most intimate area.

Lactacyd is a Feminine Hygiene wash brand that is regularly prescribed by doctors and trusted by women for over 25 years. It is the number 1 feminine wash in Singapore and leading expert in Feminine Hygiene care! 

I've used this brand for as long as I remember and I've always tried out different variants that they offer. All Lactacyd products have undergone strict clinical trials, and have been proven to be not only safe but effective. 

All of Lactacyd feminine washes contain natural milk essences – lactic acid and lactoserum – to keep the V clean and at the natural acidic pH level. There is a Lactacyd variant for different occasion in a women’s life – each variant comes with additional ingredients that gives additional benefits.

Lactacyd White Intimate is for a fairer looking skin which is important if you like wearing bikinis or even shorts, Lactacyd Cool & Fresh is to keep your V fresh even after a workout,  Lactacyd Soft & Silky is for smoother V for after grooming and Lactacyd All-Day Fresh to keep V feeling fresher for when you're out all day.

For days you need extra care (like that time of the month...), look no further than Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene. 
I was sent all the different types and asked to try Lactacyd Revitalize which is for firmer looking skin around the V! Lactacyd's Revilatize is perfect for busy girls like me - A way to pamper and indulge ourselves after a long day at work.

I have to say I really like the smell of it and the idea that it's not only helping me keep it clean but it nourishes as well, keeping the skin around it youthful.

Also, I'm a big fan of their very convenient feminine wipes that I bring along in my bigger bags sometimes, along with hand sanitizer and wet wipes... Kind of a clean freak!

Lactacyd Revtalize contains milk essences lactic acid and lactoserum that helps maintain your V’s pH balance for firmer looking skin around the V. It is specially formulated with Vitamin E and Collagen and over 80%* of Asian women have experienced an improvement in skin firmness.
*Based on bikini area 12-week clinical test (objective instrumental analysis) on 40 Asian women, Dec 2012-Feb 2013*

Find out more HERE


Denim Daze x Arbite

July 13, 2015

Been wearing an exceptional amount of denim recently.. Never realised how many pieces I owned and have been wearing so often till a friend asked me what's up with the all the denim as of late! 

I guess the best thing about denim, is literally, how ultra classic it can be. Throughout the years, throughout the seasons.. It's just a matter of the different styles on trend.

Got yet another awesome denim piece that I wore as an jacket from Fashion Bloggerrr and I love the patchwork as much as the quality!
Also wearing : NastyGal Sunnies, Thrifted Bandana, River Island Denim Shorts.


You guys know I'm always on the hunt for good eats and I'm always excited to share whenever I find something yummy! I'm no food blogger, just a foodie, so please don't fault me for not using the right words.. Hehe.

Arbite is a little cafe/restaurant at Serangoon and I found it on google with some decent reviews so I decided to check it out. 
Been there twice now, within a month, coz I wanted to wait and visit a second time to make sure the standard was constant before sharing about it here.

Glad to say the standard was great throughout both times and so here's some recommendations :

I love the truffle fries/normal fries here coz they're thick but still very crispy on the outside and potato-ey (lol) on the inside.

The pancakes with banana and ice cream is the perfect breakfast for sweet toothed people like me, and the tea here is soooo delicious as well! 
I like my tea fruity so I love the choices they offer.

Tried the salted egg crab pasta (and fries as well) and I'd say these dishes are items that only true salted egg lovers would like, coz I'm not one, it tasted very 'jelat' after just a while...

The burger was so good! Not as good as Omakase which I really like, but satisfying enough if I'm craving for a burger.

This post for Arbite is in no way sponsored, and very much my honest opinion!
My only complaint would be that the air conditioner is toooooo cold in there, so instead of freezing my butt off like the first time I visited, I wore like three layers the second time I went.

The prices here are also very reasonable, and the ambience is simple and nice. 


Dr. Bags

July 9, 2015

I love shoes, I love bags, I love clothes, I love jewelry.
But what do I love most out of them all....?

I've always believed in investing in timeless classics, from luxury brands, not just because of the brand.. but because their designs and quality can literally last you years and years and years.
That's why I'm willing to spend as much as I do on luxury bags from brands like Chanel or Herm├Ęs.

However, coupled along with environmental factors, my daily use, and my long fingernails, my luxury leather bags do tend to get worn out very quickly no matter how great the quality is.

I've also heard of a study that showed that ladies' handbags actually have as many germs as a TOILET, which is actually not a surprising fact to me, to be honest, coz I know our phones are also coated with tons of germs and bacteria.. Which is why I clean my phone everyday with antibacterial wipes. 

The big difference?
We can't use just any types of antibacterial wipes/chemicals to clean our leather bags coz leather is not waterproof. 

My bags are some of my most precious possessions and usually I wouldn't leave them anywhere or with anyone else other than my friends/family...
So when Dr. Bags got in touch with me for this post, I was honestly a little hesitant, but I really wanted to give it a try seeing my bags in such a bad state. 

Anyway, boy, I'm glad I did... Just look at this bag below, doesn't this Chanel Boy look completely new?

Fact is, it's actually two years old and it didn't look like this before I sent it to Dr. Bags at all.

Let's begin with some before and after pictures!
Note that the pictures are not doctored so the colour in the before snaps and after snaps may differ quite a bit, since they were taken in different lighting.

The sides of the bag were all worn off, looking a little bit more green than black. Even looking at it makes me a little embarrassed. Don't even know how it happened!

Look at it now!
They filled out the dents and made sure the colour was coated properly.
Shiny, buttery soft and evenly coloured black. 

Inside of the bag was scratched, colour was uneven, and it just looked... used, and sad.

Gorgeous black, and buttery soft as well. Inside out.

The worst of it all was the front of the bag coz that's what people usually look at first...
Similar to the back of the bag, the sides were wearing off and looking more green than black.

It's like nothing happened to this bag, ever, Brand new condition. 
So perfect! 

I'm really happy with how my Chanel Boy looks now and I can't wait to send all my other bags for cleaning up as well! 

Dr. Bags coated it with a protective UV waterproof coating as well which will last up to 6 months : 

This coating is like 'sunblock' and waterproof protection for your leather bags, and they highly recommend it for any leather product whether it be your bags or shoes or even your wallet when its brand new so as to prevent any damage at all on your items from the very start!

This was literally my face when I got to see my nano Saint Laurent Sac De Jour in fluo pink after they cleaned it up for me. So, so happy!

Unfortunately, the problem with the fluo colour is that it's hard to capture the improvement in colour so I can't show you guys that. But if you see it in real life, it literally looks so much more neon and bright.

My mom went along with me to collect my bags and she was also very intrigued by their quality services and patient explanations on exactly how and what they did to my bags.. Something I personally think is so important.

You see, I accompanied a friend once to another bag cleaning shop and all the shop assistant asked him to do was to leave the bag there, pay $50 for the service, and wait for a call from them on when it'll be ready for collection.
ZERO explanation.

I would never feel at ease leaving my Birkin that costs more than $16,000 with a shop like that!

The people at Dr. Bags are very patient in explaining to their best ability exactly what they'll do to your bag and mine were done in less than a week, so my heart felt very much at ease, leaving them there.

On top of cleaning and protecting your bag, Dr. Bags also does colouring services.

This is GREAT for light coloured bags that are too damaged or dirty to clean.. you could colour it to a blue and then when you're bored of the blue, colour it black! That's like having three bags instead of just one. Heh. 

Look at their wide array of available colours!

Dr. Bags' Korean cleaning and colouring services are done by ultra experts so you never have to worry about a shoddy job.

Thank you Dr. Bags for giving my bags a new lease of life.

Do bring down your prized leather possessions for a very reasonable price quote, and let the experts see if they can save it!

Dr.Bags is currently having their SUMMER PROMOTION :
- Send in 3 bags for cleaning and get 50% Off HP Coating
- Special package price of Cleaning + Coating @$199 (U.P. $250)
- $50 off your total bill when you send in 2 bags for colouring. 
(Valid till 31st July 2015. T&Cs apply. For more details, check out their website, linked below) 

And just for my dear readers, do quote RACH15OFF for an exclusive 15% off cleaning services!
(Valid till 31st July 2015)

Dr. Bags is available at :
United Square #B1-36A Tel: 6254 2528
Katong V #02-05 Tel: 6440 7703
MyVillage #B1-16  Tel: 6509 1105
100AM #03-05 (Opening Soon in mid July) 6702 0079