Pooch's Image

I'm so happy to be bloggin' about Pooch's Image today... my lil Chloe's pet groomer!
They're a vintage concept pet groomer/store located in the east side which is really convenient especially for me, and they've got all you need for your best friend's needs.
Food, treats, toys, beds, supplements.. Almost anything and everything.
 This is also including grooming, which is a definite must for most of our furry pals, especially for dogs like Chloe's breed. She's a Maltese so her fur will grow and grow and needs regular trims so she can actually see through her fur!
This is her before grooming. Super messy, her nails and fur grow so fast. 
(High maintenance like her owner, my dad would say... Haaaaa.)
Can't believe she's already 5 years old... I don't know if I'm just a biased doggy owner but I always think she looks like a baby. Still 5 months to me at 5 years old.

Being lovingly groomed by Valerie ~

And me, being a pathetic mama who doesn't wanna leave her behind.

Looking at doggies shower is always so cute, they defluff immediately and have this frantic "I don't wanna shower, help me please" look on their faces. 

And they definitely did a great job, check out how white Chloe's fur is and so much neater!

A big thank you to Pooch's Image for taking care of all our fur kids' needs!
Chloe will be going for a spa treatment the next time as well, and more updates will be recorded monthly on my Instagram so you can see the results.

119 Upper East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 455244.
Call them at: 6344 4044 for any enquiries.


{AD} Carrislabelle

Back again with Carrislabelle! I love their basics so much, every girl needs a couple of their stuff in their wardrobe for sure.

This time, I kept a cute cut in top in black that is so perfect with my matching cut in shorts c/o WardrobeMess.

And also, a black X-back dress! I love the details on this one.

Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named "Carris" and a French word La Belle, which means "beautiful or lovely woman" in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope you will find yours in Carrislabelle.

Besides apparels, Carrislabelle also offers bags and accessories at affordable prices! 
Statement necklaces starting from just SGD$14.00

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Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

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{AD} The Nine Dame

Just spending the day at Dempsey having ice cream in this ultra well-fitted Checkered Bella Cropped Top from The Nine Dame. They stock up on many unique items that are mostly girly which is not usually the style I like, but I do love this one that I picked out! Paired it with a lazy pair of harem pants and sandals. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

Don't miss out on their new arrivals which consists of loads of pretty dresses and some edgy stuff with a girly twist!

Find them here :

And don't forget to quote Rchlwngx2Off for $2 off every order. Valid till the end of September!

Universal Design

Just the other day I headed out to film something and it wasn't a funny video or vlog, but more of a lil experiment - I was really excited to be part of it and thankful for the people I had the chance to work with!

So I tweeted this picture and asked if anyone would help me if they saw me like this.. What I really wanted to say was, if people saw me in this state, trying to go up and down the stairs, would anyone help?

I've never had a cast nor have I used crutches despite getting small injuries fairly often. So, filming this video was my first time trying to get around on crutches with an injured knee. It was really tough because there were neither lifts nor ramps in sight, just staircases. 

Thank goodness I was only pretending to be handicapped for a day!  I shudder at the thought of being handicapped for more than a day or even for life...  

Most places in Singapore have universal design features like ramps and braille on elevator call buttons but more could be done.  It must be very challenging for those with limited mobility to feel constraints everywhere they go and it's sad that they are unable to enjoy the freedom and convenience that we take so much for granted.  Let’s all play a part and make Singapore a more inclusive society so that everyone can get around easily, anytime, anywhere! 

The Building and Construction Authoritywould like to drive home the importance of Universal Design and has come up with short film competition to drive awareness for UD. If you are between 16 and 25 years old and are studying in an educational institution in Singapore, please participate in the competition as it is for a good cause! 

All you have to do is to create a short film about Universal Design, and you stand a chance to win $5,000!!!! You can visit for more information. You can submit your videos anytime from now till 30 September 2014! 
Show support for the cause by liking them on Facebook! 
And if you're interested to learn more about Universal Design, you can also check out BCA's Friendly Portal!  

All of us have different needs, so let’s spare a thought and do our part in making our living environment a safer and better place for everyone. 
Good luck! 

5 & Dime // HDL // 2 Chefs // BLUSH

This is my 1234th post! 
Happy 1234th to and thank you for reading this if you are reading this.

Been up to so much over the past few days -- Not just work-wise but spending time with the people I care about which is not easy to do when everyone's just so busy with their own things.
I headed to Five and Dime for lunch the other day and it's not my first time but I still felt pretty excited to be there cos the ambience is lovely and so is one of the waitresses (hehe..) Five and Dime is located at 297 River Valley Rd.

This Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake is TO DIE FOR!!! So good. It's worth every calorie. 

Really casual get up for the day cos I was simply too lazy to dress up. 


HDL with the girls for dinner! I've been eating so much of HDL -- and all my other favourite food.  HDL is at 313 Somerset and Clarke Quay but I'm always at the 313 one.


Went to try Two Chefs which is pretty well known for it's yummy zichar dishes... can't believe I've never tried it before. I like the KangKong best even though the milk powder pork ribs is supposed to be the star!
409 Sin Ming Ave


And it's been more than a month which is a lil too long but I headed back to Blush to get my arm waxed/armpits IPL-ed. 

No pictures of my armpits of course, that'd be too weird... But this time I didn't have itchy hands that threaded/plucked it first so I had more 'black pigments' to work with since IPL hair removal basically works on dark pigments.

And my favourite full arm waxing with Epilfree! This time the hair regrowth is already lesser! Check out my previous post with my pre-treatment condition HERE. I love it. So effective. My treatments were simply too far apart so I'm gonna make the effort to head down for my next treatment earlier.

I loveeee the after - so super smooth, any bracelet or watch would look 10 times better on my arm!

And a September Promotion for my readers :
Brazillian waxing at 2 for the price of one - this means it's only $48 for two people. Grab a girlfriend and go grab the deal!

Blush Wax
Tel : 6836 5421


PS @ Dempsey

Wanted to check out Rider's Cafe but it was toooooo crowded for my empty belly so we left the horses and headed to Dempsey to have lunch at PS Cafe which wasn't too bad either. I'm just not a big fan of food that isn't Asian...

This is Moonlight - it's only for kids to ride, though! I've far exceeded the weight limit, especially with the constant feasting that's made my weight leave the the higher of 30kgs...


More updates.. soon!
I've been so exhausted almost everyday... :(

Sushi Date

I headed out to town for a Sushi date cos I was craaaving for it for the longest time!

WardrobeMess shorts, Dior clutch. Top from SHOPOOTD // 


Koh's Grill and Sushi Bar.

The food didn't disappoint! So thankful we went before the crazy queue started.

Also, this is a lil late, but I got a giftbox from the awesome Shu Uemera some time ago and have been using their eyeshadow palette... thank you!

Have a great weekend, ya'll x