Lights, lights, lights

Just stoppin' by for a personal outfit post that I wore for dinner and drinks with friends on a Friday night...
Photos by @_pla5ma3oy 

MDS Collections Top / YoungHungryFree Embellished Shorts & Hat /  Lamoda Boots / Chanel Boy Bag / Cartier Watch / Vidakush Cross Earrings

This weekend has been both extremely exhuasting yet so much fun. More updates soon on some cafe and ramen finds!

Ellysage // Florals

"ELLYSAGE is a vibrant global online fashion retailer encompassing a myriad of styles. Feminine, boyish, dressy, or casual – we’ve got it all! Whatever your style, we want you to be well dressed!" - Since 2012.

Floral romper c/o Ellysage is the perfect piece for CNY visiting -- And it fits really great for petite girls! If you're like me and have problems finding clothes that fit UK4-6 for the festive season, then stop worrying and get this easy to style piece that can be edged up with a biker jacket.

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Sunsilk Hair Hunt // V'day

So I ended 2014 with a competition to win a staycation at the New Majestic Hotel - kindly organised by Sunsilk! In case some of you missed it, it included a bit of a hunt for me on my IG photo maps!

A big THANK YOU to those who took part in the competition. I hope the Sunsilk Hair Hunt was as fun for me as it was for you guys ~ And don’t forget to keep a look-out for more opportunities in future. 

And congrats to my winner Jodionne! Do share pics with me on your staycation there and hope you have loadsss of fun!!

So 2015 is here and if you wanna find some ways to spice it up, doing your hair up in different ways is one easy way to do so! It can really change the look of your outfit. If you're looking for an easy to style hairdo, I have one to share! 

It works especially well if you're out already, like me - I already had braids on that day and I wanted to do something different to head out at night.. 

Chinese New Year /Valentine's Day is coming up quick and it's time to have hair a little less grunge and a little more girly. I think braids are always perfect for dates and they can help keep messy hair under control as well! 

So thanks to Singapore’s weather and my love for dyeing hair, I’ll always start off with Sunsilk's Damage Reconstruction Cream. It really helps me to tame the frizz. Normally, people will always apply it to the lower 15cm of your hair ends, but just for this hairstyle, apply it to the top half of the hair closer to the scalp. I'll show you why later. 

Step 1: Part your hair in the middle. (The parting doesn't have to be clean, a little messy is also pretty sometimes!)

Step 2: Take a small amount of hair from top-front and add a little more each time as you braid your hair until the nape of the neck.  

Braids are done by separating the hair into three sections and crossing them over each other. Google 'how to braid hair' and find videos if you don't already know how to braid hair.

Step 3: Secure the end of the braid with the remaining hair, with a rubber band. Repeat step 2 on other side of your hair.

Tie up remaining hair and voila ~ You got the exact hairstyle I have here. 
The ends are supposed to be voluminous - the hair in its previous braids will give you this look.

Hope you girls will enjoy having a hairstyle alternative this coming CNY/Valentine's Day! 
And of course, I think if the hair is as princess-y as this, matching it with some rock-chic outfits will look good. Especially if you have some chunky boots/platforms that I'm very much into in recent days! 

Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon 
If you still prefer someone doing your hair for you, I’ve got good news! Remember last year’s Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon? It’s back again this year for the third time. To know how it was like last year, you can read my POST here. For more details on this year’s Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon, stay tuned to Sunsilk’sFACEBOOK page for more information. 



BombShellBonny is a new webstore I'm workin' with and I got all excited seeing this ultra cute pullover that had little speech bubbles all over.. Kinda says what I don't get to say.
The material is super thick and of great quality! 

I matched it with new glasses (that I'll be featuring in another blogpost real soon!) and pinafores which are my current craze. I don't post pics with them often but if you see me out and about, there is a 80% chance I'll be in overalls of some sort. Hehe. 


BombShellBonny offers cute and casual clothings at affordable prices! Shipping is free and get a sepcial discount code here : It's rchlwngx20, for 20% off, valid until 30 days after this date of post. 

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Amongst a black leather jacket and a good pair of chunky boots, I do believe a vest is also a very important staple in every girl’s wardrobe.. I have quite a few black vests already so when I saw this one in white from AntiClockwise’s latest arrivals, I had to have it! 

ACW will be launching their 1st Instalment for their CNY Launches today at 8PM.. Check out their NEW ARRIVALS!

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