May 28, 2015

Before you think this is yet another typical advertorial, I'd like to share that this post for KIN is NOT PAID, and purely sponsored... Sort of a favour to a friend who gave me the chance to simply try out KIN's treatments and products and provide honest feedback.

I don't have good hair texture, whether it be before or after dyeing/bleaching my hair. Making it worse with all the colouring jobs probably shouldn't be something I keep doing but I'd have to admit that I can't get enough of changing my hair colour whenever I'm bored!
So, no, I know my hair is not of admirable condition, but I take very good care of it and have tried almost every product in the market already and thus, I feel I can make a fair judgement on products like this.

I get hair treatments done almost monthly at AIR Salon, so I'd like to talk just a little about KIN's in-salon treatment that I tried, and more about the take home treatments that I love!

As KIN, a Spanish brand, has only been newly launched in Singapore, they don't have a standalone salon just yet. All hair treatments are available at selected salons island-wide, and you can pick wherever's most convenient for you HERE.

I've tried their KINESSENCES super exclusive deep nourishing treatment and it really is one of the best hair treatments I've tried. Its effects lasts up a week if you wash your hair once a day like I do, and this is considered pretty long as many hair treatments I've paid for in the past only lasts about three washes at most. You can view before and after results on their FB page, linked at the end of this post. 

On to the take home treatments I've mentioned...

Follow-up, at-home care is SO important in keeping your hair soft and manageable.
I don't know about you but I don't think anyone has the time to drop by the salon every week for treatment. Even when all my hair treatments are sponsored whether it be with KIN, or at AIR, I don't drop by weekly even when they tell me to come by so often!
What really helps in keeping hair not looking like a dry mess is daily care. 

So, yes, I've tried quite a few products from KIN and these are my three favourite take home products  that I alternate with all the other products I've been blessed with from my lovely sponsors :

First off would be this KINACTIF NUTRI Extract Thermo Repair Treatment that I apply before using my hot hair curler or hairdryer in the morning and night. It protects the hair before heat is applied and hence prevents further damage leaving my hair so much easier to style!
No sticky residue is left behind and all of KIN's products also smell really good which is a huge plus because I'm such a fan of any kind of perfumed products... (Smelling good is so important to me!)

Second on the list, from the same range, is the KINACTIF NUTRI Mask, an intensive repairing treatment for dry and sensitised hair... (Read : Hair like mine!) 
This can be used once a day, in place of conditioner, and I personally leave it on for a minimum of five minutes. 
It leaves my hair feeling ultra soft and here's a tip : Rinse off with cold water. It seals it in even better.

Last on the list but first on my personal list is this tiny bottle of KINESSENCES Oil. 
Tiny but mighty!
It has a mix of oils good for your hair and has the nicest fragrance of all the products. Because this is super concentrated, I apply just a little bit at a time on the ends of my hair once a day after styling and I've realised this really reduces damaged/split ends. 

All of KIN's products are paraben, silicone free which is very uncommon in the market these days. 
Most hair products available at drugstores/supermarts have silicone in them as it sort of 'fakes' a smoothening effect that of course, isn't good for you!

For more information or to purchase any of the products listed, do visit their official site
HERE and FB page with constant updates HERE.

Don't forget to quote 'rchlwngx' for a 10% off!


OOTD : Kandee Singapore

May 25, 2015

Feeling the blues more than ever on this super humid Monday... Here for this quick post and I'm off to take a rest coz I'm down with a flu! (AGAIN.)

It's been a really busy past few weeks, and I can't imagine running around in anything other than my sandals and sneakers - I think you can tell from my IG that's all I've been wearing of late.

Made an exception just yesterday though, as I took this beautiful new pair of spiked heels out for brunch!

They're from the amazing UK brand Kandee, and I only just knew this but they're available in Singapore now!

Thank you for gifting me these two beautiful pairs...!

This super cool pair of pointed heels are a classic and I love them with a good pair of jeans.

I also can't help gushing over this pair of noir, mini diamond-studded booties.
Not only are they just gorgeous to look at, but I can already see them taking me to many upcoming special occasions...

Find them HERE and on FACEBOOK.

Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road 
T. 67330545 

Open 11am - 9.30pm

AD : Xquisis

May 20, 2015

Y'know, I love a good quality bag but second to that is my love for shoes!

Xquisis sent me not one but two pairs of shoes that are both of really good quality - Very happy I got exactly whatever was pictured that sometimes isn't always the case with online purchases. Best part about their online store is that their prices are reasonable and they have a huge variety of different styles, including bags and accessories.

These black oxford platforms are great for days when you feel like dressing a little less ladylike and I think they're great with jeans and a bf shirt!
(Which I've been so obsessed with lately, them lazy bf shirts...!)

Fendi Monster Bag Bug, Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, Karen Walker Sunnies, Hermes CDC, Cartier Watch

The other pair they sent me was a lot more dressy, and for once, not in black.
Kinda can't help but love the patent nude that goes with almost anything, in a classic and (still) comfortable height.

Shop away :


May 19, 2015

I hardly write about my personal life and even if I do, it's usually not in detail.. So if you're not a fan of such posts, do scroll right on up or down for pictures/food/shopping recommendations.

Can't help but reminisce about how much happier I used to, and we used to be, every once in awhile.
16 year old you and 15 year old me, not a care in the world. 
Not even $50 in our pockets but we had so much fun and there wasn't a day we weren't enjoying just living, being in the moment.
How it was never a problem to meet even if we had nothing on our agenda, or how we'd get up to major mischief but consequences were never on our minds. We just wanted to have fun..

I know it's just life, all of us trying to move on after getting our certificates, earn a keep.

But I just hope you know I miss you and I miss those times, when everything was simple, and we were so happy.

Weekend Fun

May 18, 2015


Supply and Demand.
4 out of 5 stars! Yummy.

Macarons and Napolean Black Tea Ice Cream.

Bangers and Mash at Pasarbella, pretty darn good too.

I'm kind of at a loss for words coz my brain feels fried after such a busy couple of days...
Email after email today, and meetings scheduled for almost everyday of the week this week.
It feels great to be busy but at the same time, I really wish I had just one day to do NOTHING!

So sorry this is all I can think of writing and I hope you enjoy these pictures of our adventures over the weekend!


May 17, 2015

Made an extra trip down to a pretty old building to check it out and decided to shoot because it was just.. beautiful! High ceilings with marbled floors and gorgeous pillars : What's not to love?

A special black 'n white series, credits to my photograher, D.

Wearing MDS Collections Top and Poprageous Velvet Bell Bottoms.

Have a great week ahead,/ y'all!

Thai Pavillion : Mookata

May 15, 2015

Currently down with a damn flu bug (BEST TIMING EVER, RIGHT?!) so I've been home and unable to do much except head out for dinner and reply emails/edit pictures.

Well, the silver lining is that I managed to get these few pictures done quicker so I can be here sooner with a blogpost about Thai Pavillion, which, if you remember.. I blogged about awhile back. 

They unfortunately closed down for quite awhile due to some unforeseen circumstances but early this week our friend told us they were open again and invited us for a tasting! But much to my surprise this time, they were mainly serving mookata. 
Mookata is a traditional Thai BBQ and I think there are a lot of Singaporeans who love it just like I do. This one at Thai Pavillion serves charcoal BBQ so y'know the taste would usually be more aromatic.

I was most excited to try the wagyu beef (below) which is sliced sooo thinly and has so much beautiful fat marbled in!

And yay to seeing them serve liver (in the bowl) as well as a fair variety of other fresh seafood.

Really glad I now know of another mookata haunt nearer to the East side where I live so if I ever have cravings for this, I can get to it so much faster!

Open 3.00pm - 12am. Monday-Sunday.

283 Changi Road.


AntiClockwise // Perfect Pleats

May 13, 2015

Back again with Anticlockwise!

It's literally always exciting when they contact me for a post because I always can't wait to see what their latest arrivals are - Often they are always edgy, on trend and yet still feminine. 

This time I opted for a pretty simple piece, but something very much outside of my comfort zone.
You see, I don't wear midi dresses a lot (or anything that goes beyond the mid of my thighs actually), because I'm very petite and I feel the dress always ends up wearing me.

So I paired this pleated perfection in black with my current favourite pair of glasses and I thought it was perfect for the weekend brunch I wore it to.

Easy, breezy and still, not just another black dress.

Shop away :

Instagram @anticlockwisesg

American Vintage

May 12, 2015

Visited American Vintage's new store at Ngee Ann City some time last week and it was pretty exciting! I was decked in this lovely silk top and shorts combo (pictured above) from them, and I gotta say I reeeally like this 'new look' which is a little more casual than I usually do so I put on a big hat and heels to make it a little more event-friendly.

Contrary to its name, American Vintage is a French brand. And what I really like about it is that almost everyone can wear the brand and look very different, meaning you don't have to ditch your personal style, because they have so many colours and so many basic pieces to layer it your way.

American Vintage, #03-13B Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Rd.,, Singapore, 238872 Singapore


May 10, 2015

I've written about Carrislabelle so many times but I'm still very much excited to shoot their stuff up till now!

This time, I opted for this lovely mesh bikini that has the most perfect cut. It may not be as boob-enhancing (lol), but it IS comfy and covers more than usual which is pretty awesome if you're feeling a little shy ~
In fact, for those a little more daring, you can even wear this under a leather vest or something as a top. It really looks similar to an Alexander Wang bralet I have that I wear as a top.

Carrislabelle also stocks clothes other than swimwear and they have lotsa basics that are kind of a must have most of the time!

"Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it’s owner named “Carris” and a French word La Belle which means “beautiful or lovely woman” in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope that you will find yours in Carrislabelle."

Shop away :


Japan VLOG

May 9, 2015

It's up!!!!
I'll be doing videos more often from now on, and although we're pretty new to this YouTube thing, we kinda fixed it this round and hope you guys like it!
Do hit subscribe if you enjoyed the video, ok?

And a big thank you to my love for not only being my photographer but my video editor as well. You are awesome. 


Japan Visuals

May 4, 2015

I'm finally done preparing my visuals for this blogpost!
It is gonna be filled with lots of pictures, and very minimal/necessary information in words, so do prepare yourself for an onslaught of beautiful Japan in many, many colourful pixels ~

Also coming up within the next few days would be a video on the entire trip.. Stay tuned for it!

Hirosaki, Japan
I was here in this small town for just a day and a half but I enjoyed it more than I thought I ever would! I'm such a 'city' girl, and nature has never been one of my favourite things, save for beautiful beach resort holidays which I do love. I was told there would be cherry blossoms but I had no idea there would be THAT MANY cherry blossoms. I was truly in total awe coz it was my first time seeing sakura.
Hirosaki is known for being the number one producer of apples in Japan and lucky me got to have a taste of their very sweet apples thanks to my host. 
Other than the beautiful cherry blossoms, and traditional eateries/onsen there's nothing much else to do there, though.

Tokyo, Japan
I was off to Tokyo to be with my other half for the next few days after!
We stayed at a lovely, although tiny apartment, and enjoyed waking up to this view every morning.

Harajuku, Tokyo
Of course the first place I wanted to head to was Harajuku on the first day.. Full of life and trends, it's one of my favourite shopping streets for sure. This is where you can find street wear and their official stores, in addition to a few second hand branded shops that have really unique things you won't be able to find anywhere else! I also really like the Chrome Hearts store here coz there is a nice dude working there who's very willing to help find whatever we needed.

Shibuya, Tokyo
Home to some of the most crowded streets ever! The traffic crossings are crazy and so are the signboards everywehere, but I love the lights/energy of the place so much, I always want to go back.

Shinjuku, Tokyo
Another H U G E shopping/eating area, street after street. 
It is also reportedly the busiest train station, seeing more than 3 million passengers pass through each day.

Narita Airport, Tokyo 
Some #airportfashion shots - #LOL 
I gotta say I find Haneda more convenient, but it's only my second time to Japan so I can't be super sure. 

Ending this post off with my last meal in Tokyo with the leftover coins we had from spending everything we brought! A tiny little beef bowl that is nowhere near as good as Yoshinoya's but better than any beef bowl here, anyway.

I do wish we had more time to explore a little more, and I did want to check out Ginza again, but the days passed too quickly and my legs aren't as strong as they used to be... I get tired so easily! 

Anyway, saying goodbye is always hard... I honestly can't wait to be back again.

Till next time, Japan.

See you in my next post which will be the vlog of the entire trip!