Goodbye February!

It's been a crazy hectic month all thanks to the Lunar/Chinese New Year celebrations and pre-CNY hype/postings so for the rest of February my plan was to R E L A X as much as I can!

Next month is gonna be pretty busy too, especially with my birthday week/party the very first week and my momma's birthday mid-month... I'll most definitely be blogging about my birthday party as I'm really blessed to have some of the best sponsors and I'm so excited to see it all come together ^.^

This post is just gonna be some updates on what I've been up to post-CNY...

Spending time with the rascal who is turning a big ol' SIX this year! Can't believe she's already turning six. Thankful she's still very healthy, apart from her skin allergies... She's still a bundle of energy. And by that, I mean that she's still VERY hyper!

Got my nails done with Belle as well who is now on maternity leave because she's popped out a beautiful babygirl (more on that later) - GlitzyFingers is still in business, though! Do make appointments at 8100 7353.

Yes they're Kenzo-inspired, CH-inspired, and also.. Inspired by the sweater I was wearing on the day I got my nails done. B&W is my favourite, anyway!

Y'know how they say ChiHuaHuas are extremely 'sticky' and the perfect lap-dog? They're right. Fifi is the PERFECT little doggy on days when you need a cuddle, and I need a cuddle every hour so I'm extremely grateful to have her in my life...

Also went explorin' in : YoungHungryFree Hat, Pants and Shoes. MDS Collections Top.

And like I said earlier, we dropped by to visit little Charlotte and her momma and papa! I usually hate hospitals coz I always have such bad memories there and I'm sure everyone agrees hospitals can be creepy... Not this ward full of babies, laughter and love, though! 
She's soooo precious, isn't she?

 I was honestly super scared of carrying her coz she's so small. Only 2.4kg and I don't have any experience carrying babies at all! But they trusted me to do it so I did my best. I think you can tell I was scared. 

Seeing them so happy and in love, and having them tell me to quickly make one of my own (HAHAHA) almost made me re-think my baby-plan - which is basically to not have a baby at all, ever - because I guess I just feel I won't make a good mom. 
I think it's too huge a responsibility, bringing up a child in such a scary world.. Not physically, but mentally. Being a good parent means having to really instil/teach the right values and I really want to know that I can before I do so. Plus giving up parties/going out late is something I think is pretty necessary in being a good mom/dad and my lifestyle now has me usually sleeping at 3 or 4am..! I'm also a little too crazy for a baby and simply not emotionally or mentally strong enough to have one. So till I'm ready, I'll just take care of my adorable fur kids and play with all the cute babies my friends have had ^.^ Oh and of course I've been asking my sister to have one as soon as she can! I'll probably spoil the kid and be the most annoying aunty in the world...

Had Saveur for dinner which was a little disappointing. Everything wasn't up to standard except for the potatoes below my sea bass, and the foie gras.

Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait for my weekend plans.
Nothing extravagant, just some yummy food dates and I'll update this space soonest!


1 + 2 // CNY 2015

Pictorial updates on what I've been up to the past two days of celebrating the Lunar New Year!

Spent the first day visiting four houses... It was so tiring but so good to see everyone and of course, to enjoy the yummy food at every stop. I've been eating SO much and yet I can't stop.

Day One : YHF Hat, Chrome Hearts Earrings and Necklace, Chanel Necklace, Topshop Lace Bralet, Alexander Wang x H&M sweater.

Blooms and choice of footwear on the second day.

We decided to catch Fifty Shades as well since all that eating and gambling was a lil too tiring. I love Cathay's Platinum Movie Suites. NOT sponsored, I just wanna share about em. The service is good, the chairs super comfy and the food's not too bad as well.
Oh and, the movie... I have to say the soundtrack's awesome and the movie's not BAD, bad. But the book was definitely better to me!

Hope all of you kind souls out there are having fun whether you be celebrating or just enjoying the holidays!


My Week in Squares

A squared edition of my week :

The past few weeks/month have been super ultra busy because of Lunar New Year... So I'm actually pretty relieved the pre-CNY season is over. I was blessed enough to have quite a number of ads to shoot and I'm thankful for every single client - like I always am - although I was really stressed out spacing out the postings and making sure everybody had their posts up on their preferred dates!

I love celebrating the Lunar New Year because of EVERYTHING that comes with it. When I was younger it was all about the angbaos but now that I'm older.. I do appreciate seeing all my family and friends and spending some time together which is hard to do because everyone is usually so busy. I love playing Mahjong although I'm not super at it, and enjoy lots of the yummy food my aunts and grandma always cook without fail.
It always surprises people just how superstitious I am because I guess I don't look like I am? But I really like to follow traditions as much as I can.. For example, cleaning out my room before this day and staying up as late as possible because there's a saying that your parents will live longer if their children stay up later on the first day of the Chinese calendar... which is why I'm up now at 3.12am although tomorrow is a long, and early day.

Am always so grateful to have an awesome partner with me literally everyday, eating yummy food, laughing at everything and nothing and squabbling over silly things I like to call our daily official debates. Of course, it's so nice to have him shooting our adventures and not just the ads I need to shoot. 

I felt it was lacking so I added some purple to my hair this week. Courtesy of my second momma who patiently took a day off from work to dye it for me.

Thanks CremeMaison Bakery for these cupcakes as well as the other 3 and the tarts and cookies!

"People often criticise others on why they do the things they do because they don't understand love. Love is the closest thing to magic, and not everyone knows how to deal with magic."

This is one of the best instant ramen I've tried. If you see it at the grocery store.. GET IT!

Oh and I do love going back home to this cutie who only prefers to sleep on my legs other than her comfy and very cute bed.

First reunion dinner with the girls - C cooked us a delicious meal of Mango/Prawn salad and Tom Yum Pasta and it was SO good. Thank you Keasberries for having us!

And there I met with my favourite cat who has the ultimate resting bitch face but really is a sweetheart..

He really is very sweet and he's literally the ONLY cat in this world that I dare carry. I'm very much a dog lover more than a cat kinda person and a lot of that stems from fear of cats clawing at me because I once watched a video of a cat attacking a total stranger who walked into the supermarket for no reason at all!!!

Love this lil guy so much, though. He sends love back in the form of double taps on IG as well! Cutie pie.

One last adventure before the new year in a luxurious kaftan from over the oceans. Deets on my INSTAGRAM!

Gotta love reunion dinner at home, marking the start of the festivities. Nothing tastes as good as home-cooked food with love.

More updates soon, and happy holidays to all!

Valentine's 2015

Spent my Valentine's Day in no extravagant way - Running errands, shooting and enjoying some yummy food with the boyfriend.. I'm waiting for him to cook us dinner as I'm typing this!

Yessss I'm a pretty sorry excuse of a girl in the department of cookin'. I always screw up somehow.. The food is either too salty, too oily or the stuff in the microwave catches fire. I had policemen come up to my home before to ask if everything is fine because there was black smoke coming out of my kitchen windows from me trying to heat up a muffin. 
Everyone around me agrees I should just stay out of the kitchen... So I am. I'll just enjoy the food!

Today's outfit - 
H&M Hat / Chrome Hearts & Chanel Accessories and Bag / YRU shoes

I honestly told D not to get me flowers this time because he gets me flowers so often already and it's so much more expensive on Valentine's Day... But he did anyway. A huge bouquet of a hundred roses (he said to outdo the 99 from the last lol) arrived while I was asleep. 

Life is so much more beautiful with love in our hearts.


Advertorial : Carrislabelle

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I brought this Brittany Twist Bikini in white on my trip to BKK and although it's kind of a pity I didn't get to shoot it in the hotel pool (coz it was toooo crowded there and I don't like the idea of being in a pool with a lot of people. Kind of a clean freak over here....) I managed to sneak some shots before my bubble bath with rose petals the hotel prepared for us!
Aye. I've been eating quite a bit so yes I have fat folds... I'm only human. And it's ok because Meghan Trainor says it's all about that bass anyway. Heehee.

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