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August 30, 2015

MANGO Eyewear, brought to you by Eye Trendy | Your Eyewear Collective


Eye Trendy | Your Eyewear Collective carries more than 20 brands of eyewear. It launched its first ever MANGO Eyewear collection in August

This higher quality collection is ONLY AVAILABLE in optical retail shops so no, it's not the same and you definitely get what you pay for : I vouch for the quality of every single piece from the collection I tried on!


So glad I could be a part of its launch because...

I have two boxfuls of sunnies/glasses and they're still not enough.

2. I've always liked MANGO as a brand since I was a teen!

I picked THREE must have pieces from the collection to match with THREE looks to show you guys how versatile the collection is, there's something for every occasion and every look.
Not only are all of them of great quality, but are also polarized which I think is so important because nobody likes the glare that comes with sunglasses that isn't polarized, yes?!


Pool Party Ready in a pair of amazing aviators that are a classic black.
Lightweight yet sturdy and goes with almost any look!

I matched it with my outfit of the day : 
A sequinned top, denim cut offs (not pictured) and few of my favourite silver accessories.


Town Ready in a pair of Tortoiseshell Wayfarers.
Another classic that suits most face shapes (in my opinion) and a great choice to take you from an important meeting in town to a casual coffee date after!

I matched mine with a simple, slicked back ponytail and a full black outfit with a purplish lip tint.


Glasses Day ready, everyday, in a pair of MANGO frames.
Yet another must have in the wardrobe is a pair of super stylin' glasses for all of you who have myopia OR on days when you just feel like wearin' glasses, for people like me with no degree!
(I do have super slight astigmatism, though)

Love this pair and I realised I'm always in denim and glasses - 
I guess I really like the rolled-outta-bed-ready-for-a-book look.


Also, did up a little video of what went down at the launch HERE so enjoy it!


for more information!

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Lookbook #35

August 23, 2015

Full outfit : Top, jeans, shoes c/o Topshop via Zalora
Rings and Earrings : THPshop
Shades : PomeloFashion
Manicure : GlitzyFingers


DRx : All New Sunblock

August 20, 2015

DRx has been taking care of my skin and tricho needs for the longest time : 
And what I love most about them is that they never stop trying to improve their products although their existing products already work so well!
They have NEVER paid for me to promote their products, it's all based on sponsorship and it's up to me to review it or not.

There's no such thing as treatments without maintenance, so don't ever expect your skin to look great just by heading to the clinic once a month for a treatment or a facial. Your daily facial products are VERY important in ensuring your skin is always clean, clear and glowing.

I've always stood by DRx's tinted sunblock as my makeup base/foundation.. I don't believe in using any foundation or pressed powder at all because it tends to clog pores.

When they told me they made a newly improved version, I remember telling the assistant at DRx "How could there be anything better?"

This, is the most amazing stuff I've ever tried. 

I feel that sunblock is a must in every person's skincare routine...  I'm thankful that my mom always told me how important it is in preventing pigmentation and slowing down the process of ageing skin since I was young. I've literally never went out without sunblock since I was 13 or 14!

My godmom has been visiting DRx as well - Her pigmentation marks has always been a problem, due to lack of sunblock when she was younger.
Thankfully it has lessened by at least 50% after seeing Dr Yanni which is amazing, but it is without a doubt not only not easy to treat, but expensive as well.

So learn from her case and realise that prevention is better than cure!

If you're wondering how much coverage it gives, just look at my before and after pictures.
In the before, you can see there is discolouration on my eyelids, under my eyes and overall, the colour of my skin is not even.

With just one pump of DRx's sunblock, this is my skin which is so much smoother, and even in colour. Especially my eyelids and under-eye area. No need for concealer at all!

The best part is knowing that whatever you're using to 'cover' your skin, is protecting it and treating it at the same time.

DRx's other products have also been given a facelift, not only in packaging but in formula!
I love the new packaging, it's pump-style, which means less wastage. Just a half pump is enough for most products.

Also note Dr Yanni will be back mid September! I can't wait to have her treat my skin again coz I've been with her so long, I think she knows my skin is even better than I do. 

Definitely want to give Dr David a shout out as well, he has been AWESOME with my requests and treated me to the best of his ability. I had an important shoot last week and because I got my makeup done at another shoot prior to that, one of my pores got clogged and I ended up with a zit (Always happens when other people's makeup/brushes touches my face) which he saved me from within 24 hours!
All he did was give me a little injection at the site of the spot and it shrunk by the next day. Amazing stuff. Thank you so much!

If you guys have an important date/shoot and a nasty zit comes up because of the stress/whatever other reason... Keep calm and just visit Drx. Hehe.

DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


August 19, 2015

Getting to find out about amazing brands is just one of the many perks of my job, and this time I got my eye on an upcomin' watch brand that's sure to win the hearts of many with their simplistic designs, big variety and great quality!

I picked this lovely gold mesh bracelet design with a white face - Still bold enough, the way I like it.. But also minimal, meaning it goes with almost everything.

The quality of this piece also impressed me! I was expecting it to be lightweight but it's got a pretty good weight to it, giving it a very solid feel.

It's also easily adjustable and it can even fit my wrist that's crazy tiny (13cm) 

I highly encourage getting CLUSE watches direct from site so you know its quality is guaranteed.
Every watch comes in a lovely leather case and with a certificate of authenticity as seen below.

They also have many other designs with leather straps in multi colours, so I believe there's something for everybody.

Shop away!


Teochew Traditional Steamboat 2 : Fish Porridge

August 15, 2015

Did a post on the exact same place some time ago HERE, but headed back again some time earlier this week for a second round coz 1. I LOVE HOT POT 2. I love the special ingredients and soup base here!

This time, one of the bosses had the time to eat with me, so I managed to learn even more about the food here and they are having some very special promotions, so do stay tuned to the end of the post to check that out.

I think when you have hotpot, not only are the soup base and ingredients important, the dipping sauces provided are just as essential in creating the best hot pot experience. 
Here, they have their own homemade chilli sauces including the Thai one at the bottom right if you prefer that taste - I dipped mine in both type of chilli sauces coz they're both so yummy together..!

They were kind enough to send our way loads of expensive air-flown meats and things like abalone, but I gotta say my favourites of the picture below is the squid meat (that you have to scoop into balls into the soup) and.. THE CORN. 
I'm no exaggerating when I say the corn here is the SWEETEST I've ever had. I love eating corn and I order it at all the hotpot restaurants I visit so yes, I think I'm qualified enough as corn taster to say this is the sweetest I've tried. 

The soup base?
Made from 老母鸡 and shark bone. Lots of collagen, good for your skin!

Told the boss that I really liked the black tofu from the last time and he got them to bring out one whole plate. Bliss. 
If you're wondering, it's actually CHARCOAL-cooked tofu and it is sweet, and slightly chewy. Really delicious.

100% fresh sea prawns, for all you prawn lovers like me.

Some black fungus (good for detoxing), oysters and dumplings with skin made of fish meat. 

They also sent us a bowl of fish porridge to try, which you can actually order as your soup base.
(Which means it's the same size as the usual hot pot)
It's not the HK style of porridge, but more of a soup with rice inside kind of porridge.

I'm not a big fan of porridge coz I was always given porridge as a kid to eat whenever I was unwell.. So I always ended up associating porridge with being sick. 

This bowl of porridge was amazing, it was super tasty and the fish slices were thick and had zero fishy taste. And I think it's literally one of the best things to have after a night of drinking, for supper, before bed.

I told this to the boss and he said YES, that's what they thought too! So they're having a special deal on this at the Outram outlet : Only $6 for a bowl, any time after 11pm.
And also as a lunch special at their Sembawang outlet.
(Usually $30 for a hot pot sized portion fit for 2-3 people)

They are also generously offering an exclusive 20% off the bill to all of you reading this :
Simply flash this page (or a screenshot of it) and you can enjoy the discount!

Valid for a month from today, till 15th September 2015.

Thank you for having me and I can't wait to be back again..!

269-271, Outram Road, 169062

F i r e w o r k s

August 9, 2015

Spent my National Day at one of the older hotels in Singapore to celebrate the first month of Baby E...! L O V E the space, tall windows and natural light. So beautiful.
(I have so many amazing pictures of baby and mommy I'd love to share coz baby E is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! But I think they'd prefer to keep their lives private so no pictures of that here.)

Wearing Chrome Hearts tank top, hat + accessories / Saint Laurent jacket 

Last but not least, a very Happy 50th Birthday to my country, Singapore!
The only place I could ever imagine calling home.
We've truly come a long way.


Carrislabelle : Crochet

August 7, 2015

It's summer all year round here on our sunny island, so what's your excuse for not loading up on timeless poolside pieces? ....Like this crochet top from Carrislabelle who stocks not only swimwear pieces but casual everyday pieces as well!

Pool-side perfect : Sunnies, denim cut offs and a whole lotta sunscreen, of course.

I heard there are quite a few beach parties comin' up and I'm personally not a fan but I can imagine how perfect a crochet top like this would be for all you girls who are because it isn't as revealing as a bikini but shows just enough skin!

Stock up on everything you need now :


TPC : The Pizza Collective + Updates

August 3, 2015

Back with a post on one of the best things in the world, made even better : 


YAAAAAAS, our friends at Peperoni have made our pizza dreams come true.. and boy, was I excited to try it out.

TPC / The Pizza Collective lets you either choose from their awesome tried and tested pizzas or you can create your own! Their digital ordering system is not only super cool but very convenient too.

It's also very affordable, only $12 for a regular pizza and only a little bit more to add a drink!

Of course, I had to personalize my own coz it's not everyday you get to make your own pizza, plus you have someone professional making sure everything you pick goes well together!
They have so many toppings including kimchi and luncheon meat.. Pretty unique, eh?

I started my base off with LOADS AND LOADS of cheese, and tomato sauce. (Not that adventurous after all)

You can pick from anything available, and so I had the following on mine :
Two servings of Mozzarella Cheese, Mushrooms, Bacon, Chilli Padi, Minced Garlic, Pork Chipolata Slices and my choice of sauce definitely had to be the spicy one coz I love my chilli.
I don't mean to brag, but dayummm was my pizza yummy!

If you're feeling like desserts after, I highly recommend the Banana and Nutella pizza instead. 
That's why I love their pizza dough coz it can go with both savoury or sweet toppings!

So super delicious with a generous serving of almond slices, plus the bananas were glazed to perfection and melted in my mouth.

I can't wait to bring my family and friends to try making their own pizzas as well, and I hear TPC will be adding even more interesting toppings to their menu so do keep a look out for it!

TPC : The Pizza Collective is at Bugis+, #01-12

Thank you for having me, thank you my dear Chevvy!


My weekend flew by in a flash, but I'm glad I got to do something different this past week :
Lounged around at W for a bit to attend a party that I'll be blogging/vlogging about real soon.

Here is what I wore :

Vidakush earrings, Magali Pascal top, Chrome Hearts bracelet, 6x6 Shorts and Mango Lace ups.


It's been pretty quiet here and I'm truly sorry about it, I don't know why I've been so busy shooting/with work I haven't been going on beautiful adventures I feel are visually exciting enough to be put here.

I do blog more about my personal life on my Dayre though, and you can find me HERE.

Also, I'll be heading on a week-long trip end of the month to one of my favourite cities and am opening very limited ad slots at a special, special rate, so do send me your stuff to feature!

I'll just need items to reach me before 18th of this month.
Simply mail me at contact@rchlwngx.com