Status : Happy

June 10, 2016

It's been awhile since I've shared my thoughts here, and about my life. I do feel bad, I'm sorry I've been away!

A friend just told me yesterday that she missed hearing my voice online.. The way I used to share about the things I felt and was going through so openly right here on this space when I was younger. Sometimes I miss it too, although most of the time, I'm still afraid to share too much.

I've been good. Although I've been running away way from reality too much...
I've been feeling alive, again and that is exactly what I need right now, so I am content, and I am thankful.

This year has been full of fun, opportunities, and changes that I've been happy to receive. God is good to me, I am truly grateful everyday. 
My upcoming trip to Croatia's something that's been planned for awhile and I'm honestly so excited for it.. You'll definitely see my adventures there here on this space.

If we're talking about my personal life...
I thought I grew up but nothing much is different when it comes to the heart, it seems I'll always be a dreamer, I'll always be a Pisces through and through. A diehard romantic : If love was a drug, I'd say I'm most addicted to it.

Pity I've been through enough to know what happens when you're something more friends. 
When you say you belong to each other, when expectations and disappointments fill up your lives, when time passes and passion dies... What's left? Commitment, comfort?

"Don’t try to trap us with the word 'love'.
Because it’s a greed that can’t be filled.

All the feelings are the same now.
But in this moment, I want you to stay"

Status? Happy.


May 24, 2016

"I want a man that loves me, cherishes me, values me.
But he has to know my value in order to value me.
He has to know my worth.
And he can only know my worth if I know my worth.
I want him to respect me.
But most of all I want fun times, I want to laugh. 
I have everything else, all I want is a partner in crime to enjoy it with me."


BRAND'S Essence of Chicken

May 19, 2016

So around the same time every month, I usually spend a day in bed in pain - Sometimes I have to cancel out on dates with friends or exciting plans just coz of this which can sometimes be such a huge bummer.

So I'm thankful I got to try BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei... I'm a huge believer of TCM and you'd often see me holding a bottle of liangcha or barley instead of a bottle of soda.

For women who want to stay on top of things without being compromised by uncomfortable menstrual symptoms BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with Tang Kwei is an exquisite combination of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with 7 Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, including Tangkwei, which is an excellent blood tonic that is effective in helping ease menstrual stress, promote blood circulation, strengthen the body, and relieve fatigue.

I've tried it before this menstrual cycle and although I'll be honest and say it didn't relieve my pain completely coz I get REALLY bad cramps which seems to be hereditary in my family, but it did help significantly, my cramps weren't as painful as usual and lasted half a day instead of a full day. 

I really like that the bottle is small so you can even bring it out on the go if you don't have time to consume it at home... and can even be refrigerated before that if you'd prefer something cold.

Tangkwei is also beneficial in combating anaemia and replenishing blood loss after childbirth or surgery other than relieving uncomfortable menstrual symptoms!

If you're too lazy to go grocery shopping, you can opt to purchase it online.. Maybe even grab a couple more health products for your loved ones too, since you get to enjoy viewing the other products and how they work too (I personally love bird's nest the most and am sure most people do!) :

The website is easy to browse so no excuses on not taking the initiative to improve your menstrual health!


The Fullerton Spa x Aromatherapy Associates

April 8, 2016

I dropped by The Fullerton Spa the other day for some 'me' time and I gotta say, it was the best decision of my week. 

It's been pretty crazy since I was preparing for my Fiji trip so I had back to back activities, meetings and shoots almost everyday.. So I scheduled a spa day a day before I was intending to fly. Although the trip to Fiji was postponed due to bad weather (Sending all the best thoughts and prayers to those over there now, it must be so tough!), I was still really grateful for the 2 hours I spent here. It was exactly what I needed!

"Founded in 1985, British brand Aromatherapy Associates hand-blends the finest natural ingredients, combining the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils with the latest technology to deliver incredible results for physical, mental and emotional well-being. The brand now offers a range of over 100 products addressing specific needs and skin types and encompasses skincare, body care, home & ambience, travel and gifting products as well as a specific skincare range for men."

I was so excited to try out these oils that have been well loved for years, and to see which one I'd be using that day. So I took a little questionnaire just so Lynsey, The Regional Manager, could see which oil would be suitable for me..

She then narrowed it down to three different blends, and asked me to sniff them to see which one I liked best. She said "Your body knows you best, so just let your nose decide what you need."

And this 'De-Stress Muscle' scent was EXACTLY what I needed! It was like magic. My lower back was aching and I was major stressed about the amount of work I had to clear before my trip! (At this point it wasn't postponed yet)

When my therapist Pamela shook my hand, I knew I was in good hands. It may be a little weird for me to describe her hands like this, but they were so meaty and her handshake was firm. Strong but soft hands are the best for a massage!

It was a really different massage from the usual ones I go to, because I almost NEVER opt for oil massages. I always hate the sticky feeling I'm left with and I would rather they do pressure point massages for me. I can honestly say that the oils used on me from AA were not sticky, smelled incredible and I really went into a completely zoned out mode when I was getting my massage. I tried not to sleep so I could enjoy it, but I fell asleep before I knew it.

Also.. my stomach was grumbling so bad during the massage coz I didn't have time to eat before (kinda embarrassing, actually..) that and it felt like an angel gave these to me after the massage.. So yummy, too! 10 stars for hospitality, Fullerton Spa.

Such a happy goober after my massage, I went on to my next 3 meetings rejuvenated and super relaxed... With only good memories to keep when I recall the scents I breathed in during the entire session. You know how you remember certain situations/moments when you hear a song? It's kind of the same with scent, too!

The cutest little spa bear for keepsake, and he was exactly dressed like me, in bathrobe and slippers!

Every single one of The Ultimate Aroma Experience session at The Fullerton Spa is different for every individual, every single time. The different blends of oils and products used on you are different for everyone else, based on what you need. So head on down for a consultation and you'll be surprised to see just how much your body responds to smell... 

My take home products have been well used since I brought them home!
The Renewing Rose Hydrating Body Gel is the perfect non-sticky moisturizer for our humid weather, the Deep Relax Bath and Shower Gel really has helped me to calm down before bedtime, and the Support Breathe Essence is the perfect pick me up before I start my day.

Give these products a go and order your kit here.​

Thanks for the hookup, Sephora x

I'll be back soon!


March 29, 2016

It's been awhile, but I'm back with another little lookbook I put together with REVOLVE x

Here, I am wearing almost everything via REVOLVE :
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Here, I am wearing L' ACADEMIE top as a mini dress - Shop all HERE

And this beaded romper that's to die for... Also by NBD.

Got your eye on any of these pieces?
REVOLVE is having an amazing sale RIGHT NOW...

DATE : 2016 MAR 29th 7AM ~ APR 1st 12AM 
(ends at Midnight on the 31st) 


Happy shopping, ladies x


March 22, 2016

It's been awhile since I've blogged about anything personal, but I've been thinking about something and talking about it with friends the past few days, and I just really wanted to let it out somewhere. 

I don't know if you guys still wanna read about things like this that don't involve beauty/fashion, so if you're usually here for those, you might wanna skip this post.

Blogging/social media work is not something I fell into on purpose, and it's not something that I wanted to do while growing up... Well, it was never a career option but somehow it has turned into that. And now there are so many new faces and people who are doing so well in this new industry that was non-existent just awhile ago.
I never envy nor am jealous of any of these people because I believe it takes a certain amount of work to get there, and even if it's luck - They definitely did something right to get to where they are. (Be it good deeds/it's simply in their fate!) 

Unfortunately, sometimes I feel like I'm falling so far behind because the truth is I feel like I can't really keep up. I don't know how to deal with people the way I feel others do so easily...

Just awhile ago, I came face to face with these girls who are friends of friends and were generally nice to me most of the time but for some reason, I was never really sure... Then one day I felt like there were vibes sent my way that were a little weird and negative, so I chose to walk away from the situation and leave like I usually do. Then I heard the things they were saying about me behind my back to a few other people on the same day. Upon talking about it with other friends, I realised it wasn't the first time they did that, it has happened before that too.

I wouldn't say I was completely shocked, and I wouldn't say they're my friends so it's not like I should've expected otherwise... But still, it wasn't something nice for anyone to do to someone else. Thankfully, whoever they told saw the situation for what it is, told me what was going on, and told me word for word : "I think now I know enough to prove you're really a good person." Because I could've been a little bitch about it right there and then but I chose to leave, not spoil anyone's fun and simply not say a thing about it.

I don't understand why it isn't enough for someone to stop/not talk shit about someone if the person doesn't fight back. I've sat back silently so many times while being attacked online and I've never attacked anyone back or said anything because I always believe in being the bigger person, and I always thought "Well, if someone is going to believe whatever they read online about me and not bother to get to know the real me, then this person isn't worth my time anyway.".

Because of such people, I shy away from events a lot because I don't know how to be 'media friends' with someone. I don't know how to dislike a person but say hi to them at events when I see them, I don't know how to make small talk if I know someone is just talking to me because we're there at the event and it's the polite thing to do. 

I don't understand how someone can be talking shit about somebody else then be taking pictures with them the next day or commenting heart shaped emojis on their Instagram... It really turns me off.

Yes, I get it. It's so easy to judge me and think of me as a bad person based on things you've read about me. That's why I appreciate it so much when people I get to know come and ask me about things they read about me online, and I'm always super open about sharing what really happened. I'd even show them proof of what really went down. They'd always be shocked and ask me 'Why would you not clear all of this up online?!' and I always tell them I don't really know. Some of them are candid and ask me why I'm so stupid, but then I stand by whatever I've done thus far. 

Why haven't I said anything in defence, you may be wondering?
I guess, to a certain extent, I always felt bad for letting a friend down.. Not for stealing her 'boyfriend' because he never was and I never did, but for not being the first person to tell her there was something going on when it did.
I loved him enough to shoulder everything, and I did. I was attacked online for a good week or two, it was so bad I had to delete my mom's account because there were people tagging my family in hate comments too. Forget being avoided by almost everyone for the rest of semester in school, I've had to deal with people judging me before they knew me, and no doubt all of this stress caused a strain in our relationship whenever we quarrelled. Do you really think I haven't suffered?

Thankfully, I have my friends whom I know will never judge me even when I'm at my worst, and celebrate with me at my best. I'd rather spend my time and energy enjoying life with them, knowing that whatever we have is real and we're making memories to last a lifetime.
These are the people who'd tell me off in my face if they didn't like something I was doing, which may not always be easy to hear, but it's what real friends do. Straight up, no holds barred.
(Shoutout to Melvin/Wendy/JH/Chev who are probably the first few on the list lol..)

Yes I agree, I may be too harsh to group everyone in the industry as people who are fake, because I've met a few who aren't at all and it was both refreshing and such a huge relief when I saw that they were not only sincere but good people. I hope to keep them for always.

Sometimes I do think it's such a pity... About the relationships that I may have missed out on because I was too afraid to give it a try. But most of the time, I think 'Why waste my time?'

I realize now that I've still got so much to figure out although I feel like I should already have most of that done at twenty three... There are wounds that haven't completely healed although I thought I was all good a long time ago, and I really hope I figure it all out soon.

If you're reading this and you're facing issues like these at work or at school (I know, they're EVERYWHERE), just know you're not alone, and remember that nobody can bring you down unless you let them. You could be close to perfect but there'll still be people who will try to bring you down.

The best you can do is to still do the right thing whenever you can and keep your chin up.
Remember that this too shall pass.


23rd Part Two : PARKROYAL on Pickering

March 14, 2016

I'm back with my second post on my birthday celebrations!

I did a post on my DAYRE some time before my birthday this year, and I was talking about how I had no plans/how unexcited I was about it.. Well, that certainly changed.

It was pretty last minute but PARKROYAL on Pickering had me over for a staycation on the 5th and honestly, how could I refuse when I've always wanted to check out this hotel? (I pass by every time I go for a manicure with Belle and I literally ALWAYS wanted to stay here)

It went beyond my expectations : Service was impeccable, the room was perfect, the food at LIME was amazing and everything was beautiful.. The pool, the lounge, the gym. Not forgetting the view. 
Someone asked me what's my favourite hotel in Singapore and I have to say we now have a winner ^.^

Visuals will probably say it better so here we go..

Starting the post off with a bouquet from my favourite restaurant in Singapore.. 海底捞火锅 @ 313, I LOVE YOU GUYS. Thank you for always treating me so well! All love.

Orchid Deluxe Club Room

Soft sheets and a marshmallow bed x

Orchird Lounge is #GOALS in every way... 
Perfect light, cocktails, snacks and so many smiles greeted me when I was there. 

I'm everyone's seen these famous pods by the pool! 

Crememaison Bakery amazes me every year, it's been three birthday cakes with them and I think this is the best yet, till the next one which I'm sure will be even more impressive. 
Y'know where to get your birthday cakes, yeah?!

My talented Melvin shot these :

Best friend, I wouldn't know what to do without you. 
Everyday is my birthday when I have you!


Lime had me for their Super Lunch Sunday the next day, and frankly, I'm not a big fan of buffet anything coz I feel quality is always compromised with quantity. 
Not this time though..

I have to give a special shout out to the lovely chef who prepared this Tomato Arrabbiatta Spinach Ravioli for me. If you're there, you've GOT TO TRY THIS!
It was so amazing, I want to go back just for this.

They really spoilt me silly as you can tell...

It ain't a party without balloons! 
Thank you GiveFun x

This photo was by my friend Kahying who is so super talented, please find her on my IG on my latest picture!


I had no party this year but the love I received made it the best yet. 
Wouldn't know what to do without my family and friends who love me everyday whether it be my birthday or not.. You know who you are. Thank you for loving me!

Of course, thank you to all of you reading this, thank you for sharing my life with me and being on this journey with me. I received quite a few wishes from readers who said they've been reading my blog since the start, and I am truly lucky to have you guys sticking around despite me not updating as regularly as I used to. All love! I'll do better!


Check out PARKROYAL on Pickering HERE.

23rd Part One : Vineyard at HortPark

March 7, 2016

So... I'm back from my birthday weekend, and I have SO much to share with you guys!

It's been quite a different birthday celebration this year compared to the past two years where I threw big parties,  but before I start, I just want to say a quick thank you for all the birthday wishes, and I'm particularly thankful for all the wishes that were personally sent to me.. Thank you for taking the time to send some love. I appreciate it x

I'll be starting off with a post on dinner with my family on the actual day (4th, on a Friday) :
Vineyard at Hort Park were so super kind to host my family and I with a special menu for dinner!

And I even managed to catch this beautiful sky line... it lasted maybe 2 minutes, and it was amazing, it didn't look like this till I got off the car and walked towards the restaurant. I kinda got the chills...

And on the menu :

We shared the starters, and honestly, I was pretty full by the end of those. But I soldiered on coz I was so excited to try everything!

I highly recommend this meatball dish (that wasn't in the menu) coz it's soooo good. The staff later told me that this is one of their most popular dishes, I told them I could see why!

Both mains were very delicious, but I'd have to say the pork belly was more dope (though I didn't order it), I tried a bit of my sister's and..

My mom and brother-in-law told me their Bailey Souffle was baked to perfection and not too sweet, so they were really happy with it!

They also prepared my choice of dessert (Lemon Lava cake) specially, and sang me a birthday song.
I friggin love this dessert, it's AMAZING. I was so full but I managed to finish it purely coz it was too yummy to not finish.

So much to be thankful for x

A big thank you to Vineyard for having us!

I loved the ambience, the food was of great quality and taste.
Although I have to say the service was a little slow, it was worth the wait, and I'll definitely be back.

Also, Vineyard will be having a special Easter Family Brunch on 27th March, Sunday called “Egg-venture in the Park” so if you're looking for a place to spend time with family on Easter Day, you know where to go!

Hort Park 33 
Hyderabad Road
 #02-02 Hort Park 
Singapore 119578 
Tel: 6479 7977