I'm back from my staycation at the boy's so I can finally blog about Krabi now...
If you follow me on twitter you'd know it was a REALLY last minute trip. 
I was told only the day before we flew off, and I had to do a resubmission on the same Friday I would have had to be away, which was so crazy... Rushed my work like CRAZY the night before. And thankfully I have friends like Rashi and Mr Tan's brother, CW, to help me put my work there and take it home. And I passed this time :)

So we flew off pretty early in the morning, around 8?

And arrived at the first resort we stayed at. Areetara. I would rate it like a 2.5/5? Not great... And I left my Balen bracelet there.... HEART DAMN PAIN TO THINK ABOUT IT LA. Sigh. What's done is done tho. :(

View from the balcony

Travelled around on motorbikes... pretty gangster right?! Haha. I was quite scared at first,
but then I started enjoying not having to be caught in any traffic jams! 

Thought it was funny to find the cigs together with the drinks on the menu hahahaah 

Finally time to eat! I loved the veggie with egg and the fish. It was REALLY fresh and yummy. 

Came across this pirate boat coffee shop while exploring the place. So quirky. 


And took a walk at the night market!



Lunch before the other 2 couples arrived...


And a boat ride over to Railay Bay with the other 2 couples who arrived!

Really beautiful resort..

And our lunch here!

Food was so good. 4.5/5!

Group picture!

Okay that's all for day 2....
we spent the rest of the night having a massage and at the resort kinda just chilling and planning the next day cos we were planning to head to somewhere else to stay.


Woke up sooo late and we took this boat thing, not knowing that it was some kinda package tour deal!!
I hate tours, so I was really quite sad about this, but the good thing is they did bring us to allll the other islands so we got to experience everywhere.

Bamboo Island is the only beach that we went to during this whole trip that was really so amazing.
The water, clear, and the sand so white!

We kept joking that all the pictures here were like postcards cos the place is just so beautiful!

Check out these fishes! So so crazy. We were given some bread to feed them, and it's like they never get to eat or something.. See them all rushing to eat that small piece of bread...!

I believe this place is called Dolphin Lagoon? Bad photo taken by the tour guide...
But the place is quite nice. 

This place below is where Leonardo Dicaprio filmed 'The Beach'! Haha. It was damn crowded though, so I chose to stay on the boat.

Monkey Island/Cave? I forgot. But the monkeys there are damn... naughty.
They totally grabbed this bag of chips from this guy and they fought over who got to eat from it too!

Mr Tan and friends went snorkelling, but I didn't dare to/want to cos I was VERY tired and hungry.

And after that we had lunch at Phi Phi Island (no pix), and took another boat to Phuket to spend the night. 
Was just in time to catch the sunset! It was my first time watching the sunset!

Beaches call for photo ops ~ ~ ! Hahahahahahahahah

 Dinner at Chili Restaurant

An early night after a massage (one of the BEST I ever had but sorry no pix hahahahha) and then breakfast the next morning at the hotel...

Before we headed back to Krabi. 
And we switched resorts to stay at Sala Talay which is BEAUTIFUL.
4/5 stars

Had lunch at the first place we ate at on the first day cos the food there is GOOD!
And the restaurant is quite 'famous'. Heard it's the best there, from the locals.
This time round we ordered more food since there were 8 of us.

 No pix of what we did next and I don't remember either but I think we just chilled out....
And headed for dinner on a hill. I loved that place. They set up a table for us and we dined on the grass!

(NOTE ***** MY FACE IS GONNA BE SCARILY NAKED. BEWARE. Sucks that I rely so much on makeup but ah well......)

Still trying to act pretty even without makeup HAHAHAHAHA

A good dinner for our last night together in Krabi :)

FOOD WAS GOOD!!!!! Best out of all the places we ate at, I think.

And that concludes my random getaway. 
Would I do it again...? Maybe, maybe not... I hated having to deal with seasickness, and having to get tanner. (A FEW SHADES DARKER ALREADY LOR SOB) But I enjoyed the time spent with these people, and of course with the boyfriend who took such good care of me every step of the way. I think this trip brought us closer cos we had to deal with a lot of stress (not having anywhere to stay and running around finding a hotel, not being comfortable and familiar with where we were... etc etc) so I'm glad I decided to pack up and go.

So glad I'm doing with this post! It was a REALLY LONG ONE. RIGHT?!
And I'm so sorry I forgot so much of it already. Like the names of the places and all. I'm forever very 'blur' like that. I just kinda go along... which is why Mr Tan is very worried about me cos he isn't in SG now. And I'm the kind of girlfriend who needs a lot of attention and to be fed every few hours. HAHAHHA. But I'm trying to be a big girl and deal with it! And of course I am lucky enough to have people like Jovene who is so sweet to keep checking on me to make sure I'm ok. If you see this, know that I love you babygirl! :)

Gonna have a shoot later before I meet 2 of my old SP friends. Excited!
Have a great Thursday ahead, everyone :)