24th February : Sunday Advertorials

February 24, 2013


I love AshInCans' huge variety of clothes ranging from dresses to street wear-ish pieces to basics!
This time I kept a very pretty crochet dress in beige and I love the cutting and material cos it makes me feel super girly ~

Also kept this quirky cute Bart cropped sweater from them that's very good for casual days in school/to chill.

Check out their latest lookbook and new arrivals/available items for stuff you will definitely LOVE!



SkinnyBonnie is a new blogshop that provides a big big range of trendy items... but most importantly - at affordable prices! 
You won't wanna miss out checking out this site, really.

Here I am in their white rose sweater. And it's awesome because 1) the quality DAMN GOOD. I swear. My classmates who really know their stuff about clothes told me that the quality is REALLY good after they molested it all over hahah!! 2) it's such a versatile piece!

Also this comic cropped top! Very korean!

Check out their other great choices out too!




They've been my sponsor for a long time already, ever since 'ISYBF' days.
Reliable and ever trendy with their own distinct style, you can't miss out on them too!

Here I am in their glass slippers in silver.
MAJOR LOVE. I literally wear these comfy heels to school EVERYDAY.

In their slit sleeved top!

Check out their newest arrivals!


Happy shopping girls!!!
(This will be my second last Sunday post - there will STILL be adverts but they'll be posted randomly!)


  1. hi rachel, i dropped you a comment before but there was no reply :(. can i ask if the yhf black heels are shorter than the silver ones? from the pic they look slightly shorter! thanks!:)

  2. Oh why won't there be any more Sunday posts??? :(

  3. Hi Rachel the cosmic crop top that you paired with the shorts may I know where to get them? It's so gorgeous! Pls reply to this post as I have been wanting to buy this shorts of years ^^


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