February 24, 2013

Recently I've gotten tons of emails asking me where I got my latest hair done!
All the emails asked how much and where to do it cos the said my hair looks so much softer and better, and they love the colour as well. 
Replied a few here and there but since there are still many unanswered.... I'm here to tell you now!

I got it done at BUGIS ESSENSUALS, and I'm really not lying when I say my hair has never been softer my ENTIRE life before this.

It's a super hair rescue treatment and my hair before was so damaged... I was so used to damaged hair that I found it VERY HARD to manage how to style my new soft hair - of course, now it is much easier to manage it cos it's soft and doesn't tangle at all and I've learnt to love and live with it!

So much easier, even just to tie or clip it up to let it down. The results can be SEEN, and you can see them in my latest pictures :

It's just so soft! 

BUGIS ESSENSUALS is located just above the Burger King at Bugis Street! Super easy to find!

For rates and services, feel free to give them a call!
Ask for BRYAN! He is super nice and great at what he does, and yes he's my stylist 


Also, I am blessed enough to have an awesome nail sponsor!
Check out my latest glitter / grey floral nails!
The flowers are all 3d Art ok. It's all hand drawn/mounted. I love them so much, and Belle so much. She is amazing.
Contact Belle at 8100 7353 for an appointment!

My previous pretty set!

I'm in the midst of planning my birthday party now and I am SOOO stressed.
Hopefully everything works out!
Best part of birthdays is spending time with people you love


  1. Too bad I don't live in Singapore :( I have such shit hair it makes me sad QQ

  2. So are u going back to salon vim for any hair services?

  3. Aren't you with Salon Vim?

  4. Hi @ANGEE haha it's ok! you can come visit them while you are ever here for a holiday!

  5. Nope I am not with Vim anymore.

  6. Where did you get your wooden phone cover!

  7. Hi the other time did you post about a nail sponsor located at tampines? I can't find the post.
    Mind to help me with it?

  8. hey babe!
    can check where did you buy yr ring? so pretty leh! :)

  9. i heard you got out of salon vim cos you don't have enough 'readers' or hits??


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