CNY 2013

February 12, 2013

Heyheyy ~~  Hoping everyone's CNY went as well as mine! 
I love CNY so much. You get to see all your relatives and chat, catch up, gamble... and the best part? EAT!!! I used to eat my grandma's food everyday while I was growing up, and since she moved to my aunt's, I don't get to eat her food at any other time than CNY!

Here's my CNY in instagram snaps :
Previous day's reunion dinner at home. Such a huge spread for a family of 3. My sister only came home after to eat some shabu shabu...

And DAY1!!!!! Spent extra time on my makeup... hehee

Wore this orientaldress/cheongsam-reinvented thing and I definitely made my older relatives/CY's relatives very happy. They really like it when kids stick to traditional values huh ~ Just my hair colour probably didn't make them too happy. Hahaha.

With Charlie, my cousin's very handsome and fit beagle! He can probably run faster than me. Hahahah.


Making our own popiahs every year is a tradition at my Aunty M's place.

Her prawn mee is damn good too!

Then met up with CY after to accompany him and visit his side of the family.

Tired face day 1

Day 2! Woke up in the AM for another round of visiting..

Outfit day 2. The owner of RunwayBandits were so nice to tell me to ignore the invoice I sent, and she sent it to me as a gift instead!

Outfit details

And my faveeee boy

Another one of my favs. Meowmeowvin ~

Day 3 today and I am swamped with work and exhaustion. 
Gonna just rest the day away.
I need a break from everything!


  1. hi can i ask where did you get the dress you wore on the first day?

  2. hi rachel, not sure if you received my email as it didn't pop out in my sent mails. could u email me at ? I would like to enquire about your adverts :)

  3. Nice heels matched with the dress..where is it from? (:

  4. nice heels matched with the dress..where did you get from?(:

  5. Hi rachel!
    Where did you get your red celine bag and how much was it?
    Is it still available for sale in singapore?

  6. Oh! Really awesome, Lovely outfits yaar. Very Nice cheongsam collections.

    Cheongsam dress


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