February 14, 2013

So... you guys might have seen my little posts on this newly discovered (to me) website that is probably gonna be a huge hit (because it's so awesome) and today I'm gonna be blogging a full entry about it! Yay!

This is my instagram/fb post :

Still unsure about what I'm pointing to?

Well, DAILYRANTZ.COM is a website that you can basically rant about all your experiences, whether it may be humorous, embarrassing, stressful, frustrating, or troubling... or anything else, really. You can say ANYTHING YOU WANT!

How awesome is that??

All you gotta do is to REGISTER by signing up with DAILYRANTZ and you can also log in VIA fb!!

Before this website, I used to rant on twitter, and since I rant SO much about EVERYTHING, I think some of my followers might have been a lil annoyed with me. Not anymore with this site around.
I've been ranting so much on this site. Really super shiok to be able to rant somewhere... 
Here is my latest rant. Check out the entry box, it's sooo simple. A few drop down options, and a huge box to say anything you want!
(Yes, I'm truly sick of being sick. Although I am getting better, my stomach still isn't as good as it should be. Yes, I probably rant about this about everyday on dailyrantz.com so if you see any posts on how it's so annoying to still be unwell after so long, IT'S ME!!!!!!!!! Hhahahahaa!!)

You can also tweet/push the post to FB after that to let your friends read it. Sharing is caring ~

Here are some of the categories of rants you can check out!
But. You know what's one of the best parts of this site?


This was my reaction when I first realised you could do that :

Here are some of the current rants as at the time I'm blogging this. (Yes, it is LIVE.)

LOL @ the first one!!!! SUPER FUNNY! So true. Some people are so lucky not to be able to gain weight. I gave it a thumbs up :D
And yes, you can actually DISLIKE the post too! People have been wanting a dislike button right? There's one here!
Just click to give it a thumbs down if you don't like it. 
OR!! You can leave a comment too. 
To the rant below, I would love to say : "IKR I TOTALLY FEEL YOU. IT'S SOOO UNFAIR!!!!"

And the last rant : Yes, you can also win prizes by ranting!!!! 
This website is god's gift, really.
So happy I found it, it makes me wanna dance just talking about it....


I give WWW.DAILYRANTZ.COM a really happy thumbs up for giving me an outlet to rant! Thank you!

So don't wait! 
Check out WWW.DAILYRANTZ.COM and start ranting with me!!!

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