February Flashback

February 28, 2013

It's almost March now, and I haven't been blogging about my daily life for a damn long time but I swearrrrrr, I've been soooo busy!!!!!!!!!

I'm here with Insta updates now.
Promise you that I will definitely have proper picture posts soon.
Spent 45 mins taking pics for an upcoming advert and ALSO!!! It's my birthday celebration weekend this weekend!
So I'll definitely have pictures to share

Last night I had a pretty bad night....
But I realised that sometimes all of us act crazy in one way or another. Small or big.
And this quote by Marilyn Monroe says it all.
Don't feel bad about being a lil cray....
Making DIY stuff to sell for one of my projects in school.
I chose to make collar tips cos you don't see MUCH of them, right?

Me in style #2, White x Gold jade!

And foil with electric blue.
I will be selling them at a pop up store in school in time to come - hope you guys will come buy from meeeee!

Some random gifts for my parents and bf

And TCC with daddy after school for dinner one random day...

Macarons really make my day  - I wish I could have 1 EVERYDAYYYYYYYYYY. 
But it's really sweet. Bad for the blood!

Lunch with my classmates. Mine's the crispy noodles and it was REALLY tasty! From HOTSPOT coffee shop opposite school/Sim Lim

Me with a yellow flower.... random.... hahaha.
Also I'm giving away the floral headband I'm wearing! Scroll down for more details

And my creation for another one of my projects! Based on DIOR's runway show Fall 2012. I wish I could sleep in a bed of flowers. They're really so pretty right...

Saturday with my parents outfit 

And IPPUDO for dins!

And buying my fav magnum!!!!! WHOOP. Almond is my fav.

My very own customised MY LITTLE PONY phone cover!
Mine's a mix of my own choices of charms and my fav pony, Fluttershy.
Please head down to ESMELOVESHOP at SCAPE for yours! Pick your own charms, and pony and pay accordingly. I wanted all pastels so this is the result : 

Quote my name for 5% off!
For more info and examples : https://www.facebook.com/EsmeLoveShop

*Do note that only this shop, ESMELOVESHOP, sells ORIGINAL PONIES.
Do NOT be cheated into buying fake ponies!*
Also big thank you to LaobanNiang B, for the giraffe charm too!

Having wraps for lunchbreak ~~

Kebabs with rice

My cutie Chloe with my new toy for her. She ripped it apart in an hour tho. Violent Chloe.....

Did ya'll know that Chloe LOVES CY A LOT?!?! 
Everytime he's around she is this nua litle white ball asking for massages and licking his toes and just rubbing herself on him hahahahaa. 
If she can't have him, she has his bag instead.

Makeupless me. Different, tired-looking right?
I had lotsa nice compliments on instagram but..... i still prefer myself with full on makeup. WAYANG OR NOT, my choice!
Staying home to do my work...


This is the poster and details. 
I'll be there w J from WeAreRubbish and also Y from KISSABLEBELLA! WHEEP!

Monday in my daddy's shirt

And TCC baby crayfish salad AAAAAGGGGGAAAAIN. My fav.

Shopping loots from shopping with the boy on Monday

And me drawing Sam. Most serious face ever really.


And new slippers! Scented and in cute packaging too, totally worth it!

Home-cooked dins by my mama. I love times like this.
It may be normal for everyone else to have this, but for me it's a treasure. Cos I usually eat take out everyday.... my parents used to be both working. But now my mom stays home and she cooks sometimes so I love it when she does!

And this is how I choose to live :

"Never stop learning, Be thankful always, And love."


Have a great rest of the week guys!

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Under SHOPAPRICOT'S post. 

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  1. Hi Rachel! Wanted to ask where you got your New Balance shoes? If I'm not wrong it's a 410? Been searching for one for the longest time! Thanks! :)


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