New beginnings...

February 9, 2013

First of all, I am really SORRY!!!! For always only updating with instagram pictures... but I've really been busy getting back on track with school/life after finishing my 2 week MC. 
Anyway I've had a rather eventful week this week... 
Let's start from Tuesday.
Up pretty early to get errands done! There is really so much to do when you take a break from EVERYTHING for 2 weeks.

Yoshinoya for lunch cos I had cravings. Thankful for my ever giving bf who hates Yoshinoya but ate it with me anyway because I wanted to have my beef bowl so badly.

And we were in couple wear!!! 
Both our tops (mine's a dress for me cos it's guy sizing) are from PRAISE.
PRAISE : Find out more HERE

Macarons and tea after!

My hair at home. Always like this or in a bun. Never as tame as you see in my pictures outside. HAHA.

My nails by @Glitzyfingers are STILL as lovely as ever! I LUV GELISH SO MUCH! And Belle, my manicurist. Do contact her for your mani/pedi needs. She's awesome!

Me being tiring after a long day at school. 10am-9pm, mind you. Still can't get over it.

My photography assignment. Shoot a shiny fashion item.
Thank you Ekachai for the crown, thank you Greg and Sammy for the help.
YES. CP hand made noodles. Big love for papa who drove me all the way down there just to have it!


Paper art project in the making.

And crazy hair at home part2.

TGIF's face of the day!

And outfit.

New eyeliner from Clio. The twist one if you're wondering which it is.

And I got my yellow hair OFF!!!
And in time for CNY, THANK YOU B*!

Can you see how fine and soft it looks?

Closer pic. Swear. I never had softer hair in my LIFE.

My favourite. He kept touching my hair too and saying "Really damn soft..." hahaha. 

I made a decision this week that's quite a big step for me. Also a painful one... Cried over it and thought about it a lot. But I did make a decision. I wish I could explain further but I can't.... I just know that I don't deserve to be treated the way I was, I definitely need much more appreciation than that, and I really hope that my choice doesn't affect anyone more than me.

On a lighter note : It's CNY eve tomorrow already!
Wishing a happy CNY to all of you, and may all of us get LOADSSS of angpaos! 


  1. Hi rach please share which salon and treatment you went to and did! And please share a new makeup tutorial! Thank you in advance :) stay pretty!

  2. hi babe! may i know if the black transparent glass heels from YHF are of the same height or taller than the metallic heels from YHF? thanks!

  3. Can you list where you outfits are from? Esp the white lace top

  4. Whatever decision you made, just know that people who love you will support you no matter what. Thank you for sharing about the effort it took for you to do make that choice, hopefully it slighly relieved you of whatever negative feelings you may have :)

    a fan.


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