Stress? BREATHE.

February 26, 2013

 I think S T R E S S is something all of us face, whether young or old... whatever our occupation may be. Stress is very normal, and I get really stressed too, sometimes.....

Whenever my submission week comes around, I literally want to die (sometimes). If you don't already know, I'm schooling in Lasalle and cos it's an arts school, we don't have exams. All we have are submission weeks and we sometimes have no break between all the submission days... and i'm the terrible procrastinating type who doesn't actually do her work until like one week before the submission week. So imagine 5 days straight of stuff due that was supposed to be done over a period of 3-4 months.


This is how I look when I have submissions. I stayover in school, literally, without sleep.... LOL. 
Super sad life ok.

But of course all is worth it when you get your results and know that you did it!

I'm definitely getting better at coping with stress, and it's not really that difficult to be honest!!

There's this magic formula and it's called COPES.

What you need to do when you're stressed, like this, (like me)

1 : C Calm Down

      When you find yourself feeling stressed, stop doingyour work for a while, do some deep breathing, and calm yourself down.
I really find this very helpful. When you panic and go cray cray, you don't and can't get anything done! So all you really gotta do FIRST OF ALL, is breathe.

2 : O  (Find your) Options
      Think of all the possible solutions to the problemyou are facing and list them down.
When you're finally breathing, you're able to think better. But don't just do the first thought you think of. Write everything down, and move on to the next 3 steps.

3 : P Positive Thinking
      Tell yourself that you are able to solve the issueat hand. Have confidence in yourself.
It's no use to think 'I can't do this', or 'I'll never be able to do it...' etc etc. All negative thinking gets you to do is believe in it. You won't get anything done!

4 : E Explore Options
      Explore all the possible options you listed down,think of the pros and cons of each option, select the best option, and takeaction to solve your problem. 
After you think of ALL the possible solutions you can think of, write them down before you decide. More options is always better and you can then make the best, well-thought decision to prevent regrets!

S Seek Help
      Seek help from people you trust (e.g. friends,parents, teachers, counsellors)
If there's anything you don't understand, or you're still not sure about... ASK SOMEONE. 2 heads are better than one no matter what. I always ask my parents/bf/friends for help and they always help me to the best of their abilities! 


Also, it helps to always be on track on a day-to-day basis! Don't procrastinate!!!!


It's not hard... here are some tips :

Plan your time and activities:
       Keep a daily to-do list
       Keep a calendar and schedule not onlyyour to-dos but also time out for yourself
       Divide up the tasks that seem largeor difficult into smaller sub-tasks
Exercise regularly
       Physical activity releases endorphinswhich are feel-good hormones and helps to relieve stress.
Learn to cope with expectations
       Personal Expectations
      Set realistic goals. You can raiseyour expectations as you achieve your targets.
      Unrealistic expectations can make youfeel frustrated and lose confidence over time.
      Ask for help from supportive peoplee.g. teachers, parents, friends.
      Mistakes are not failures - learnfrom them and commit to do better the next time.
       Parents Expectations
      Fix a time with your parents to talkabout their expectations of you.
      Discuss your feelings openly, calmly,and honestly with them.
      Map out your own expectations andnegotiate with them.
      Tell them what help you may need fromthem.

Other Study Tips:
       Organise your study space - make sureits separate from your relaxation area
       Plan a proper and realistic revisiontimetable and follow it
       Start with subjects you enjoy
       Have a good study buddy
       Do not be afraid to ask for help whenunsure about a topic or subject


It's not neuroscience, dealing with stress. Simple but effective ways are available, you just have to take it one step at a time! Slow and steady wins the race. It's true.
You'll find it such a relief at the end of the day when you are prepared for whatever exam/test/submission!

BREATHE.SG has a huge variety of material to help you deal with stress. you guys are so lucky, cos whenever I was stressed in the past I didn't have something like BREATHE.SG to help me through, I had to learn the hard way. Lucky you!

If you're really stressed out, take a break and catch this new web series call CLICK!
It touches on so many subjects very real to all of us...  Even saw myself in the characters. I'll be honest. I used to deal with extremely low self-esteem and I would starve for days just to be skinny, and I even picked up smoking just cos I thought it will kill my stress. It didn't help. I was unhealthy, unhappy, and definitely more stressed than I am now.
 I eat a lot now, healthily, and I don't smoke anymore, and I exercise instead to relieve stress! And everyone tells me I look much happier, and much better cos I look so super happy and healthy all the time ~

You guys should really check it out!

You can watch the webisodes HERE @ WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BREATHE.SG
and check out tips/resources at WWW.BREATHE.SG

Everything is a choice, and you can choose to live healthily, happily. Why follow the crowd and stress about what's cool and what isn't? You always gotta love yourself!

"If you want to be happy, be."


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