20th Birthday Party!

March 21, 2013

I am finally here with my last post on my birthday celebration!

And this was actually on Saturday, 2 days before my birthday. 
I held a little dinner for friends! It's the first party I have ever thrown for my birthday, cos I never really let people in.. and thus, never really had people to celebrate it with. This is the first time I did, and I was so scared to send out invitations in case nobody wanted to go (haha I am really that insecure sometimes), but when I did, I was really pleasantly surprised when EVERYONE SAID YES, and IMMEDIATELY. Like don't need to think. "Ok I'll be there!" 
So happy ok....

Eye makeup a little different for a special day!

People were asking on my instagram @rchlwngxx where I got my banner from...
And it's actually hand made, designed by my friend Greg! He won't read my blog so I'm gonna show him this : HI GREG. THANK YOU!

Arrived early to put them up, with the help of bf and Greg, Khid, Michelle.

My cake :) 
Customized by Nicole of the-cupcake-affair.com just for me cos I loveeee giraffes!

Yummy red velvet cakes by my friend Lydia !

Food food food! The food at Mad Nest is yummy!

 I was very happy the entire night. I think I did not take a single photo where I posed properly and tried to actually look nice cos I was just SO FRIGGIN HAPPY. It was ear to ear grins the entire night!!!!! SERIOUS!
Here are some examples : (my friends took lotsa pics n sent them to me so some of these pix are mobile uploads/instagrams!)

Happy to see my friends enjoy dinner too!

Entire table from Lasalle except for Clara/Jov and bf of course! 

Cake cutting time!

Standard wishing....

Cake cutting....

And this is what my friends were doing the entire time. 
Just kept on taking pictures HAHA

Rainbow cakeeeee!

And my beheaded giraffe still looking very cute heheh

See. Very happy!
This was when bf suddenly appeared out of nowhere with flowers, a card, and my gift in a paperbag!
He actually went to the party with me empty handed btw, telling me that he didn't have anything for me... Haha. Ekachai was delivery boy for the day. Thanks Eka!

With all my gifts :')
I almost wanted to die from happiness ok.... 
There were home made cards, giraffes, sunnies, a camera...

With my lover! 

Family outside of family....

Gifts I unwrapped the next day! Super love everything! 
Especially the presence of everyone at my party, thank you for taking the time out to spend that dinner with me. Means the world to me...
Thank you to my elder 'brothers' ChoonWei and Eka, and my handsome army boy Melvin.
Thank you to my 2 girls whom I was so happy to see after a long time, Jovene and Clara.
Thank you to my dearest classmates Sammy, Greg, Alissa, Jiji, Gongz, Merv, Jenny, Jackie, Khid, Michelle, and not my classmates but my friends as well : Lydia and Shane!

The best birthday I have ever had....

Blessed in too many ways.



  1. :O so a pretty camera! I wish I celebrate my 20th birthday like you did :P all my friends are away at school studying for midterms/finals :(

  2. helloooo, can i know where you get the dress for your birthday celebration?

  3. How much did you spend for your birthday party.

  4. hi dear, really love your attire! care to share where you got it from? (:


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