Birthday Celebration #2

March 12, 2013

Second birthday celebration was with my family!

Just a cozy dinner at my fav jap restaurant and fav cafe after for desserts!

Let's go ~~~
You would notice the picture quality and colours are different from my usual posts cos I was using the Olympus Pen.... don't really like how yellow they are but the effect is quite lomo-ish, I guess?

Outfit of the day ~

Chikuwa Tei is at Mohd Sultan!


Lovessss of my life

Pressie from Jie/Brother in law!


Dempsey's PS Cafe for dessert/cake wishing/candle blowing/cake cutting

Really really important to me.
"The love of family is life's greatest blessing."
And I am so incredibly blessed and loved, even when I don't deserve it. That is why I will always try and be the best I can be.... just want to make my family proud.

For love, health, happiness and success.,,,


Be back with my birthday party post soon!


  1. Happy bday Rachel =D
    stay pretty

  2. Love your hair! You're so pretty :)


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