Birthday Celebration #3

March 10, 2013


So as you know, or don't know, I celebrated my 20th birthday last weekend.. and it was the best birthday of my ENTIRE LIFE! 
It happened over 3 days, 1 day with my friends, 1 day with my family, and the last with my boyfriend which was on the actual day itself.

I'm going to start backwards and blog about my dinner with my boyfriend first, because the official photographer still hasn't sent me the pictures from the party!

Bf and I asked around a little, and did some research together and decided to head down to Gyu Kaku at Chijmes cos everyone said it was good, and we never had Jap BBQ together before anyway.

They have a few outlets in SG but we went to the Chijmes one!

A pretty simple outfit since we were just gonna have dinner ~


I was looking quite bad because I had a sore eye. Yes, on my birthday... just being jinxed me! 

DO NOTICE WE  HAVE BIBS ON! So thoughtful of them haha

SALAD! Gotta have this. I forgot the name but they will tell you it's the best selling and it is TRULY GOOD.

Bf cooked everything that night, I just ate.... hehe

Meat platter!

Wagyu beef was of course my fav meat on the platter - really really juicy, soft, and tasty omg...

Wonder what's inside....?


And very yum codfish too!

Their stone cooked rice was also good... just rice, but also good. This restaurant is really tops!

Bf STILL cooking hahaha

And desserts!
I REALLY RECOMMEND THE ONE ON THE LEFT. Yummiest milk pudding I have ever had.
CY actually ordered this, and when I tried it, he knew he wasn't gonna have it back. So he took my bowl of vanilla ice cream immediately hahahaha. He knows me so well and always gives me the best!

Also, that was the 3rd day I was wearing my new ring from him!
Love everything about the simple ring which had the nickname he calls me engraved inside

Thank you for everything, TCY.
Wouldn't have been such a great birthday without you.
Your love is a gift to me everyday of my life...

Hehe, be back soon with my celebration with my family!

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  1. So beautiful Rachel! I love Korean BBQ, can't wait to go when it's my birthday. Everything looks so delicious!
    Fashion Ganache.


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