Fashion Hooks

March 11, 2013

Not my first time writing a post on Fashion Hooks but this time I'm back with really awesome items that I myself am saving for a special occasion to wear! Hehe, I'm so excited to share about them... I know you girls will love em too!

"Fashion Hooks is an online store based in Singapore, sketched in early 2008 by Cynthia Luvs.

We are able to deliver wide range of awesome apparels and accessories at affordable prices with good quality fabrics and beautiful designs that are up to date with the current fashion trend.

Fashion Hooks built our reputation not only on the quality of fabrics, but also on our service. We value our cus
tomers' experience and feedback so as to make your purchase at Fashion Hooks a pleasant experience."

Here I kept their galaxy print peplum top and I think it's a damnnnn cute piece, to wear on a white blouse or by itself below a blazer. 

And this floral dress, super lovely print and great cutting! I don't like wearing revealing dresses, (or any kinda clothes for that matter...) so this is a damn good way to be classy yet not look stuffy cos the back is low back, with a bow!

Check out their big variety or different styles for everyone, you'll definitely find something you like

***Quote my name 'rchlwngx' for $1 off any purchase till 15th March!***


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