MIYOC Sales!

March 20, 2013

Do you guys remember the advert I did for MIYOC a while ago?
If you don't : click HERE!

Anyway, the point is that they are back with a huge sale event!

They have a huge variety of clothes as I've mentioned before, so you don't wanna miss this sale event for sure! 70% off ok!!!!

Here are some sneak previews!

They have all the names you already know and love!

So don't miss out!

Event is on 22-24th March, Friday-Sunday.
12-9PM at Miyoc Orchard Central #05-12, 11-10PM at Miyoc Jcute #04-14
Not just apparel are on sale, bags and shoes are also on sale
You can even find clothes at $10!!!
*No trying for this sales period*

And also, remember to LIKE&SHARE about this event on FB at www.facebook.com/MiyocStore

Happy Shopping, girls!


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  1. Hi! For the blue denim tribal shorts in the photo you posted at the end with 'from $10 only', do you know which outlet can that be found in? Thanks! :D


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