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March 6, 2013

I'll be talking about a pretty sensitive topic today, and for girls, something very close to your hearts - literally!

Yes, I'm talking about boobies! 

Personally, I'm really small sized in frame and also, have always felt that am pretty much just flat... taking after my mom, who also doesn't have big boobs. I've never ever wanted big boobs like B cup and above but I wanted a fuller, perkier bust, which I'm sure a lot of girls want too.
A fuller, perkier bust without the armpit fats that I also personally have a bit of (like 3rd and 4th boobs if you know what I mean....) would look much nicer in clothes especially tube tops or sleeveless clothes!
Thus, when Tokyo Bust Express gave me the chance to try their treatments, I was really quite excited because I read up on them and talked to friends who have visited them before and knew that it was ALL NATURAL, no silicons/pills/injections whatsoever. 

I headed down on Friday to the City Square Mall outlet for my first session and was brought to this comfy lil consultation room complete with sweet smelling tea and pretty flowers  ~

And I was given a thorough consultation with one of their professionals - Jess, who was really patient, understanding and clear in all her explanations to me, a first timer who was really nervoussss!

I was listening very attentively! 
She was telling me about how the growth of boobs can be affected by your diet when you are developing them, or perhaps it's the wrong bra you've been wearing - pushing the boob fat to the back to your armpits. Or! It could also simply just be genetic.

The cure is natural ingredients in the products they use that include naturally boob growth enhancing properties like Fenugreek Seed extract, 'White Khao Krua', Hops flower, Wild Yam root and Dang Gui root.

She will analyse your boobs one on one, and she was very very professional - I did feel very shy at first but because she was so professional, she made me feel much more comfortable and at ease.

I don't know if it holds true for everyone, but I've talked about it with my girlfriends and we all have realised that one boob is ALWAYS bigger than the other, and usually it's the left! For me, she says that the difference between my boobies are by 1 cup size. I was quite shocked cos I never thought I was a B?! Been buying cup A size bras for forever! She said that I'm very petite and small sized so that's why I automatically thought I was an A, but it doesn't work that way. My left is a small B and I'm much smaller on the other side, a small A... Tokyo Bust Express would then customise treatments suitable just for you like they did for me.

Brought to the very comfy and prettily decorated room for treament!
I did a massage, a suction treatment, and a mask!


Thought that I would have felt really awkward and uncomfortable but the entire treatment was done so well, so professionally, that I felt none of those feelings at all! Just happy that there was such a real difference, and there REALLY WAS. How do I know?
I felt immediate difference just LOOKING at them, and when I dressed up to leave, I felt like they felt much fuller in my bra.... Honestly not lying. I myself was skeptical at first as well but after the treatment I was a believer ~~

For my readers....... You can get yourselves to Tokyo Bust Express to try it for yourself as well!

Just answer the question below :

Q : Where did Rachel receive her pampering bust treatments?

a) Park Mall
b) City Square Mall
c) Nex
d) Novena Square 2

All entries will receive :
-5 complimentary diva-boost bust maximizing treatments worth $1688
-Girl Power welcome kit worth $488 including latest Bust Enhancement Serum as show below

2.SMS MTokyo_FullName_NRIC_Answer to 85330226
3/Call 62626161

Strictly by appt only/Promotion valid for 2 months/While stocks last for Bust Enhancement Serum.

Thank you so much, Tokyo Bust Express, for making me a more confident and happy girl!
Come and witness the difference in just one session yourself!


  1. I also have really small boobs, smaller than yours! Really glad that you shared this lil piece of information on your blog :)

  2. Hi Rachel, what is the model of the shoes you wore?

    Thanks :)

  3. hey! i have texted and emailed them as instructed however i didnt receive any replies so i was thinking am i already entitled? or do i have to wait for confirmation? :)

  4. Hi rachel, is there any side effects, and will the boobs like shag if we stopped the treatment? Thks.

  5. Is it complimentary for real or will they ask us sign package ? :/

  6. Hello Rachel!

    Tokyo Bust express doesn't work or show any results at all. Their tables are not even decorated with flowers etc. I think that they only put up a good front because you, a blogger was going. Based on experiences from my friends and i, tokoyo bust express doesnt show results at all. Their treatments are useless. Yes, maybe the first session will make you feel like your boobs became bigger etc, that is because if a person have never been to a place like this, and the moment you stimulate them, they will swell, NOT become bigger. Anyway, i wouldn't recommend this place at all. If their treatments are as good as they say, why would they need people to advertise for them?

  7. Hi Rachel

    I'm an avid reader of your blog and always love your recommendations. Thus I decided to try this out too.
    However my experience at Tokyo bust express was a traumatic and disappointing one.

    I arrived on time for my appointment and was still made to wait for 1.5 hours (with staffs walking and chatting around) before someone assisted to consult me.

    The consultant was initially nice as she explained to me about my problem and what treatment might help me rectify it. Instantly, she tried to hard sell me a 1300$ package, and "discounted" it to 888$. I was brought aback as this is a huge sum for me given that I'm still a student. I kindly rejected the offer and want to proceed with the free trial and then I'll consider the package if I feel comfortable with the session.

    However, she did not even HEAR me out, instead continue to hard sell me the package for another TWO hours and urge me to put a downpayment. What I did not like was how she compared "other students" to myself, claiming they can afford 2000$ packages and 888$ is a meagre amount for me. To be honest I may have taken up the package if they allowed instalments system by sessions( but they expect you to pay the whole sum within a week from downpayment before they start the treatments- try coming up with 888$ if you are not earning.)

    I was so tempted to forgo the free trial itself and just walk out. The consultant continued to press me to purchase the package and reduced the price to 444$. Eventually I decided to put just a 50$ deposit after all the pressure, get over my free trial and get the hell out. The free trial bears no results.

    After researching about the company and reading on customers' feedback and reviews about the treatments, of which most are negative, I decided that I should not return to proceed with the package. Take it as a lesson learnt. I rather pay 50$ for a "free trial" then return to the fortress of hungry tigress.

    If you have loads of money to spare, go for it. Or if you are able to brave all the hard selling and pressure (feels like you are being PRESSED by an interrogator in a small room), go for it. But do your research first. I'm definitely sure this is the last time I am stepping in there.

  8. Hi reader on top of this comment!!!
    which outlet did you visit?? A lady called me today to schedule an appointment with them because I entered my details for the free trials posted on another blog. They assured me that there is no charges!! But now upon searching online, I am a bit scared!!

  9. Hey there! The comment above is totally true. Same thing happened to me when I went to the City Square outlet when I thought I was going for a "complimentary" trial. I had the most unconformable experience there as the consultant pressurized me to sign on to a package even as she brought me to the massage room claiming that I needed to pay at least $50 to add on to the trial as she kept going back and forth consulting from her manager. I felt so uncomfortable, I quickly changed out of my robe and didn't want to go further with the trial and left the place. TokyoBust doesn't know that complimentary means FOC and I wouldn't recommend anyone to go for the trials unless you want to spend hours falling for their hard sell tactics.

  10. Hi Ladies,

    Visit FB page:
    Action Against Tokyobust SG

    Let's unite to make our voices known!

    Thanks :)

    Cheers, Admin

  11. Sorry rchlwngx for making this comment -


    It is time to voice out, speak up on your experiences with Tokyo Bust Express in Singapore. Let this be a platform where you can air your views in good faith for public good. With substantial customers' reports, let's take action!


    Anonymity is guaranteed. =)

  12. oops look like i found this late - saw another promo from another blogger also by tokyo bust express and have went for their treatments. experience was good!

    i really did feel my boobs became bigger but sadly couldnt sign cos i didnt have enough with me. the stafff at sqaure 2 branch didnt force me or give a black face ( unlike this one slimming place i went before ) so i think they have eased on the selling part.

  13. I signed up a program with Tokyo bust express and results are good so far. I did abt 5times only. Hopefully I can do see more results. I went to Novena outlet by the way. The staff are friendly and warm. Overall, I think they just need to brush up on their English but I can tell and feel that they are really sincere and nice.


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