Weekend Fun!

March 18, 2013

Here to blog about my awesome weekend!!!
Was so sad about tomorrow being Monday and having to go back to school, while sitting on my chair sewing/binding notebooks in pain because my finger still hasn't recovered yet that I actually had thoughts about quitting school.
I tweeted about it... and..... THERE WAS AN INFLUX OF WHATSAPP TEXTS!!
All from my closer friends with lotsa 'ARE YOU MAD' and 'You would have wasted so much MAKEUP and EFFORT and MONEY' and 'YOU WANT TO BE A TELEPHONE OPERATOR OR WORK AT PETROL KIOSK?'

This is why I say. I may be super unlucky, jinxed in MANY ways : careless, stupid, clumsy.
But I have people who truly care about me and are always there to support me, so everything is always okay. Thankful!

Back to the point of the entry.
I woke up early to head down to Restore2 at F1 Pit Building!


Jorjor was there with me, and he ended up having to lend me his rack/plastic bags AGAIN.
LOVE LOVE JOR, if you're reading this! Thank you again!

And lil Chloe and her bro/family came to visit again! Yay!!! They are damn cute...

Bf is damn good with kids. I, on the other hand, am the total opposite. And I don't want kids in the future cos I know I won't be a good mom. It is always so heartwarming watching him when he's with kids and he'll be like 'See? Cute right? We'll have 1 next time ok?' and I'll be like 'Yes very cute but. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........ they will suffer!!!'

But if I have kids as cute as this then maybe I will change my mind.. 

This boy Caleb is Chloe's brother! Jor was trying to help him make the 'twist' sign but he's only 2 and too young to be able to control his hand so he couldn't do it! Too damn cute right


Old friend!

Jor being an ah pek LOL

Bf had 2/3 hours of sleep but he was there for me the whole way, being my left hand and right too!
(But he is a bit slow/blur la... hahahahaha)


Some pix with the cute girls that came down! Thank you for coming down

One last pic with bf!
I left around 4 cos I was damn tired, and there weren't many people already...

Went home and told CY I was gna sleep but I actually wanted to surprise him at work later at night!
Headed down with his friends. First time hanging out with them without him around. Felt a lil bit lonely but they're always really nice to me so it wasn't that bad. And seeing the surprise on CY's face was so worth it!

And the boy whom I surprised! He was really quite shocked!!! And then proceeded to scold me for going out late when I can't sleep late and also he kept on wanting to chase me home hahahaha

My favourite day of the week... Heading to City Square Mall!

My second session with Tokyo Bust Express

And dinner with bf and his family!

His mommy is so fair right?! I want to be this fair too!

One of the better zichar places I've tried.

Love this fried beehoon pancake!


Bf loves the tofu here, he wanted to order another plate lol

This place is just opposite of Wanderlust Hotel if you wanna try!

Was talking to his family about my love for giraffes and I suddenly missed the giraffes at the zoo so much........
I want to go back and feed them again!!!

Can I be a giraffe keeper?

PS. Follow me on twitter!!!! I've been quite active there recently ~~


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