May 29, 2013

Hello hello ~~~~~

So I tweeted last night that I would be announcing something on my blog. I got tweets from my friends like "CY proposed?!' and 'you signed with Mediacorp?' but no sorry! Nothing THAT dramatic keke. Anyway this decision actually came after a good long talk with my bf.....

I have decided to begin doing blogshop shoots again!!!!!!!

If you have been following me on for a long time... You would know I used to do up to 6/7 shoots a week for many different blogshops! But I stopped due to feeling insecure about myself and being busy with school and all. Been replying every email enquiring about my modelling rate that I am not doing any shoots for the longest time... but after much encouragement and support from my boyfriend and friends, I've decided that since that was where I came from... I can definitely still do it and I'm honestly very excited to be going back to it!

If you're interested in working with me, with a link to your blogshop! I am especially excited if you have exciting conceptualised shoots like outdoor shoots, please hire me!

Just email me at my email for rates... And have a great rest of the week! :)

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