May 11, 2013

So recently, I was invited to check out BLOGSHOP EMPIRE at FAR EAST PLAZA again and I was excited because honestly, this is a shop I always visit as well even without the invitation too!

If you haven't read my previous posts for them before, I'll explain what the concept of a store like BLOGSHOP EMPIRE is like. They basically house an array of Blogshops in a brick-and-mortar store, so you can actually see the products you see online in real life, try them on and it's a lot better if you feel that sometimes you don't know if the size fits or if the colour in real life is really the same as the product image.

Shopping ~~~

And trying on clothes in their fitting room is a breeze, it's so spacious!


Even more accessories...

There are definitely lots of names you already know in store!

And I love wearing shorts so this rack of shorts (there are skirts also) from different blogshops was like.... an 'OOOOOO' moment for me!

Do check out BLOGSHOP EMPIRE by Bliss and Co!

Here is a proper list of all the blogshops in store :


FAR EAST PLAZA #01-51 and #01-02

AND!!! A new outlet will be opening in VIVOCITY real soon (15th May)

A special treat for 7 of my readers :
Stand a chance to win either $20 or $10 worth of vouchers!
There are 3 $20 vouchers up for grabs, and 4 $10 vouchers! 
YAY ~~~~~~

How to win?
All you got to do is to leave your email, name and twitter name, and the reason why you should be one of the winners and then follow me on twitter and tweet to me @rchlwngx that you have left a comment!




  1. Email:
    Name: Cynthia Tseng
    Twitter name: @thatlastrose

    I should win because I simply love Blogshop Empire as they feature many of my favorite blogshops in it! In addition, if I win the vouchers, I would be able to get more stuff as I usually have a tight budget and I can't spend that much :( So I would be really happy if I could win the vouchers! Thank you Rachel and Blogshop Empire for constantly holding such giveaways!! YAY and much love! xx ^_^

  2. Email:
    Name: Goh Tong En
    Twitter Name: PonyPasta

    HELLO RACHEL! A big fan of your's here. HEHE! The reason I think I should be one of the winners is that I like ladies who dolls themselves up and I'd love to bring my girl friends to BlogShop Empire for shopping if I managed to win the vouchers. Cheers~

  3. email:
    name: Yean Huay
    twitter name: @coldbloodx

    i wish i could win this because i had never bought an item in blogshop empire before even though i went in once and badly wanna buy an item.. I love all the clothes and it's so unique and cool that the shop is selling :) what makes it even more special is the varietys of blogshop in here, making it better as we can try out ^^

  4. Email:
    Name: amanda chan
    Twitter name: GIRLFEELINGSxo

    Reason: Hey rachel, first things first, i just wanna say that i've been an avid reader of your blog and i've always been looking forward to new posts! Your blog is awesome! Ok now, the reason why i hope to be one of the winners is because i've always love and adore the clothes from Blogshop Empire. But they're a bit pricey, so as much as i love them, i wouldn't be able to buy many pieces. If i win, the voucher would come in handy for me to offset the amount off the total bill, which means that i can now buy more pretty clothes while paying lesser! It'll really make me a very happy girl, as like every other girl, i love getting new clothes and opening my wardrobe to see that i have new additions to it! I really hope that i can win *crosses fingers* . Thank you in advance <3

    Christine , @greyhelicopters
    I should be one of the winners cause I love to shop at blogshops and seeing the clothes irl at the store will be a plus!^^
    Love your blog too <3

  6. Email .
    Name : Jamie
    Twitter name : jamiekweh
    Reason : Because if I won the vouchers I can pay lesser! Haha

  7. Email:
    Name: Lim Rui Yi
    Twitter: theonlydrug

    I love shopping at Blogshop Empire! Definitely not the first time there and there won't be any last time soon. It would be great if I could have those awesome vouchers so that I can buy more clothes from them! And of course I'm a loyal reader and follower of yours hehe. Really hope I could win it! It'll be nice :')

  8. Name: Cassandra Tia
    Twitter username: cassandratiaasf

    Hi Rachel, the reason why i wish i could be one of the winners is mainly to treat this reward as a gift to myself after going through a 3 weeks long stressful exam period. It has really been hard on me and I know you recently finish completing your school assignments before the school holidays and I believe you can understand the pain of doing well and coping with stress. I hope by being one of your winners, I can make use of this reward to pamper myself after the exams and definitely something to look forward to after my exams have ended.

    I love to shop at fareast with my mum as well, and blogshop empire is one of my favorite stores to visit. I hope I can also share this reward with my mum considering how much we love buying clothes and since it is Mother's day today, I hope even after Mother's day ends, I can spend a fruitful shopping time with my mum.

    Most importantly, this voucher will be useful to me because honestly speaking, my body proportion is not really the same. I wear S size for my top, but M for my bottom. So online shopping especially for bottoms can be quite a hassle for me. Therefore, this voucher can really serve multiple purpose for me, not only giving me a little bit of joy to look forward to after my exams, but also to spend some mother-daughter time shopping and reducing my stress and hassle in online shopping.

    Lastly, I just want to say I've always been reading your blog and I love your posts. Even though its the exam periods, I still try to take time to read your posts even on the bus etc...

    *I hope I can be one of your winners*

    Thanks a lot Rachel

    1. Name: Kai Ling
      Twitter nick: kailingkk

      I think I should win these vouchers because I think brick and motar blogshops are awesomee! :))

  9. Name: Denise Wang
    Twitter: @WangWugui

    Hi rachel, a daily reader of yours here. :) Just wanna win a voucher so that i can get more outfits for school. Do continue blogging!

  10. email:
    Name: Zhiting
    Twitter: chongzhiting

    Hi, I really want to win these vouchers because due to my studies etc, I have only been shopping online and honestly, I can't fit into some of the clothes I bought! That's the downside of buying clothes online----you can't try it on )-: really want to win the vouchers so that I can continue buying more clothes (hehe) and it would save me quite a but as well! God bless x

  11. Email:
    Name: Sofina
    Twitter name: @nsofina

    Reason why I should win: Five words, One Hardcore Shopping Fanatic Here!

  12. Name: Wanlin
    Twitter nick: @WANLINXOXO

    Hi Rachel! Really hope I could win the vouchers because I LOVE SHOPPING!

    Basically every girls do haha~ I can be really insane when it comes to shopping and just buy whatever clothes which is pretty and think will suits me. But sometimes, it's too big/small for me and I will have no choice but to chuck it aside or give/sell to people whom they may want it. And it's a waste of a lot of money ;((( My hearts always breaks a little knowing that I wasted A LOT of money of clothes but it's a girls thing, I just couldn't stop buying and spending!!

    Really really hope to win the vouchers to buy something I like from there which I can see it, feel it, touch it and wear it myself to know if it really suits me! Have always joined your giveaway so I hope to win it this time round! Many things happened recently and retail therapy can make me a happy girl every time so when I win the vouchers, I can pamper myself too before exams starts in 2 weeks time~

    Thank you Rachel :) Happy Sunday to you!! ^^

  13. email:
    name: zann
    twitter name: @qinnnnnnnnnn
    reason: Firstly, i absolutely loveeeee shopping!! Everytime i am asked to state my hobby, i would say shopping. I have been online shopping for a few years already and have many online stores that i like and patronize frequently. Blogshop empire is like a paradise to me! So many brands and beautiful clothes!! I feel excited just talking about it :)
    Really hope to win so i can use it to buy some apparels which will serve as an encouragement to myself for school.
    Not forgetting, i love reading your blog! Your posts and pictures are forever interesting, so continue to blog more!!! :))))

  14. Name: Lum Yan Ying
    Twitter username: xyanying

    Hi Rachel!!
    I feel that I should be one of the winners because I've been a loyal blog reader of yours and I've followed you on twitter months and months and months ago!! Also, I love to shop alot. So if I'm lucky enough to win the vouchers, I'll be soooooo happy because I can shop with lesser burden ($$$) Hehe. Cheers and do take good care of yourself because you get sick easily :(

    With love.

  15. Name: Ng Yu Qing
    Twitter username: ngyuqing

    Helllllooo Rachel! I love reading your blog because I can always see pretty pictures and also pictures of giraffe!!! I LOVE GIRAFFE TOO!!! :D Hahaha! First time joining your giveaway so i really do hope to win! :) I can also use the vouchers to buy pretty dresses for my upcoming graduation! ;) YAY!!!

  16. Name: Joanne
    Twitter: starzgurl342

    Hi rachel, im a new reader of yours. Just last week I chanced upon your blog while bloghopping and have since followed you on instagram as I adore your fashion sense :)
    Well.. these few weeks I've been blogshopping like mad cos I broke up with my boyf of 2 years :'( *sobs* in order to distract myself, retail therapy is the one of the ways to cheer myself up. Till date, I feel very stressed and depressed as it is hard coping without his presence.
    What's worse is, a close friend of mine is rarely insensitive as she neglected me while shopping together with her friend at town the other day. When I voiced out to her.. hais in the end, we argued and stopped contacting since that day. I feel we will continue talking but not as close alr.
    Sigh, I know this sounds very dramatic right:( I really envy couples who can last long together. Wondering when will my turn comes..

    Coming back to this, I really hope i can win this as i'm really in need of something to cheer me up and im very sure this will brighten up my day! I will appreciate it very much if I'm able to win! Like for real.

    Thanks so much for hearing my rants in advance, and last long with your boy! <3

  17. name: Cherie Chan
    Twitter: Cheriezeng

    Hello Rachel!
    It's been quite sometime since i actually went out to shop for clothes, & as a design student, we all want to look our best, & the clothes in my closet has been worn so many times alr, so i feel its time for me to get some new outfits for school or even just to go out (:
    maybe this vouchers will remind me that its time to buy some clothes from blogshop empire! cos the items in there are simply beautiful <3
    that's all rachel! hope you take care of yourself & have fun on your holiday trip (:

    with love
    cherie (:

  18. Name: Haziqah Anwar
    Twitter u/n: hazxwar

    Hi Rachel! I really hope to be one of the winners for the vouchers because then it'll be a total gift to me. Which girl doesnt love shopping vouchers! *_* Also cos I've always been shopping at blogshop empire :-) Since school has started, there are rare times I've gone there to do some shopping so I hope with the help of the vouchers (if I win them), I'll be able to head down and get some crazy shopping done :) I will also then, have more outfits for sch! Yay!!

    Ps: enjoy your honeymoon in Tokyo! x

  19. Name : Phyllis
    Email :
    Twitter username : @dancing_phyllis

    Hey babe ! :D

    Tbh, it is my first time visiting your blog ! >.< and omg you are gorgeous <3 Heard my friends saying how pretty and lovely you are so i went to check you out and i must admit you are super duper awesome ! You are my favourite sg blogger now ! :)

    Anyways , i really wanna win this as i never win a giveaway before and what more from you ! <3 so i am really hoping to win ! Please pick me ! :)

  20. Name: Yong Hwee Jun
    twitter name: bracefacejoong
    Hi Rachel! because with the vouchers, i can buy pretty clothes and dress up nicely to school and not a fashion disaster! ALways love ur quirky and awesome dressing u posted in Instagram!

  21. Name: Jasmine Tan
    Twitter username: @jas_monmon

    Hello Rachel!
    I love your blog hehe ^^ I feel I should win because I need more clothes ): been working hard but always spending my money on presents for my family! ): Okay thanks for reading this comment! ^^ hope I win!! <: And do keep on blogging I love reading your blog and looking at the pictures ^~^

  22. Name: Sharmaine Swee
    Twitter: SweeLaa

    Hello rachel, shall try to keep this short! Reason why i should win is because i no $ to shop :( Super broke lor! haha!!! Jiayou in pursuing your dreams, your studies, and making this blog remain as awesome! Also thank you for having such a wonderful space (this blog) to let us read, understand u better and also gain some insights from you! WOOHOO!!


    Signing Off~

  23. Name: Zu Hui
    Twitter: zuhui

    Hi Rachel,

    You are so pretty and fair! Wish i could be like you! :) I want to win Blogshop Empire's shopping vouchers as i love shopping, especially livejournal apparels! They are all so pretty! *.* In addition, i just ended my exams so i need some retail therapy to reward myself for all the effort i have put in. :) One of the Blogshop Empire outlet is near my house so it's so convienient for me. Hehe.

    Enjoy yourself in Japan and stay pretty and proud of yourself! ^^ Ignore those hypocrites, backstabbers and haters! :D

  24. name : isabellekhw
    email :
    twitter : isabellekhw

    hi rachel, i have been stop shopping for a long period. im busy with school stuff and i dont have the time to go work for my shopping money. i think its time for me to reward myself with clothes as i really deserve it. im like you, keep falling sick , results in no time to go work.really hope i can win it. :) i like you, you are so pretty and cute. enjoy looking at your twitter, instagram and blog!


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