May 27, 2013

This is SUCH an overdue advert OMG but you girls really got to check this preorder webstore out!
I've worked with them before, more than once, and they have always been quick, responsible, and also always very up to trend. 

I got this sweater that got many people asking where it's from when I wore it!

Also got this super nanda looking top from them and it's very easy to match/wear ~~
(the one I'm wearing on the inside) 

Don't miss out on their awesome stuff and good service!

And they have really cool perks like this sweet little deal below cos the owner of MollyFromSpace is extremely generous...  :

SHOP NOW, and remember to LIKE their page on FB!


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  1. Hahahha i went to visit their shop and now I'm really thinking of buying something. Guess advertising works! ;)


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