Chicky Bites Meet Cheesy Bites Trio!

May 21, 2013

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I have always love eating pizzas and I was REAALLY glad that Pizza Hut invited me down for food tasting..
Anyway, you must be wondering what pizza I'll be blogging about today right?
Many of you would have tried the new Cheesy Bites Trio pizza and LOVED IT right? I thought the Cheesy Bites Trio pizza is da bomb and nothing could top that – with the 3 flavoured bites of Parmesan, Chipotle and Sesame.

Yay ~

See the difference? There are more things on this Cheesy Bites Trio pizza.

There are popcorn chicken on top of the pizza! Ok Pizza Hut calls them Chicky Bites and I think this name is WAYY cuter than the usual popcorn chicken. The Chicky Bites are so tender they go really well with the smooth cheese that is already on the pizza…
Other than Chicky Bites, the pizza tastes a little different too! Pizza Hut added salsa sauce in the pizza too which gives it a tangy taste. So now, when I eat the pizza, I feel the ‘kick’ due to the salsa sauce.
Pizza Hut was also really generous by flooding our tables with their Chicken Riblets and Seafood Fiesta (baked rice with seafood)!

Alright enough of me making you guys hungry. Things are getting better after that satisfying meal! Pizza Hut told us that there is something incredible and exciting coming up!

They are organizing a lucky draw for their customers to stand a chance to win a holiday trip to GOLD COAST AND HONG KONG! The only thing you need to do is to order the Cheesy Bites Trio pizza! 
THE PRIZES ARE WORTH UP TO $10,000! I’m gonna take part.

Besides the lucky draw, there is another contest. I know many of you out there are very creative right! So this contest is the best for you. Go check out the How did it happen Facebook app and participate!

I have already prepared my creative pictures... Please support me by staying close to all my online platforms to catch a glimpse of mine and comment to interact with them!

It is something more unusual but it is actually kinda fun having this opportunity to just be creative and stand to win prizes! So if you guys are not gonna participate, at least help me win by interacting with my pictures ~~ 

The most creative ones get to win weekly prizes of $100 x 3!
With yummy food and great deals, nothing makes me happier. If you want to be as happy as I am, log on to

Ending my post with a big shoutout that Cheesy Bites Trio – Chicky Bites is now available at all Pizza Hut restaurants AND delivery service till 2nd July 2013

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