Theory Of Seven

May 31, 2013

I literally smiled to myself when reading the email that the owner of Theory Of Seven sent to me!
Was sooo happy to be able to work with them, they're already so well-established and have some of the nicest pieces in the blogshopsphere!

I kept the lovely Grey by Theory Adelia White Top. 


Haven't found a suitable time to wear this lovely piece out so I just did advert shoot for this at home, complete with my favourite flora headband!
I REALLY LOVELOVELOVE this piece......

Check out their other amazing pieces on the site now!

"Theory Of Seven is a womenswear and menswear label based in Singapore. All prices stated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD$) and we ship internationally. Free international shipping for purchases above SGD$200 (excludes postage charges)."



  1. i've been following you on instagram for a while now and you are so pretty!! now i'm finally following your blog c:
    that skirt/short is perfect, where is it from!

    à la foliee

  2. oh you are the prettiest!!!

  3. Hi Rachel, may I know what clothing size do you usually wear? I'm approximately your size but it's so hard for me to find fitting clothes which is such a chore. Thanks so much and stay gorgeous! x

  4. Hi Rachel, this is one of the loveliest outfits I have ever seen! May I ask where the shorts are from?

  5. Rachel:can u get the Grey by Theory Adelia White Top for me?How much?


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