Tokyo Day 1 & 2!

May 25, 2013

So I'm finally gonna start blogging about Tokyo, but because there are WAY too many pictures (1000+ ok omg hahahaha), I'll be splitting my entries up! 

This one's the first entry on Tokyo and it's gonna be all we did for Day1 + 2.

We flew off on a Monday night, and the flight was planned to reach Tokyo the next morning so we could have the full day to shop! (Unfortunately we were damn tired anyway so we went back to the hotel early... hahaha)
I was really excited about this trip cos it's the first time that CY ever planned something like this with me, and we did lotsa research together! Had a sore throat and fever just the previous day (that I'm still trying to recover from BTW) but didn't really care, just wanted to get up and fly to Tokyo ASAP ~~

Singapore has been a bit dreary for us, other people, other things.. we needed this break and I'm so glad we did it. Everything about Tokyo is awesome, I love their lifestyle, the people, the weather, the food.. the food.....

Hate aeroplane food... meh....

Super tired after a long flight but excited to explore!

Began by exploring near our hotel which is located at Asagaya. We initially wanted to book a hotel in Shinjuku like everyone usually does.. but this place has SOOOO much food and is so convenient as well. 

Walked randomly into a ramen store to try... AND IT WAS SO GOOD, that CY went back 4 times by himself to have it after I fell asleep HAHAHA.


Explored the supermarket nearby, impressed by how fresh everything looked and smelled... I love grocery shopping so I loved it.

Apart from Laduree's macarons, I like this Starbucks one too!! It's really big and yummmmy.

Anyway we ended up at Starbucks cos I like to try Javachip in every country hahahaha

Shoopping time!

And dinner at a little crowded restaurant in Shinjuku. Very yummy too.

Called it an early night as I mentioned before cos we were really still very tired from the overnight flight!

Day 2!! 
It was the 15th of May, so that made it out 2nd year anniversary :)
We were supposed to just shop and explore more then have a nice romantic and yummy dinner but.. as usual, I fell sick. Started puking for no reason at all. Another early night for me HAHA. Forever #spoiler cos I am forever sick *insert crying face here*

Before leaving for Harajuku!

I love this place, it's so lively, and the most well dressed people I saw in Tokyo were all here. There were streetwear brands, scary cosplay kinda shops, stylenanda-ish shops... lots of stuff actually... almost EVERYTHING!

I insisted we try Yoshinoya cos I love Yoshinoya's beef bowl in SG and I imagined it to be even yummier in the place where it originated from, right?

It did NOT disappoint. So yum! 

Shopping time!

I almost went crazy in this shop man. The minute he saw the amount of shoes, CY grabbed my arm and wanted to pull me back down the stairs. HAHAHA. I love shuuuuuuusssss.

Congrats to this uncle below for having tahan-ed 2 years of my princess tantrums!

This place is really famous in Harajuku and the queue is DAMN LONG. We went to Harajuku twice on this trip and both times it was so crowded and had a long long queue..

Wanted to try the freshly made chips and fries at the Calbee store so we did!

Yep, I'm that kinda idiot who has a sore throat and cough and still eats fried food... 

And then crepes after that. HAHA. We seriously pigged out hardcore on this trip. I am currently 39.8kg and feeling really flabby. Gonna hit the gym soon with friends soon!

Walked over to ICHIRAN after that to have ramen!!! YES, eat again!! Hahahahaha.
Here you can choose almost exactly how you want your ramen to be, and CY liked it a lot, but I didn't cos it was quite fishy. I puked some of it at night too, so I now am categorising it as 'DO NOT EAT AGAIN' food.

Btw, in Tokyo, everything is damn efficient, and lots of things are done by machine!

Their toilets are also very clean and you can wash your butt, blow air, or warm your toilet seat.

I guess they also don't want any customer to not have toilet paper.. so yknow... spam....

Back to the hotel to put down the shopping and off to Shibuya for dinner...
But when I got there I felt super sick so we explored just a bit and went back to the hotel again. Felt so bad cos we were supposed to celebrate our anniversary and I just wanted to rest :'/

Shibuya at night..

And as a dog lover, I had to take a pic with Hachiko of course! (The movie made me cry SO much ok. I cannot even. It was the sobbing uncontrollably type BTW)

Told CY I got my appetite back later that night and he got me some yummy take out!

Even their take out is so yummy. I really miss Tokyo already.

Update with Day 3, 4, 5, and 6 sometime soon....
That's all for this entry!
Hope you enjoyed reading it

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