May 12, 2013

Today I made the decision to cut someone out of my life.. It was difficult, and it hurt, but like what my friend told me : It is really better to cut someone who is a constant negative influence on your life. 

I was warned multiple times and heard so many things about this person whom I really regarded as a friend but always brushed it off cos I thought that the friendship we had was real. In fact, I actually opened my heart even more when I met her cos she seemed so genuine. My friends asked me to think about why she always fell out with people, and despite the times she hurt me, I forgave her and I tried my best to be a good friend anyway.  

But then I saw so many things with my own eyes but couldn't brush it off as coincidences anymore. This happened with another friend previously (I also blogged about it then) and all my friends who knew him and knew this current person actually called me, scolded me and asked me to stop being so gullible and soft hearted. They said they feel so angry for me and don't understand why I let such things happen more than once. 

I really have no answer for it, except that I made a mistake in judgement this time and there will definitely be no next time cos I am really going to stop being so gullible!
It's so hard to find people that TRULY will be there for you through all of it. If you do, you are really and truly so blessed. 
I'm so thankful for all the very sweet, genuine people I have in my life right now who have been nothing but positive influence, and a joy to have as company. You know who you are - thank you for being here during this stressful time with all the support and "We got your back"s.

Ending off this sad and heartfelt post with a happy picture because we should always be positive even when times are hard!
Today Chev told me we look like the animals we like, and she told me I look like a giraffe!!! 
I don't know how to explain it properly but I really love giraffes so much ok?! They are so beautiful. When I met them at the zoo with CY the other time, I was in awe, and just stood and stared at them for a good 4 minutes (according to him. He was watching me all the while thinking I was crazy but didn't wanna disturb my moment HAHA). And I queued up to feed them once, but was so happy, CY paid the guy another $5 to let me re-queue and feed them again! One of the best moments in my life.

Ok, that's all for this post. Very random, I know.
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  1. Hey, where you did your brows?

  2. how do you manage to cut off the person? do you have any regrets about it? I heard you've being hurt before, is that any blogposts you did regarding that? :(( Thanks for writing this, I am experiencing something alike. :((


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