A Date with Jay Chou!

June 10, 2013

Headed out for a shoot before the concert! Was excited about all the plans on that Friday cos I had an outdoor shoot (which I really enjoy doing! Email me for my rates) and then Jay Chou's concert after!

Camwhored a lot on the way there and at home too... cos I spent extra time on my makeup. And that calls for more pictures to be taken. LOL. (Excuses only..... Just vain.....)

My boss that day, J, sent me over to Balestier's Boon Tong Kee to meet Mae, Sean, Emme, her momma and her bro for dinner! Thank you girl! Anyway, I love the chicken rice there.
In a rush and hungry so no pics tho. Sorry... Keke....

Off to indoor stadium!!! YAY!!!! JAY CHOU!!!!!!!!

Gotta thank Maemae and her momma for the tickets 

These 2 crazy lovebirds ah.... last warning......


I kept having goosebumps throughout the concert, am such a fangirl. I grew up completely not listening to ANY chinese music cos my family only speaks english/listens to english music. But the first mandopop artist I discovered was Jay Chou, and have been a fan ever since. Of course, I was more excited at BigBang's concert cos I am SUCH A HUGE FAN OF BIG BANG, but I'm also a BIG fan of Jay Chou! His slow, sad songs are my favourite, and I was so happy I could catch him live :')

Initial D!

He is really charming, handsome and sings really well. Was so enchanted by him!

If you couldn't be there, here's a video I took of him singing 明明就!!

What an amazing Friday, a great beginning to the following awesome Saturday spent with my family. More on that soon x 

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  1. Hi Rachel can you do a blog post about your experience in lasalle? Would love to know what it's like there! Will you be taking the degree there as well? Hehe please reply! Thank you :)


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