Fitting / / Dinner with Mama Wong

June 19, 2013

Woke up bright and early on Monday morning for our fitting at JEM for Asia Style Collection. Was so excited to check out what we were gonna wear! (happening THIS SATURDAY, CLICK HERE for more info!!!)

We're not gonna reveal our outfits until that very day so do get your tickets and come support if you can okay?!
All of us will be wearing our very own Singapore designer pieces!

Pauline Ning. My technical drawing lecturer last sem.. hehee....

The 6 of us after fitting ~~~

Marcus, our show choreographer and stylist and director... ah... everything!

Can't wait for the rehearsals/the actual show! I'm a lil nervous cos it's my first time walking on like a 'runway'.... but hopefully lady luck stays on my side and I get thru the entire thing okay! Stay tuned to more updates on this huge event via my blog, here, and my social media platforms, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM :)


Headed to Shokudo after that at Bugis to have dinner with my dearest Mama Wong.

I think this old cutie has been a bit jealous cos it was my dad's birthday last week, and then Father's Day, so I have been feeding him with a lot of good food.... so I asked her to come meet me for lunch so I can be a filial and FAIR daughter. Haha!

My seafood salad was not that good to be honest. Not very fresh and I had to add extra dressing to kill the fishy smell...

Her pasta was really good! Especially if you love garlic. Try it. We ordered a special order of Prawns with spinach, but changed the sauce to WAFU sauce. 

As you can tell, she was very happy. HAHAH. She's so cute aiyoooooooooooooooooh!!!! Love her so much despite our thousand and 1 differences!

Salmon and tempura maki... not too bad! I love all sorts of sushi anyway but this is the first time I tried this. I still love the shiok maki at Koh Grill and Bar the most though, if you're talking about maki sushi.


OOTD : Cap by Catwang (HAHA), jacket and top from H&M. Sneaker wedges in c/o Topshop, and jeans in c/o YoungHungryFree. Love the fit!
If you noticed, or follow me on instagram, you would know I am back to my natural shorter hair, and went lighter once again! I like light hair a lot although maintenance is so troublesome...

I get so many compliments on my hair like "I CAN NEVER GET THIS COLOUR. It's so nice!", and actually it's true it is pretty difficult to get this colour cos you have to bleach your hair for sure.
THANKFULLY FOR ME, I have my stylist Bryan from Essensuals Bugis to take care of my hair for me.

They have a new type of hair dye that actually makes your hair shiny and doesn't damage it as much as normal dye. It really works, cos I asked them to dry my hair before my (favourite and amazing) treatment to check the quality of my hair and it was already soft and shiny! Yes, before treatment... NOT TO SAY YOU DON'T NEED TREATMENT. Cos dyeing your hair in any way definitely does damage it, even if not a lot, a little. Hair is so important, taking care of it is key to looking good overall!

As usual, you can ask them for my hair colour and treatment. I love them so much for taking such good care of my hair, people are amazed when they touch my super light and ashy coloured hair cos it's not as dry or damaged as it should be (heheee)

Don't miss out on their awesome June promotion!

241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village.
Telephone number : 6333 0039


PS. This top from or actually, any item from the site, can be yours for $2 off when you quote my name 'rchlwngx'!


P.S. I have revised my advertorial rates again after some feedback and also realising I made a mistake in calculation!!!! 
Thank you!!!!!!!


  1. Forever my favourite eyecandy & blogger :')

    Continue to work hard & shine bright!!!


  2. Hi,

    Where did you do ur eyebrow? is it done by Apple at sophia brow house??


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