June 7, 2013


Especially those of you who love shopping - Don't miss this.
Also, don't miss this because I would love to meet you in person next weekend!
Wondering where?

MIYOC THE CONCEPT STORE is presenting their offline edition, and it's an event happening 10-16 JUNE @ JCUBE LEVEL 1.

Featuring your fave blogshops, and bloggers! I'm thankful and honoured to be part of this huge event along with these other bloggers :

(Pic of me is damn old ah, but yeap it's me HAHA, and I'll be there!)

Some of the brands participating in this event :

I'm sure you know who they are ;)

Clothes buffets, manicures........ how can you miss this?!?!? REALLY.

Do come on down and support me at my booth too ok?

For more details, visit the links below :


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