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June 26, 2013

Got up REALLY early this morning despite a severe lack of sleep (insomnia due to shitty sleeping habits) for a shoot!

I can't say what the shoot is for yet... but here's a hint. You guys will be able to check out the final shots on Friday ~~~
Here's crazy hair me!!!!!!

And yes. I told Essensuals Bugis that I had a shoot and Bryan sent Joey to do my hair for me! Yay!!! Love em, thank you so much!!! I really liked my big big bun xx 

Camhooooooooo. Hehe. Just subjecting you to many of my faces. 

Daddy came to pick me up and I insisted we pick my mommy up for lunch cos I feel like I haven't treated them to a meal for a long time!

I love my parents more than life. Really sucks sometimes to think about how they're growing older so quickly :'( Thought so much about this the other day and I told myself that I am going tospend as much time as I can with them doing as many fun things as possible instead of other less meaningful things...

We headed to the airport for Soup Restaurant cos they love the famous chicken from there!
Here's my cute daddy. Hehehee.

And my cute mommy!

This is the signature dish that like every other table also ordered. It's good cos the meat is soft and tasty, especially with the 'Samsui' sauce thing in the middle. Personally I still prefer the chicken rice at FEP though. Because I love chilli and they don't have chilli here!

The other dishes we ordered like this were also not too bad. Tasty enough... but not spicy enough for me. I WANT CHILLI PLZZZZZZZZ.

Gotta say this Tofu dish is damn good?!?! I love how simple it tastes and the inside's all soft while the skin is thin but crispy. Hehehe. I sound like a food blogger huh!?!?!

These prawns were MEH. Ordered this after all the other dishes arrived cos it looked spicy. But it wasn't. Don't order this!!!!!

Headed home to sleep and nuaaaa on my marshmallow kitty bed with my new storybook and HK dramas. Life is good when there are holidays!


Also, I have been getting multiple emails for like MONTHSSSS already abouut this one thing I blogged about a long time back. It's a lil embarrassing, but anyway, it's about my stomach/digestive system condition. If you don't know about it, you can read about it HERE : 

So all the emails are mostly from girls or people who know girls who also, like me, became reliant on laxatives due to whatever reasons (like trying to lose weight, or having natural constipation like me) and thus kinda screwed up our entire natural digestive systems.

YESSSSS. I'm (mostly) cured now. Why I wouldn't say I'm completely cured is because I still don't go poop everyday like I wish I could cos sometimes I get lazy to eat my veggies/fruits, but it's much better cos I don't go without doing so for days like I used to, and I've stopped ALLLLLL laxatives whether natural or not. How I did it was I basically visited a chinese doctor for MONTHS. Western meds can't do the same thing for you, because western meds cure the symptoms and not the cause. 
Gonna reply the questions I got in a Q&A style below :

Just to be clear : The treatment that I did was entirely paid for by my parents/me and NOT SPONSORED. Everything I'm saying is from my own experience.

Which doctor did you visit? 
I visited MA GUANG clinic at Tampines. The doctor's name is Dr Zou Yan, and she's really awesome cos she's patient and kind and I liked that at every visit, she pressed my stomach to check my exact condition and constipation level (LOL) and gave me meds accordingly.

What is the medicine like?
I GOTTA SAY IT TASTES LIKE DEATH K. I WARN Y'ALL FIRST. It's in a powder form that you mix into warm water. Chinese medicine is DAMN SMELLY and TOXIC-SMELLING. But it's good for you. And you should NEVER skip any dosage. 2 times a day, after meals, with warm water. You need discipline for this. It's troublesome cos you gotta find warm water and remember to bring sour prunes/candy to kill the taste after you drink it, but thankfully for me, I am really lucky to have my parents/bf who always reminded me and provided me with these whether it be bringing them out for me or buying it for me.

How long did you take the medicine for before you got better?
It works on a weekly basis. Every week I visit her to check my condition and she will give me the medicine accordingly. Sometimes it's stronger, maybe cos I keep eating heaty food or too much rice, sometimes it has less of this or that if I am too 'liang' or too 'heaty'. 
All in all, I did this for about 20 weeks. (if I didn't count wrongly) Yes, it is a LONG process.

How much is the medicine?
It goes by a weekly basis, as I've said, and every week my 'bag' of medicine costs about $70-$100.
All in all, I guess my treatment cost about $1.5ishK in total.

If you ask me if the long and very... painful-ish process was worth it, I would definitely say YES. I'm feeling soo much better that I don't have to rely on ANYTHING and feel all guilty sneaking to the kitchen to take laxatives then suffering the next day in the toilet. Gone are the days!!!
Health is wealth, never forget this. Yes I'm still really quite sickly with bouts of flu and whatsoever here and there but getting much better and my stomach doesn't give me as many problems anymore!! I used to even have to miss out on school/work/fun stuff cos of it but nope, NO MORE ~

I hope this post helps whoever who has to face the same problem as I did, and if your loved one is reliant on laxatives as well, do something for them and encourage them to get help for it. It's not hard to be cured, especially if you're young.


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  1. You look very different from last time ? did you inject fillers into your face at the laugh lines area and eye bags ? also did you get a chin ? where did you get the job done hahaha


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