June 30, 2013

Recent shots from two photoshoots I did with the other photographer that I work well with other than Melvin! FIOOONAAA!!!!! There's just good chemistry and I love how her pictures always turn out.

I'm not a good 'model' cos I'm damn short (156.5cm guaguaguaaaaaaaa) and there's so many things I wish I could change about myself like I'm sure a lot of other girls feel too.... so don't be too harsh on me!!!! I'm just tryna earn a living : I do shoots because I love to work and I do enjoy it, it's a lot more fun than other jobs, but I have never and will never call myself a model! 
Personally, I really don't like it when girls call themselves models when they are not. It's not an easy job and not everyone is blessed with such physiques to be a model. You gotta be tall and walking REAL runway shows/doing real Vogue shoots to be considered a model. NOT car shows/club jobs/blogshop shoots. 

Anyway if you ask me... my favourite models are actually asian faces like Liu Wen, @ireneisgood, ALLLL the stylenanda models especially Park Sora. If you ask me who my favourite FACE is, I would say Sandara Park/Park Bom. But model... PARK SORA IS THE DEFINITE WINNER!!!

Just look at her perfect face.... body... height.... poses.... amazing. I am a huge fan *.*

Ok back to short me. HAHAHA. 
Pictures from the shoots!!!!

(I miss my extensions already.... Poop. Poop. Grow, hair, grow!!!!!!!!!!!)

And another one at Henderson Waves (my first time there!!!) for
For this shoot, I didn't really like how I looked, especially for the maxidress pictures. I feel like I look very old. Everyone told me it's nice, just different, but I guess it's just cos they don't wanna hurt my feelings... HAHAHA. Ah well. NOBODY IS PERFECT OK. 

This shot's my favourite!! Thanks Fiona!!!

Can't wait for more shoots - I'm only doing outdoor ones so do contact me if you're interested in working something out together on my email!

Great Sunday ahead, everyone ~~~~


  1. You are so gorgeous! and looking extra fab with your hair up~



  2. Ahh! My fave pictures of you is the ones with the balloons :) very pretty !


  3. The photos look gorgeous! I really like your curly hair towards the end super cute!


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