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June 9, 2013

Met up with my second fav boy Melvin last Saturday

Everytime we meet, the day is always full of laughter and happiness ~~~
Sushi with him at Itacho! 
Somehow the both of us always end up eating Jap food whenever we meet hehe.

Who else LUVS this? I love it!

And then I accompanied him for his manicure at FEP after. Yes. I. Accompanied. Him. Hahaha!

After he entered army, he's all tough and dark and handsome-r now. So proud of him. I often text him encouraging texts and tell him how proud I am of him being so strong :')

Can't wait for our next date!


Posted a picture of the dress I wore on instagram that day and got many people asking me where I got it from! I love how well it fits and the details/finishing. The quality is really good and it's self-manufactured by them so it's unique. I love it. 

And today I'm here to share that it's from SASSY DREAM!

They're having GSS sales now on the site, and they have many many apparels to choose from that are trendy and so cute! Don't miss out. 
Marked down prices and GSS specials are valid after 12PM on 9th June.
You can also quote my name 'rachelwongz58' and enjoy free normal postage. Yay!

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  1. Hi Rachel

    May I know where are your sandals from? Thanks


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