Saturday's Shoot / Date / Party + New Advertorial Rates!

June 17, 2013

As the title suggests...
This is how I spent my Saturday! 

Shoot for DIYGALORE > Date with Melvin > Partying at PLAY for the 1st time 

Love outdoor shoots altho they can be so troublesome (changing) and hot (Singapore's weather).
The pictures are always worth it, to me, and when you work with people who are really good to you and you have great chemistry with, it's ALWAYS fun! Love it no matter how tiring it is!

Me after makeup + hair. I know I look so different. Older!

And before... unglamorously posing with the makeup artist working on my eyebrows..

Some previews from the shoot via iphone snaps by Pearlyn the makeup artist of the day!

Rushed over to meet my dearest Melvin after that for Korean BBQ dinner!!!!

Manbok Korean BBQ is at 116 Nail Road. 
Thank you Mae for the introduction!

I love this restaurant cos they are so super nice. They cooked for us, and actually asked if Melvin was my bf and we said yes, then the guy congratulated Mel saying 'your girlfriend is beautiful, congrats' HAHAHA. Then they gave us a free steamed egg just cos of that too. 

Dessert at a cute little cafe nearby!

This is called BERRYLOVE, and I quite like it, except the ice is sweeter than the fruit themselves... it's probably really refreshing on a hot day, though!

Headed to PLAY after that - a totally random decision, and I wasn't even dressed for it, but it was a fun night! It always is with Melvin around. PLAY is actually a gay club and it was my first time there. So eye opening but a lot of fun. Made many new friends as well ~~

My favourite boy of the night....




And yes. Got many people asking me whether I miss my boyfriend cos I seem pretty happy. 
YES OF COURSE I DO. I miss CY a lot.... BUT I'm really too busy which is a good thing. I would probably be very sad and moping around at home if I wasn't busy. Only 11 days to go! Hehee.


Anyway as mentioned in the title as well, I have new advertorial rates and packages! 
Some I lowered the price, some are the same, and I included everything in a single PDF so it is easier for y'all who are interested to work with me. 

Do email me at for the full list and we can discuss further! Thank you :)


  1. you look so gorgeous in your new photoshoot! <3

  2. think she looks gorgeous too!

  3. I love the shoot with the balloons! You look gorgeous :) And that strawberry dessert looks so yummy @w@


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