SEA Aquarium

June 7, 2013

I actually asked everyone following me on Twitter this morning if I should blog about Tokyo Day 5 first or SEA Aquarium and I got a few tweet replies saying I should do this one first, and I actually thought so too because there are SO many pretty pictures in this and the previous post was on Tokyo anyway!

So here we go :
Checked in on Wednesday afternoon to Equarius Hotel!
I bought a package deal online for a night's stay including breakfast and 2 tickets to the SEA Aquarium the following day as a gift to CY before he embarks on a new journey next week. Yes, my boy is going to serve the country! Mixed feelings about it. Feel like he's gonna grow up but yet, I know I'm gonna miss seeing a face that I see almost everyday for the past 2 years already :/

Wanted to get him a gift to show my encouragement, but I figured good memories are the best gift after all so I decided on this ~


SOOOO HUGE! I love it. Bathrooms, to me, are the most important part of a room cos I'm quite a clean freak.

BTW... my lovely top here is a gift from my friend Jor, the owner of shopwearerubbish, so you can get it from there!

Happy we managed to spend more quality time together and I even wrote him a letter... but of course, that's for his eyes only ~

Headed out, lazily, for dinner. We both wanted to eat curry, and we were STARVING, so when we saw toastbox, we practically ran down to eat hahhaah

Cinnamon/Sugar mini donuts

KFC Mashed potatoesss

Bubble bath x

And woke up at 5am cos CY told me to check out the pretty sky...

Morning face using CY's S3 to camwhore. I actually like the colours and resolution a lot.... 

View from our balcony in the morning!


We were the only ones who chose to sit and eat outside... it was too cold inside. Both not a fan of feeling cold...

The pool we didn't get a chance to use :(

Hehe... my new twitter/FB profile picture

Found this popsicle shop at Imbiah Station and I bought a strawberry one and chose to have it coated in chocolate! Yum!

This is how unglamourous I usually am.......


Off to the SEA Aquarium!


And lotsa pics of fishies ~

Fishies at our feet..

Qt stingray

Dolphin! Love em, they're so pretty and graceful..

This is me, majority of the time. I was so enthralled by the beauty of the fishes, corals, and all the different species of sea creatures I never got the chance to see so close up before.



My favourite tank was the Great Ocean one. Huge, and there was this very very big Stingray that I really like cos it's damn majestically huge and it glided everywhere in a 'flying' motion. Sat there for more than an hour.

Was trying my flash on my fingers and managed to capture my pretty manicure again by Glitzyfingers/Belle. Hehe, love it!

Happy day full of laughter, wonder, and joy ~

Malaysian Food Street for lunch/dinner

CY buying the raved chendol for us!

It's really good yum yum

That's all for the 2 days spent at Sentosa!

Today I'm heading out for a shoot at 4, then Jay Chou's concert (OMGGGGGGGGGGG) all thanks to Maemae, and another staycation tonight. We booked a villa in Sentosa, AGAIN, as a surprise for my daddy's birthday!

Gonna be such a busy weekend, but it's always great to spend time with the people I love. Happy and blessed.

Have a great weekend, everyone xx


  1. Hi Rachel! May i know what bb cream/foundation do you use? and whether you use bb cream for shoots & at night as well? Heard that the spf will cause a white cast!

    and are you still using your clio pencil eyeliner? :) thank you !!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    May i know where you got this deal from? I would love to purchase it too. :D

  3. hello! may i know how much time did u spent in total at the aquarium? and where u got ur shoes from? thanks!! :)

  4. Hi, may i know where did u buy the online deal and how much does it cost?


  5. Babe, do add more gifs. Love your pics but gifs make it feel more lively. Love your looks :)

  6. Where did you get yor sandals babe !!

    1. any reply from rachel?

  7. Pls share where u get the sandals from.


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