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June 14, 2013

I'm going to share with everyone some seriously awesome news today!

When I first got the email from GC confirming with me that I would be involved in this show, I was so excited I squealed in the car and had a mini fit. HAHAAH.

So what is all this about?

This special fashion show/concert is happening just next week, on the 22nd of June, and it involves some of the biggest names in Korea and Japan. And I, along with 5 other girls from Gushcloud, (Shine, Eunice, Naomi, Tricia and Aysiha) will be sharing the stage for a special lil segment on the runway with huge celebrities like 2ne1 (!!!!!!!!!! EXCITEDDDDDDDDD) and Girl's Generation from Korea, Thelma Aoyama and Al from Japan, as well as Joanne Peh and Zoe Tay etc etc from Singapore!

I'm really very thankful and happy to be able to be part of this! We're gonna be wearing homegrown designers and it'll be suited to our own personal style, can't wait to see what my outfit's gonna look like!

Here's an example of what it's going to be like. Basically, a combination of the below :


And a video of our Singapore version combining the above two with us!


Hurry up and purchase your tickets so you won't miss out :)
HERE's some info you need!

If you're on a tight budget, don't worry, Gushcloud is giving away tickets (yayeeee), all you gotta do is head over HERE, to, and sign up for an account. Then post your OOTD, with the hashtags #stylexstyle #Gushcloud. The user who gains the most 'loves' on their outfit wins a pair of tickets! And the tickets are pretty damn good seats, btw, they're Cat 1 tickets worth $376 *!!!!!!*
There are 3 pairs of tickets up for grabs so go go go now and sign up!

I've joined and posted my recent OOTDs already :

Love that the site is so simple and easy to use as well ~

Really hope to see y'all there on the 22nd of June!

I'll be updating constantly on the process of this whole event, like rehearsals and what not, so follow me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER as well as here okay!


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