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June 18, 2013

Spent Father's Day/Sunday at Jcube's Miyoc Event as I was busy with a photoshoot the previous day!

Outfit of the day ~

With my rack! Very happy as you can see. Cos I brought my own clothes to sell and was taught how to arrange them to make em look nicer and I actually wanted to fulfill my childhood dream of being a cashier but I couldn't... so I just inda arranged my rack several times. HAHA.

With one of da bosses of Miyoc. Funny and helpful guy! Thanks for helping me with my rack and understanding I couldn't make it on Saturday!
Not forgetting to thank all the sweet girls that came to say hi for the (almost)2 hours I stayed! So far these are all the pics I've gotten....

This giraffe and handwritten note is from the girl in the pic above! Hi A, thanks for the constant support and waiting so long for me with the gift/letter!

Days like these, I truly feel soo thankful and like all the sacrifices I've made for my blog is especially worth it. Thank you for the constant support, for reading and coming back even when I have periods of hiatus. I'm so thankful and grateful, really. 

And then we left for church after that - With juice! There's BOOST at Jcube! The people who live in the west are sooo lucky! They have so many cool shops like Topshop and H&M (now at JEM) and also A SKATING RINK, Miyoc, BOOST, Pique Nique etc etc at Jcube... We people in the east have like... nothing.......

My fav juice from BOOST is the banana buzz!!! Yogurt, bananas, honey... Healthy and good for the digestive system which is something I really need. Try it the next time you buy some BOOST ok! Not a paid ad. Just something I really like.

Dinner after mass with my family. Sundays should always be family days. Gonna try to keep to it no matter how lazy I get!

Yep, we had dinner at my favourite 'Soon Soon Teochew Porridge' at the request of my fat dad!
The address is : 13 Simon Road

Comfort food that is extremely yummmy at its best!

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  1. Hey Rachel! May i know where you got your white shorts from? (:


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