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June 28, 2013

Headed down to Wisma's Food Republic for lunch with Joanna!

This sweet girl's always there for me reminding me of what's important in life with her 'lian' way of talking/reacting which never fails to make me laugh... and she's also my very responsible/helpful insurance agent! Thanks for making my life so much easier and helping me put my money somewhere safe :)
If you guys need to get insurance... you know who to call....!

Told her I felt like having Teppanyaki the night before and she replied immediately with a 'Ok, steady, on, let's go tomorrow. What time?' 

The beef she ordered was MUCH better than the pork I had. You gotta mix it with the super spicy chilli padi. It's good!!! And SO CHEAP!!!! $7,90 for rice, soup, your choice of meat and veggie. Happy meal indeed. 

It was a pretty quick but enjoyable lunch/catching-up session ~~~ Laughing over silly stuff like we always do!

After lunch she walked me over to DRx (told you she's very sweet right! Actually all my friends tend to do boyfriend-ish stuff for me like this cos I guess I'm very small and they think I get bullied easily HAHA) for my Tricho appointment! 


Started off with a hair scan done by Peggy who is such a funny and lovely lady who nagged at me a lil bit like my mommy but yet she knew and understood the reasons I put my scalp thru such intense bleaching sessions... (Ok la, there's only one reason... vain.... young and vain....).

I was SO amazed by the hair scan ok? 
The first thing she said within seconds of putting the scanner thing to my scalp was... "You aren't much of a water drinker, are you?"

And then on with other comments like "You haven't been eating well or been sick the past 3-6 months...", "You don't eat much meat right?"....


I've been pretty sad over how thin my hair is now compared to how it was before. I used to have REALLY THICK hair and it all just started thinning after I kept bleaching/getting things like extensions/tying and pinning up my hair really tight. 

NOT TO SAY that all the bleaching and extensions are BAD and I don't recommend it cos I guess I would probably still do it if given the choice to go back in time and do it. I really do like my light hair colour and long hair that I had in Japan as well. You're only young once, try everything!!!!

ALSO, I am still with Essensuals Bugis for my hair needs. They are really good at what they do without a doubt, when it comes to hair. I mean this as in their treatment is awesome for the hair that has already grown out. DRx Tricho treatment is for my SCALP! Not the same. I want an overall healthy head of hair and I am so thankful to Essensuals Bugis and DRx for making my dream come true! We're all working hand in hand to make my hair, scalp, HEAD, healthy and happy.

So my scalp's condition was bad, but not THAT bad. A big problem was that my new baby hair was all very weak and Peggy even described it as "It could just all fall off when you sneeze..." due to the lack of nutrition and protein (eating more meat nowadays, yes!), and also there were clogged hair pores and ingrown hair too. I needed a purifying, cleansing ritual.

And I was led to a salon-style room that was comfy and I was so happy to know my scalp was being saved!
Basically, the steps of the treatment, in very simple english : I'm likening it to gardening, cos that's how Peggy helped me understand.
The people at DRx are like our hair/scalp gardeners. The first step is to open the pores with some special serum and a steaming sort of treatment, a hair wash to cleanse the hair of the gross stuff, and then another kinda treatment that's like 'fertiliser' to help new hair grow stronger and thicker that's 'activated' by a LLLT laser light.


After the treatment... I was happy to just FEEL how much cleaner my scalp us, and my hair was extra bouncy too thanks to their ionic 'curler' that doesn't damage the hair!

See how my hair isn't flat/oily/gross at the crown of my head, not FLAT but bouncy and happy-looking? All thanks to the scalp treatment! Yay ~~~

Did a scan after to see the difference and clearly the results just speak for themselves :



DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


Left DRx a very happy girl and went shopping...... #OOTD in the toilet because my boyfriend aka my photographer's been in the army for almost 3 weeks already...... :'(

And Thai Table for dinner with my family after that - I was excited to see my sister who just got back from Korea!!!!! (Melvin and I are planning a trip to together whenever he is done with army too, can't waitttttt!)

Here are all the gifts I got that day :
From my sister, and myself....
AND FROM DRx too!!!!

Thanks DRx for the Nanogen products - Shampoo and a weekly hair mask.
Tried out the Nanogen Shampoo tonight for the first time and I was so in love with how my scalp felt like it was on ICE ok?!?!?!! Also this trip is THE trip that taught me how to wash my hair. I used to just rub shampoo all over my scalp and hair and conditioner all over my scalp and hair as well which is WRONG. You ONLY SHAMPOO YOUR SCALP. And conditioner is for the rest of your hair, which shouldn't touch your scalp, AT ALL. 
Really important to good care of your scalp/hair ~~

More updates on DRx's awesome Tricho treatment soon, can't wait for the next session already!


Wore this cute as hell tank top under my jacket that day... In c/o SASSYDREAM. Thanks for sending me whatever I told you I liked! 


I am outta here. My boy is back from serving da nation today!

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  1. The teppanyaki over there looks so different from the one here in the states. I wish we had hair treatment places like that here where I live... maybe I need to look harder lol. I can't believe you have the luxury to shop at Chanel! SUPER JEALOUSSSSSS. Hang in there as your boo is in the army!


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