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June 5, 2013

I know it's a little messy, me blogging about Tokyo day by day instead of an entire post on its own.. but I think this is a bit more interesting and I am relieving all the memories one day at a time, I love it, I'm so thankful that I get to share our magic moments here on my blog!

Anyway, as the title suggests, we headed to DisneySea on the fourth day of our trip.
Why DisneySea and not Disneyland? Because the boy isn't a big fan of all these amusement parks, and we decided to pick the one that's special. Afterall, there are DisneyLands in many other places of the world, but not DisneySea!

Breakfast first at a 'fast food' place near our hotel cos I was feeling sick and CY didn't really bear to wake me up too early, so we were quite late :'(

Similar to Yoshinoya, but different :/

Took a train as usual! LOVEEE my high soxxxx. Don't get to wear these in SG.....

(Yes, this post is FULL of touristy pics, and I am almost bursting with joy in every single picture, cos that's simply what Disney does to people. Magic.)

Actually the boyfriend got pretty excited while on the train... Look how happy he looks! Haha.

BTW, I do have to say I was a really bad blogger on this entire trip. My bf did ALL the picture taking. I was too excited about everything and focused on having fun :/
This is me, rushing in, without even checking where he was. He snapped a pic. HAHAHA.


Touristy shots!

And a nice, clear one, taken with my camera.

Our little Disney family. Haha. I fell in love with this Duffy (Shellie May is the girl version, but I named her Duffy May cos Duffy sounds cuter.) and so CY got it for me, along with this ridiculously huge hairband that I wore everywhere!! Yay!

We took the scariest ride as the first ride. I don't know where I found the courage cos I am totally anti rollercoasters/thrill rides.. A total coward when it comes to these. I guess I was just too excited!!!

So basically, we go up like MANY MANY stories, and drop, then go up and down a few times like that. It's DAMN SCARY OK.
Here's us in the left hand upper corner looking super stupid. (CY'S HAIR IS CENTRE PARTED HAHHAHA)

Duffy's everywhere!

I think I would have had to buy another ticket for this huge Duffy below huh. Keke. But so cute. I wanted to!

Heading to 'Under the Sea' with The Little Mermaid!

And I found a new way to wear my bow while inside of the 'Underwater World'.

Tiramisu Mickey Ice cream!


Lunch at Aladdin's castle.
Duffy Pudding! Damn cute I couldn't bring myself to it eat for a long time.

Some curry with rice and Naan. It was pretty good, for Disney food...

Pretty obvious that we were already quite tired by then...

Not to be missed, headed to Mickey's Fantasmic show... fireworks/boats/costumes... the works!

It was 14/15 degrees that night, and we were both SO underdressed, SO cold. Look at us :

While everyone was wrapped up.... Ok... Can.....

Pit stops at every single souvenir shop before we left to find gifts!

A very pretty and cute little ring, and our dinner (Shio Ramen) nearby our hotel before we headed home. It was soooo comforting cos it was so so so cold out.

It was a really magical day, I fell in love with Disney stories all over again.......  

.....and him. x


Be back soon on this space!
CY will be going to serve the nation next Wednesday so I went ahead to secretly book a staycation at Sentosa for tomorrow night as my gift to him since we had been wanting to go to the Aquarium anyway. More happy memories make a better gift than stuff, in my opinion.
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  1. I prefer this way ^^ It looks like a honeymoon, you're so pretty!

  2. hi, i love all your post on disneysea! as i'm heading there next month with my boyf may i know did u bring a tripod to shoot those couple shots or u ask the staff for help? :D

  3. please don't "cut" your blogpost! it's better this way :D


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