Tokyo Day 5 / / Ginza

June 23, 2013

I'm finally back to blogging about Tokyo! I've been laying off the rest of the posts cos I keep going out and have new things to blog about and just kinda... left Day 5-8's pictures in my Mac without touching them at all. But since I've been sick (yes, again, a very bad stomach flu this time) and want to stay home to recover.. I guess I'll be blogging about the rest of Tokyo over the next few days till the boy books out!

Day 5 which was a Saturday was spent shopping in Ginza and Harajuku! 

Ginza is a pretty 'uptown' part of Tokyo, and there's a Laduree Cafe there which I was really excited about cos SG only has the macaroons and you can't actually sit down and enjoy them with tea...(Correct me if I'm wrong?) Also, all our friends told us to check out the Chrome Hearts store there cos it's the nicest of all the stores in Tokyo.

Kinda miss my extensions already just by looking at these pictures.....

Sunny day ~~~

On the train, and for one of the very few times, CY was actually the one taking the self-shot of us instead of me!

What people on the trains look like in Japan. Everyone's always busy rushing about. Not really that crazy kinda rush, but pretty much nobody like wanders around or seems like they have any time to kill.

Got off the train at a station nearest to Ginza, all excited to explore!!!!

Sushi for breakfast/lunch first at somewhere near the station!

We ate a serious amount of salmon in Tokyo. I mean, really. A seriously large amount of salmon. We both love it!!!!
I also like unagi, tuna and swordfish actually. But Salmon is my favourite.

This long long unagi-looking sushi isn't actually unagi unagi. It's called water eel in english, and I love it cos it doesn't have the fishy taste that unagi often has! Haven't seen this in Singapore restaurants so far. If you know of any, tweet me or something to share, ok?

Told CY I wanted macarons and tea right after we had sushi so he went to google it, GPS it. I know, I know. He's damn skinny right..... So ridiculous...

If you're in Tokyo and wanna check out Ginza, go on the weekends, cos they close the entire street and even set up umbrellas and chairs, outdoor cafe-style! Love it!

Found Laduree!!!!! There's apparently ALWAYS a queue.

CY's face... Buay song ah? HAHAHAHA.

Was really jealous that day of the ladies who got to sit at the window seats cos it's so lovely to have tea and have a good view at the same time. (But we went back 2 days later, and we got a window seat anyway. YAY! Hahaha. More on that in the next next entry.)

I love everything about the cafe. They're so attentive to details, and everything is just... lovely.

Cy got me this beanie even though we both kinda know I won't wear it often since it's so hot here in SG but cos I really liked it he just got it for me anyway.
Also, doesn't my hair look so damn orange in the picture? 

Headed back to Harajuku!
Uniqlo in Tokyo is almost everywhere. This one is inside the train station itself.

CY's fav ramen in Tokyo is Ichiran Ramen so we went to the Harajuku outlet to get his fix. It's a ramen chain, so there are a few stalls in Tokyo. I don't really like it though... Cos there's a fishy taste. I like pork-based ramen.

I wanted mentaiko pasta so we went to find a stall for me!

I love this salad a lot!!!! I wish I asked for another bowl. It's so damn fresh, I feel like when I eat it, it's cleaning my stomach. Hahahahah. 

Pasta was not too bad as well. It's very different from usual pasta here. I guess the closest you can get to it is probably Shokudu? 

Headed back to the hotel after that, pretty early, cos I wasn't feeling well again.

Blogging about Tokyo again and seeing so much of CY's face makes me miss Tokyo... and him even more! But he finally gets to book out on Friday and we already have plans for the weekend. I can't wait can't wait can't wait. 
This week is gonna be spent resting well apart from an exciting photoshoot on Tuesday! My recent bout of stomach flu has caused me to lose almost 3kg (YES, SO MUCH.) and my throat to become extremely sore due to 3 days of non stop puking. The doctor even suspected I had Dengue but thankfully it was just a scare. Everyone really should try to prevent dengue, take the necessary precautions and drink a lot of water to fight the crazy haze as well. 

Till next time 


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  2. Hi! How much do you spend in Tokyo altogether?

  3. Hi Rachel, just to let you know, the pasta shop where you had your Mentaiko Pasta also has some outlets here in Singapore! It's called Yoemenya Goemon! If I am not wrong, there is one at Citylink Mall! :)

  4. Hi, may I know where did you get your boots from? Thank you.


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