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July 4, 2013

Today's post on BuyMeCraze makes me excited cos I really love the item I kept from this webstore!!! Worn it twice already and can't wait to wear them again!!!

What is so special about BuyMeCraze?
- It's a cheap (really affordable and reasonable prices!!!) and fast preorder that only takes 7-12 days for items to arrive -
- Instock fashion tees are also available for people who don't like to wait for preorder -
- Wide variety : apparel, bags AND shoes! -
- New arrivals updated frequently -
- New promotions every month -

Picked this pair of heels as my sponsored piece :

I wore them on Friday, and again on Sunday! So comfy and cute, love that I look a bit barefooted... hehe. The arch isn't high as well - this means no pain, or very little pain, if you're walking the entire day!

As I mentioned earlier - wore it again on Sunday with a totally different outfit! Still matches the new outfit and still comfy as it was on Friday;)

Quote my name 'rchlwngx' for $2 off the transparent strap platform that I have!

Shop away!!!!

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  1. Hey Rachel,

    May I know what size are you wearing for this shoe? And normally what sizes do you wear? :)


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