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July 16, 2013

I know many girls would understand how I feel when I say this : 
"I feel so... naked without my contact lenses..."

Although makeup is important, to me, contact lenses are also really important. I like how much more awake I look with them on... and really. Who doesn't like bigger eyes?! 

Got my lenses from a preorder webstore that you can get your lenses from : Safe, comfy and I am using them everyday!
(Three lenses I was sent : Luxury Brown 09, 13 and 26.)
Here, I am wearing 13.

Anyway, as a tip, I started using this contact lens solution/cleaner that Jor recommended me a few months ago, and my red eyes/eye infections/eye styes haven't visited me since then!
You can get it from any optical store. Not a paid ad, just sharing cos I really think it's awesome ~

Lensocheap Preorder closes every Sunday!!!!
**quote my name RCHLWNGX for free normal postage!!!**

"Lensocheap is a contact lenses blog shop doing (fast) preorders for "Be Luxury Babe" contact lenses. 
And waiting time is very short, the lenses only take 2 days to reach Lensocheap after the preorder closes every sunday, and they'll be mailing them out the next day already! 

Both degree and non-degree lenses are available. There are 66 designs in total to choose from and 4-6 colours available for each design."


  1. Thanks for this post! I'm going to check them out :)

  2. haiii~ are you still selling contacts?? if you are, i'm interested in buying~

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Are you still using contacts from this seller? I had cornea infections before from wearing these kinds of lenses for too long hours but I'm so tempted to try this seller!

    Hope you reply, Thanks!!

  4. The lenses are looking very fine on you. It is looking very alluring to your eyes and also looking very natural.


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