July 18, 2013

SHOPRESET is pretty damn awesome cos it made a real impression on me when I was asked to pick stuff for sponsorship - I couldn't pick, I liked soo many things!! It happens often enough with other webstores as well, but this is special... 

One of my favourite tops EVER EVER EVER, in my entire wardrobe, was from this site!
I saw a similar at Topshop a long time ago, but it was sold out in my size just 2 days later. Imagine my excitement when I saw this on SHOPRESET!

Also kept a pretty eyelet white top from them. If you've been reading my blog a long time, you would know I actually love to wear white clothes. Hehehe. This is no exception.
Wore it to the shoot for URBAN a few weeks back as an underlayer below my polka dot overalls.
Unfortunately those pics in them weren't published..

I do have behind the scenes shots though!

And another without the overalls in the dressing room ~~

They have many other awesome, awesome stuff in store, so don't miss out and start shopping with them noownanaaa!!

This is their latest collection :
My white eyelet top is right there on the far right! 
Quote my name RCHLWNGX for $1 off!

Happy happy shopping!


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