July 30, 2013

I was really excited and happy to be working with StruckOffDuty again - another webstore who is selective with the designs they bring in, only bringing in the pieces that fit their style and identity!
Not all webstores are so meticulous to do so but they do and have thus built a special brand name for themselves!

"STRUCKOFFDUTY (SOD) is a +65 online fashion webstore. We solidify the idea of model off-duty style.

We have just revamped the whole look of our webstore so that we can provide our customers with a better shopping experience along with a sleeker outlook. 

Self manufactured label: STRUCKOFFDUTY STUDIOS (known as S.Studios)

The style of a Model-Off-Duty look: Effortless. Desirably chic. Charmingly feminine. 
Solely designed by the owner of STRUCKOFFDUTY, she focuses mainly on floral fabrics and flattering cuts that are favourably an eye-pleaser. With a throw it on and go concept, you are ought to find the perfect piece that will stay through trends."

I kept this oversized denim jacket - perfect for chilly and casual nights out, or a dinner date. Simply throw it over a pretty dress!

Also fell in love with this floral headpiece in baby blue... so so perfect with a white dress.

New arrivals have hit the webstore on 27 July 2013, 12pm , Saturday ! Join our mailing list to get updates on new arrivals and promo codes !

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