July 25, 2013

This is my second time working with ThePetiteRose!

What I like about their site is the hugeeee variety of stuff. I scrolled thru, over and over again, and had trouble picking what I wanted to keep. Everything is trendy and cute and would be nice additions to my wardrobes!

"The Petite Rose is an online fashion store based in Singapore, established in 2013. The apparel from our collections are sourced locally as well as internationally, providing quality and up-to-date trends for the girls/ladies."

In the end, after quite some time, I decided on this floral romper.
Took at least 10 mins to decide I wanted black!!!! The cream is lovely too, but I picked black because I think the cream is tooooo sweet for me.

Super luvvv da prints and cute skater dress kinda design!

Imma wear it to the zoo/park/botanic gardens when I do go there! 

Check out the super HUGEEEE variety as I mentioned before :
There can't be nothing for you! There's something for everyone!

Quote my name 'rchlwngx' for complimentary normal postage!

Also, their most recent collection was launched on 21st!


  1. Hi Rachel, how much is the Chrome Heart jacket? i am flying off to Tokyo next week. please reply! (:

  2. Can you don't copy Tricia use ":*)" OMG gross. Used to like you as a blogger because I thought you were nice but now I just find you damn fake

    1. "i can't tell you the key to success but the key to failure is pleasing everyone.' - sorry to hear!


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