{AD} TwistPolka

July 23, 2013

Twistpolka is definitely one of the first few blogshops I came across... they've been around a long time - Many collections have been sold! I super love how trendy their stuff are. You know that if you shop the new collections, you won't go wrong.

I kept a backorder piece - SUPER love it!!! I love white clothes, and especially minidresses like these that I pair with shorts that can't be seen HAHAHA. I like em in every pattern possible ~~~

This one is with a slight cut-out shoulder and crotchet material. Super duper comfy!

Hop over to Twistpolka (http://twistpolka.livejournal.com/ ) for their latest collection. 
New collection are launch every Saturday at 12noon sharp.

Do check out their facebook page to be updated with their latest sneaks and promotions!

Twistpolka is also house at Blogshopping (FEP & JEM), MIYOC (OC & JCUBE).

Their racks are top up with new designs every week , do spot for designs that are exclusive on their rack!

Quote " Rachel Wong" to receive free normal postage for the month of July!


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  2. I love the dress on you! And your hair <3


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