DRx Tricho Hair Treatment

July 22, 2013

Been getting questions asking about what DRx is all about, what's the difference between DRx Tricho Hair Treatment as compared to usual Salon hair treatment/other hair treatments I do.

I am currently getting treatment from both DRx and Essensuals Bugis.

An easy way to put it across to you guys would be as simple as this :
DRx takes care of my scalp, my hair health.
Essensuals Bugis takes care of my hair colouring needs, and the ends of the hair/cutting of hair.

I am definitely very lucky to be so well taken care of in every way!
Today I'll be sharing about my second treatment with DRx Medispa for my Tricho hair treatment ~~

THIS is how my hair looked like after the treatment :

First things first - checking of my scalp condition!
This time, my hair pores were bigger so hair could grow :)
Although my lil new strands of hair still looked pretty weak, it was already in much better condition than my first time there.
Check out my previous post HERE and here's my first scalp scan, before and after the first treatment!!!

I super duper loveeee Peggy!! This woman in the pic is her, and she is soo funny and cute. Talks to me like a mother and patiently explains to me stuff about my scalp and hair that I never ever knew.... 

BTW!!! Here's something funny that happened that day when I went down :
the minute she saw me : "Pretty girl is here again!", cos I was in a proper babydoll dress and all...
Here's a pic of what I wore that day.

.... and then she looked down at my choice of footwear which were my fav NB sneakers from Tokyo, and she gave me THIS face :

HAHAHAH!!!! She said : "Aiyooo, such a pretty dress, and then THIS?!?!"
We laughed about it for awhile!!!

KEKE. Okay back to more on my scalp scan/treatment :
Us, displeased with my weak new strands of hair. I must eat more protein-rich food!!!! MEAT MEAT MEAT!!!!!!!!!

All ready for ma treatment after the scan!

As my hair is pretty dry and coarse, the DRx purifying shampoo that I was given to use had caused my hair to become a bit sticky. This was easily salvaged with an awesome keratin treatment that they gave me. 
"DRx Organic Keratin Repair Treatment strengthens the polypeptide chains within the hair structure, repairing damaged cuticles. This treatment also restores the strength of hair, increasing its elasticity and shine."

And also, they shared with me lotsa tips on how to wash your hair.

Gonna share some tips here! You are welcome!
1. Don't shampoo/condition/rinse your hair with warm water, EVER EVER EVER. 
Cold water is the best for hair.
2. Don't rub your scalp in every direction when shampooing. You should be massaging your scalp backwards, and hair, downwards. One direction only. 
3. For me, I use my blonde shampoo every 2 days, then the shampoo from DRx the next day. The purifying shampoo from DRx is extremely deep cleansing and makes your head feel like it's on ice!!! Not kidding!!! Super cold and shiok ~~~

Here's my getting my treatment. I did the purifying treatment + laser to stimulate hair growth!!! TOUFAAAAA BE GOOD AND GROW PLEASEEEEE.... :

And before leaving the salon-esque DRx Medispa, with fluffy and strong hair with curled in ends that I requested using their non-damaging ion curler thingy. I love itttttt!!!!!

Thank you so much, DRx!!!!

Don't be mistaken that you should head down for treatments like these only when you're super old and balding like crazy, DRx is a super professional and comfy place to seek help even when you're as young as 20 (my age), and you realise your hair isn't as thick or healthy enough as it could be.

When you don't even have hair, it's not even gonna be salvageable!!!!

I super love DRx Medispa, the environment is so relaxing and not clinic-like at all.
I really hope to be able to get their facial treatments soon. Everyone is raving like crazy about them, and I see the difference too. Will update y'all if I do get the chance!


DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


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