July 25, 2013

I am soooo tired today you cannot ever imagine - slept for less than 6 hours (my usual required amount is usually 9....) and we walked sooo much today my legs need some reflexology....

I have quite a few things to say, and SELLLLLLLLLL, on today's post!!!!

Up early, excited/nervous for what I was gna be doing on this special day...

You know I mentioned in a previous entry I was starting something new this week?
Well this is it. It took me a long time to decide to get off my lazy ass to do something about this want to give back to society, and I SO did not wanna go alone cos I was scared. So I asked my friends Alissa and Minji to go with me and do some volunteer work! Minji wanted to but she had to go back to Korea... so Alissa and I signed up for a karoke singing session with the old folks of Thye Hua Kwan hospital.
We were both super nervous and shy when we first went to meet the rest of the volunteers, but it turns out that most of them there today were first timers too!!!! Yay!! Not alone.

You can check out the cute old folks singing along to 'Tian Mi Mi' on my instagram :)

In the end, we both enjoyed seeing how happy the old folks were and altho we were too shy to sing, we tried our best to encourage them/clap along/suggest old school songs. I am looking forward to the next time already!!!

If you guys are wondering and wanna help out too... HERE is the website that I joined/attended orientation for/signed up for the activity with. I'm not paid in any way to say this or share about this, and I'm not tryna be a saint cos I am definitely faaaaaar from one... but I think there are lots of good people out there in Singapore who wna help as well but don't know where to start. Don't worry - this volunteer site works on a one session kinda basis, so you don't have to commit at all, or to just one activity/place. You can choose wherever and whenever fits to your schedule.
Gotta credit the idea of even volunteering to my dearest second mommy, my bf's mom, for teaching me about all of this stuff (she is a full-time volunteer and housewife!) and also Chev who is also into this sort of thing!

Anyway I just wanna thank my dearest Alissa for agreeing to go with me when I asked without any question or thought again at all. ILU and it was so good to spend time with you this way!!!!!!!!!
And thank you for the lil Kitty gifts. Such a sweetheart :*

Headed off to Bugis for dinner after that!

I have no idea why this pretty girl always wants to cover her face/doesn't like me taking pictures of her. 

Porn's for the first time for dinner.

The food was very tasty - super spicy, which I love. And also super salty. Maybe if it was a lil less salty it would be good. But yummy nonetheless. I love thai food!
Miss BKK so much!!!!!

The rice is shaped like the shop's little cartoon. Tooooo cute.

Town after for some shopping... tidbits/sweet treats/stationery(for school).....
Shopped like the aunties that we are.

And my fav old town white milk tea/H2H chats.

A really fruitful day altho we were both super tired as you can see in the picture above!!!


Do check out my selling post below this post! My mom is naggggging everyday about the pile of stuff in my room.... So yep, am selling some of my new/preloved stuff.. mostly worn just to take pics or once only. All in good condition!!!

BRAND NEW Superhero tank sold out on Mondparade $25


Blazer $10


Floral Romper $12

Studded Black Top $10






No measurements, and postage not included. Do transfer to POSB savings 112 49525 8 first, then email me your name/address. Thank you so much!

**UPDATE!!! Have updated statuses of the items/terms cos the response is too good. Am amazed and ever so thankful. Thank you girls soo much. REALLY. I am def gna set up a blog just to sell stuff now! But it might take awhile. Do gimme time. **

I have a lot more stuff to clear, shoes/clothes/even bags...
But I'm just not sure if you girls will buy em! So this is just to test the market HEHE.
If response is good, I'll set up a completely new blog just to sell my stuff!

Thank you so much for reading/shopping!!!


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  1. How nice of you! I'm a hospital volunteer too :)


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