July 25, 2013

One of the people I am really thankful to have met in my life is my manicurist and friend, Belle!

She is talented/hardworking/fun to chat with/kind... the list goes on....
I don't think most nail sponsors like their bloggers going back to them often, right?
NOT BELLE! She doesn't wanna cut my nails short so I can head back to her shop as soon as possible and everytime I show her a design, she ALWAYS says it's too simple and wants to do something nicer for me, offering me ideas/showing me pictures etc... Oh and for my birthday, she got me my pandora bracelet!!! SO MUCH LUV FOR THIS GIRL!?!?!

This time I told her I wanted super colourful and cute nails, preferably something comic-ish! We did some research on google and finally decided on my personalised design which is all HAND-DRAWN and CUSTOMISED according to what colours I liked. **This set will be a lil more expensive than usual as it takes a lot of work!

No filter/editing at all :

And my thumbnails even have a kissing Mickey and Minnie!

SO FRIGGIN IN LOVE WITH MY NEW NAILS! I show them off at every opportunity every time I meet my friends/family HAHAHA. Example : scratching my face when it's not itchy, tapping on the table when we wait for our food...

And yes, all my nails are natural, no extensions at all. Belle says they are super hard/strong and very nicely shaped hehehe. (Guess all the protein from the meat I've been gorging myself on is going to my nails and not my hair...)

Thank you Belle for everything

Head over to find her and if you are interested, she's also hiring!!!! Do send her your enquiries okay!! :

Belle Tan

Location :

People's Park Centre, #03-58

Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown MRT (exit D)

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