July 16, 2013

A really sad Monday although I got to see some of the people closest to me...

Although.... I DID wake up happy cos it was our 26th monthsary!
Unfortunately, we couldn't have breakfast at home cos I didn't feel like eating oily food and that was all there was.
We headed to White Sands Old Town that I discovered on Thursday for my fav ice cream toast and some grocery shopping. Hehe. Never knew they had one there?!? We don't have to go to town anymore!

I crave for this almost every week now. It is the new CP banmian to me. HAHA. It's terrible. I whine and whine non stop about how much I wanna have it all the time...


8pm was book in time... First goodbye of the day :"(
Macs for dins before he left. There were so many army boys and I didn't wanna embarrass him so I took only 2 pictures.

Blurred the back cos the poor dude behind me was eating his burger. Takingabigbite face is not very flattering so I blurred it out. I think you can still see a bit though.

Rushed over to the airport to bid goodbye to this unicorngal as she's going back to Korea for a pretty long time.... Yep, second goodbye of the day.

Jasper says he's sad so he made that face. HAHAHAHA.

All smiles while taking pictures but the minute I realised she was leaving for real and she started hugging everyone, I couldn't hold back my tears. Lol, such a big crybaby, really.

We are gonna miss you so much. One less of the 3 now.
But we will make you proud while you're away, we promise. We'll always be always Jiji!

Really sucks to say goodbye twice in a day. 

Although it isn't for forever.... It's still really sad! 
Gonna keep myself busy so I don't think too much.
Thankful for, and cherishing all those around me.. x

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