How We Met...!

July 5, 2013

Okay, I know, I've been really lazy with all the upcoming stuff I promised like a makeup tutorial and VLOGS and all.. but today I'm feeling all lovey dovey (partly it's also cos CY and I haven't quarreled for a VERY long time... The last time we almost did was during the weekend of his first book out and I wanted to eat 6 siew mais for dinner but he insisted I HAD TO HAVE RICE. LOL.) and this is a request I got a lot all the way back when I used to have formspring!

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"How did you meet your boyfriend and what is your love story?"

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Today I'll be telling the story!

I met him in April of 2011.

We were both single and I guess looking for love in a way, so our mutual friend, J, actually kinda struck a deal with us both ways. It sounds SOOO silly when I think back on it now... but it does still make me smile la.. ^.^
The deal : If I added him on FB, he would ask me out. 

I asked J why this arrangement had to be made cos I felt it was unfair, like WHY ME FIRST?!?!?!! 
And the reason was because my pretty 'traditional' boyfriend insisted that it was very TIKOPEK to add a girl and ask her out and stuff. I thought that was very annoying. HAHAHA.
J logged into my account and added him on my behalf. A day later, (he said he needed to muster up courage apparently.. zzzz make me wait so long lor lol) he messaged me on FB and I remember Clara was with me then and I did a little dance with her cos we were excited. HAHAHAA. 

So yes we messaged on FB for a few days or so, and he finally asked me for my number.

Me, wanting to play hard to get, told him to pass me his number instead and I'll whatsapp him 'next time'. 
LOOOOL. You'll never guess what happened next. I added him immediately to my contacts in whatsapp and there was a pop up THAT I CLICKED YES TO STRAIGHTAWAY..... guaguagua....
Guess what that notification/question was????

It asked me if I wanted to invite this contact to whatsapp cos apparently it's pretty laggy and takes awhile to register him as a whatsapp user as well, so yup I basically sent him my number with a message "Hey, join me on Whatsapp! etc etc etc blah blah blah"

I KNOW RIGHT?!?!!? HAHAHAHA. Total failure. 

So anyway he replied my invitation to join whatsapp, very confused, and I told him I accidentally sent it. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I still cringe thinking back. Eurghghghghghgh.

SO YUP. We chatted for a day or 2 and then we met up for the first time!!! Not one on one but as a group, with his friends.
It was so scary for me ok. 
I only knew him and J out of the entire group of friends that we met for Shisha at Haji Lane. Little did I know at that time that some of those people, like Melvin and Ekachai, were gonna be as close to me as my own friends and we would spend lotsa time together!

I left pretty early and then it was on to our next date, this time, it was one on one and VERY RANDOM.
I was out clubbing the next night with Clara, Jov, Charlene... and I remember he was texting me the whole night to ask if I was ok, if anyone was touching me and all. HAHA. So fast already protective!!! 2am or so and I was really hungry and he told me to go meet him for supper, so I did. 


We met for prata, and he ordered, paid, and... GET THIS


HAHAHA. Like a kid. People who know about this always say... "80cents prata for her heart ley!!!"
(Little did he know, that he would be doing so with many other kinds of food for the next 2 years of his life. Especially de-shelling prawns which I really like to eat. LOL.)

I guess you could say that was the moment when I felt like he was different...? 
I felt like he was sincere and really wanted to take care of me.

Our next date was a proper one - movie, dinner, chit chatting till really late.
We still remember the details! 
The movie was "King Arthur"...
 Dinner was at HK Cafe. He says he will never forget it cos I ordered the HK Dry Instant Noodles and he was all happy and smiley about it like "Go ahead!! Order anything you want!!!".

Why this is significant?
Because now I hardly have control over what I wanna eat - even if I insist, we'll have a tiny quarrel over it LOL - he decides if it's nutritious or not, and it is deemed extremely 'stupid' to eat unhealthy maggi for $10 when he can cook a yummier plate with better meat/eggs etc for nothing $$$ if we eat at home. HAHAHA. Yes, he is very 'uncle' like that. But it is something I appreciate about him a lot because it's a lot like my dad. And yknow, girls always tend to be with the guys that are like their fathers.

More dates : 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ... and so on...

A year passed.

And another.


Of course, all the days weren't always happy. We had our fair share of TERRIBLE arguments and things/people that could easily pull us apart... so many times we both said that we wanted to give up but I'm proud to say we both never gave up, no matter how hard it got... and there were no nights that we didn't tell each other that we love each other even if the next sentence was "but I also hate you. We'll settle this tomorrow."

He watched me grow up quite a bit, before I even started schooling at Lasalle or started blogging seriously. When I met him I still used to take allowance from my parents!!!! It's been more than a year since I last did. And I had such thick jet black hair compared to golden blonde haired me now. Character-wise, I've become a lot less 'princess' and spoilt because of him as well.

And I watched him grow up (and old) so much too... from loving the party life (altho he'll never admit it mehhhh) to wanting to stay at home and watch movies instead.. From not being serious at all in school, to attending every class and making sure he passed with his diploma. And he's becoming even better now that he's in the army! I know I'll never be prouder of anyone else on the day he POPs. 

I guess you could say we're not very romantic. We don't go out on lavish dates, preferring to stay at home or simply save up to travel... spending time together is what is enough. You can ask our friends, we don't say romantic things that often and we always squabble like kids over things like who can remember the White Chicks scene better (I DO!!!!!). And preferring to chat on whatsapp via stupid pictures or emojis.

We've definitely made each other better people, stronger people, and we always tell each other 'thank you', even if it's over little mundane things like me booking movie tickets, or him paying for our meals. 
I guess there's just a silent understanding that we'll always be there as a pillar of support for each other... ultimately, to be each other's bestfriend and lover. 

We're still pretty young and there's a lot of things that we probably have to face, but that's life, and there are always the bad stuff and the blessings. 
I just hope that somehow we'll pull thru all of that and always go back to remembering how blessed we were to have found each other in this entire world.



  1. Both of you are blessed to have each other!!!
    So happy for you :')


  2. Good read.. and I'm beginning to like him too...

  3. All the best future for you and CY. Loving this post a lot!

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  9. sweeeeeet! Stay lovey dovey aite? <3

  10. You guys look so cute together :) I hope for the best for you two

  11. hey first time commenting on your blog. Really love this post. I like how you share your personal life with your readers. Not many just hate and judge, there are plenty of us who really care. :) All the best and support you always!

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