Korean BBQ // Friday Date Night

July 20, 2013

I love Fridays, like I'm sure many of you do!
It's the start of the weekend, and after slogging thru the week, the weekends should be filled with lotsa fun/good food/joy/laughter!

I love the 'good food' part. Been craving for the Korean BBQ I had with Melvin weeks ago, so we decided to head down all the way to Neil Road just to have it

Casual outfit cos we were gna be bbq-ing. Heheee.

KKheartXX. Find out where I got it from on my instagram! 

Finally arrived at the place, very hungry army boy and greedy I.
BTW. Everything in this post is really said and done on my own accord. It is not a paid or sponsored ad, I love this Korean BBQ place cos it is really that good!

So we ordered a set, cos this place isn't buffet-style. I had the chicken+pork set with Melvin the other time. This time we ordered the beef+pork set. 
I recommend the beef and pork set, it's $25 more, but the beef is sooooo soft, and you get 2 different sorts of meat! More variety is always better.
Also. I really like the tea/drink they serve the minute you sit down and order. It's very refreshing and feels very healthy! I don't know what it is though. I didn't ask cos their English isn't that good. But they're very nice and service there is damn awesome.

The last time I headed here with Melvin, they were ultra nice gave us a huge and free steamed egg cos he told them I'm his girlfriend and they wanted to congratulate him on having a 'very beautiful' girlfriend. 
This time, they told CY I'm 'beautiful' again but NO FREE EGG HAHAAHA!!! I guess this time I went with CY, I didn't look pretty enough.
Nervertheless, VERY happy with their great service and food! 

We left the place not smelling like BBQ at all, much unlike the other BBQ restaurants along the street.
It was his first time having Korean BBQ btw. Cos he doesn't like garlic/onions and Korean food has quite a lot of it. In the end, he told me he liked the food a lot too. Rated "VERY good"

Kimchi Stew. Yummy!

Lotsa meat!! I love meat :D 
DRx also told me eating more meat, which is protein, will help my hair grow thicker and more healthy as my hair now is very weak. A sign that I don't eat enough protein. The reason for this is cos I eat a lot of veg to help with my constipation and I love rice/noodles. So I end up eating not so much meat. Nowadays I'm eating a lot more meat, though!

I don't know if they do it for every table, but they cooked for us the last time, and this time as well. I am scared of the oil spluttering on me, so yeap, really appreciate and love that they cook for us.

One of the best dinners we've had together!

MANBOK Korean BBQ is at 116 Neil Road.
The cost was $90+ for the both of us. I would say it's totally worth it!

Happy weekend to all xx


  1. There's a Japanese BBQ restaurant opposite Alexander idea called "Gyu Kaku" I think that one's not bad too! Can try it with your bf next time :)


  2. Hi Rachel,

    Can I know where you get your polkadot shorts? It looks so comfy! :)


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