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July 14, 2013

Thursday was a happy day cos I was gonna be meeting some of my favourite people at night, and in the day, CY was booking out for a long weekend!

Braided my hair for the day ~~

OOTD. Check out my instagram to know where I got it from. I love this top a lot!

Sad to say, the standard of the food dropped.

To Tampines for Pacific Rim!

I love popcorn. And the popcorn that day was fresh out of the machine, so it was especially good.
I only eat sweet popcorn. Not a fan of the salty one.... 
Sweet or salty for you??


Favourite people. Happy pills in human form.

Love this botakhead.

And these 3 minions HAHAHA

Thankful for friendship that is drama-free and always strong...

...for it doesn't come by often. 

Anyway, Pacific Rim is only worth it to catch if you 1) like awesome graphics 2) have extra time.
Don't expect a good script/storyline cos it's just typical and OH-SO-CHEESY!!!!!!
I guess I liked it cos I was with people I like. 
Wouldn't catch it again!

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