Productive Monday!

July 11, 2013

Haven't had such a productive day in a LOOONG time!!!! So I was really happy with how I spent my Monday.

Started the day early with taking pictures for an insta-advert! 
Here's one I haven't posted (see previous post for other two...) :

Usually don't really like sandals that go all the way up - but love these. Pretty bulky so my legs look less bulky. Hehehe.
Check out where to get it from on my instagram post!!!!

ALSOOOO. My red gelish toenails are perfect and I love the classic red so much - Done by my favourite GlitzyFingers. She can make toes glitzy too. But fingers, more often.
Contact HERE :

Off for a shoot!!! 
Omg, this was one of my most favourite shoots ever. Perfect combi of every factor to make it a wonderful shoot. More pictures up in another full post that's coming up REALLY soon.

I'm gonna take you backstage on this shoot.... you can check out the final pictures in the next post!!!
So yes, LOTSA candids/unglamourous shots in this one. 

Shoot was at Blisshouse. Google for more info, okay??

Candid/unglamourous shot 1. Really happy girl that day!

And this next picture... you might have seen on my twitter already (@rchlwngx) but...

Chev says it's gonna spoil my image : Caption... "Sorry guys, but I don't behave like an ethereal goddess" and I was like YAAA "I'm more like a monkey"


You guys must be like this right now :


Okay back to acting pretty and girly and demure. (I'm actually pretty 'chorlor' in real life)

Love this dress so much btw?!?!?!
Kept both colours... Hehehehehe. I love ChaceyLove's owner. She's like, "JUST TAKEEEEE"
And I was like... omg... I really want to but cannot be so bad....
But in the end I just HAD to keep both! So pretty!

Sent this pic to CY and told him "Hey I'm getting married!"

Fiona my other fav photographer!!! Love working with her. And Melvin of Multifolds. Hehe.

FINAL IMAGES UP ON THE NEXT FULL POST. LOOK OUT FOR IT!!! I love all the images so much!!!!


And BKT after that with my daddy dearest at Balestier who came to pick me up!

Told him I felt all heaty after dinner and wanted to have chinchow to 'cool' my body and he drove us to Jalan Kayu for the chin chow there which is the best!
My daddy is the best... :*) 

That's all for this post!

Ending it off with 4-eyed me.

Have a great Thursday, everyone, I'm happy cos my soldier is booking out today and I'm seeing 2 very special girls later in the day!


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